Bitcoin Casinos

Good news gamblers, the most legit online casinos accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. All of them accept Bitcoin.

If you are looking to gamble with your Bitcoin then you have came to the right place. Here is my list of the safest, most legit, reputable and honest bitcoin casinos online today.

Gamble at these online casinos. They all accept and encourage bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Top Rated Bitcoin Centric Online Casinos

The good news is that the established trustworthy online casinos have all adopted bitcoin and crypto for deposits and withdrawals. If you do not yet have bitcoin and want to get some for gambling, the easiest to follow guide I’ve came across is this one over at Kickass Poker where they walk you through buying bitcoin via cashapp and sending it to your personal hot wallet.

Most of us should go with an established online casino that has added bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method, however there are a few high quality bitcoin centric online casinos you should know about.

These are the online casinos that sprang up specifically to utilize bitcoin and crypto for gambling. The above established sites just added bitcoin to their deposit and withdrawal methods.

In general I recommend sticking to the old classics like Bovada and But if you are interesting in something newer and with crazy bonuses AND at a legit operation, check out the sites below.

  1. Bovada – USA top choice. Deposit and withdraw via BTC
  2. – Sports betting and casino with an excellent reputation and high quality games (no US)
  3. – provably fair casino with an outstanding reputation and lightning fast payouts via BTC

How To Buy Bitcoin For An Online Casino Deposit?

There are multiple ways to get bitcoin for yourself to gamble with. I’ll cover the safest, easiest and fastest way to get bitcoin below. But first you need a bitcoin wallet.

Your bitcoin wallet is where you keep your bitcoin while not using them or spending them.

Here are my recommended bitcoin wallets below.

Get A Free Bitcoin Wallet

  • GreenAddress – free, quality, secure bitcoin wallet for desktop, Android and IOS
  • Breadwallet – free online wallet with good security
  • Electrum – desktop client that is fast, simple and secure

Paid Bitcoin Wallets
If you have any decent amount of money in bitcoin you should buy a hardware wallet. These devices are the most secure ways to keep your bitcoin.

  • Trezor – my personal favorite bitcoin hardware wallet
  • Ledger Nano S – quality bitcoin hardeware wallet

The fastest way is to use your credit card or cash money and buy bitcoin from a broker. Depending on where you live will determine which bitcoin buying service will work best for you, but here are my recommendations.

Buy Bitcoin Online

  • Bitquick – Cash to bitcoin within a couple hours max. Deposit cash into a local bank account and get bitcoin sent to you.
  • CashApp – buy BTC here, send to GreenAddress wallet.  From GA wallet deposit at your casino of choice.
  • CoinMama – accepted in most countries worldwide. Buy bitcoin with credit card fast and easy
  • CoinBase – credit card bank transfer accepted. Just be sure to use a wallet in-between Coinbase and a gambling site every time!
  • CEX – Crypto exchange CEX lets you buy bitcoin with a credit card fast. Verification is needed in the form of an ID upload

Do not use CoinBase directly with a gambling site. They monitor where you spend your bitcoins and any gambling transactions will shut your coinbase account down.

It’s fine to buy bitcoin at coinbase. But once you buy bitcoin you will send it to your bitcoin wallet OUTSIDE OF COINBASE before sending it to a casino. From your wallet you will send it to the online casino you want to deposit bitcoin at.

Also – do not send from the casino directly to coinbase when you are cashing out. ALWAYS send it to your personal wallet first.

Sending bitcoin to the casino is super simple. Register at the online casino, click deposit, choose bitcoin and they will give a deposit address to send bitcoin to. You can then send the bitcoin to that address and boom, your deposit is complete.

To cash out, you provide the bitcoin address and the casino will send bitcoin to you. It’s that easy.

Scam Bitcoin Casinos – Learning Lessons From History

Yes, gentle reader there have been countless scammy online casinos that were launched just with the intent of using bitcoin for gambling. The vast majority of these no-name fly by night online casinos ended up going out of business, stealing peoples bitcoin or cheating in one way or another. There have been countless different bitcoin gambling scams throughout the year, along with others, just see this forum post for some examples.

Bitcoin Casino Blacklist
This list is far from complete but here is who I would not gamble with and links to why.

My advice is why risk it with an unproven online casino with no reputation?

Gamble with bitcoins at casinos you can trust. If you win, you get paid.

What We Look For In an Online Gambling Site

The main thing that matters in the world of online gambling comes down to one very simple thing. Reputation.

An online casino or sportsbook is as only good as it’s last payout.

I do not care what kind of provably fair odds some of the newer bitcoin casinos have came out with to prove to you that you aren’t getting cheated while playing games. If the online casino has not developed a reputation of fairness, honesty and a proven track record of paying players then you are taking a major risk depositing your money there.

Here is what we look for in reputation:

  • History of paying out consistently
  • History of offering fair games
  • History not riddled with legitimate scam allegations
  • History of honoring bets, casino wins and paying out jackpots when hit

The legit casinos you find on my site are all extremely clean when it comes to their reputation.

  • Since 2011 Bovada has been paying out winners – Even players we have sent have hit and have been paid out six figure jackpots
  • is managed by the same team as Bovada and makes cashing out easy and fast
  • Clear bonus terms – yes if you accept a bonus then you are going to be required to gamble that deposit and bonus amount a certain amount before cashing out.
  • Resolved player issues whenever legitimate complaints arise
  • Maintain a positive image in the industry from players, affiliates and marketing partners
  • Remained in good standing with sites like CasinoMeister, GPWA, and ThePogg who go after scams and work for player resolution
  • Were not part of a previously shady operation that is re-branding under a new name
  • Winners get paid, every time
  • Affiliates and business partners paid and treated fairly

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