Minesweeper XY 101

Were you a fan of the classic Windows game Minesweeper from the days of yore? If you want to recapture the Minesweeper magic while also taking a chance to win real money, you can play the Minesweeper XY game at some of our Top Recommended Online Casinos!

This post will introduce you to the Minesweeper XY game, how to play it, strategies and more. We will also tell you exactly where you can head to play it right now!

The very beginning of a Minesweeper round over at Slots.lv!

What is Minesweeper XY?

Minesweeper XY is an online casino game that is based on the original Minesweeper game. Minesweeper XY is not identical to the original, but the gameplay is similar, and will bring back plenty of nostalgia.

Describing the game, Bovada writes, “Tread softly when you play the Minesweeper XY game at Bovada, as things could go boom at any moment! If you can avoid the bombs, you’ll walk away with a nice prize. But if you select even one, you’ll lose all the money you’ve just won.”

Where You Can Play Minesweeper XY

Now that you know the basics of Minesweeper XY, let’s go over where you can play this game. If you are looking to learn more about this game before you start playing, you can scroll down for our full Minesweeper XY guide.

  1. Cafe Casino

One site we recommend again and again for its huge game selection and exciting promos is Cafe Casino. This is one of the sites where you can play Minesweeper XY.

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  1. Bovada

The biggest name in US-facing online casinos for many years now has been Bovada. We are delighted to say this is one of the top sites that is offering Minesweeper XY right now.

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  1. Slots.lv

You might think with a name like Slots.lv that this website would only offer slot games. It does have tons of them, but it also has other games such as Minesweeper XY.

You can get an impressive Welcome Bonus when you sign up. It can add up to as much as $5,000 in Bonus Funds across your first 9 deposits with most transfer methods, or up to $7,500 in Bonus Funds using crypto.

The History of Minesweeper

Now that you know where you can play Minesweeper XY right now, let’s discuss a bit more about the background of the game itself. There is some debate about when Minesweeper originated, as well as what version of it came first. But we know that the earliest Minesweeper games came out in the 1990s, which was when the game was most popular.

If you were around back in those days, you probably remember spending hours staring at the screen full of little boxes with numbers inside them, trying to figure out where you could “step” safely.

While some people have forgotten all about Minesweeper, others still miss the game. If you are one of the latter, this is your chance to get back into it!

Why You Will Love Minesweeper XY

Here are a few reasons you should give Minesweeper XY a try:

  • Nostalgia:
  • If you loved playing Minesweeper back in the 90s, then you will enjoy being able to play a nostalgic throwback. Even though the interface for this game looks very different (these types of graphics simply did not exist decades ago), the red flags and the overall experience will immediately bring back memories of your younger years.

  • A New Experience:
  • Minesweeper XY is pretty unique compared to most casino games you have played. Under the hood, it does work a bit like a scratch card, but the Minesweeper theme gives it a completely different flavor as you are playing it. So, if you have been looking for something to refresh your online casino experience, this game is the perfect choice.

  • High Tension:
  • As you progress across the minefield, it will feel like the stakes are rising higher and higher. Your total bet does not change, but the amount you could potentially win just keeps growing with every cell you correctly step on.

  • Possible High Returns:
  • With multipliers as high as 14.28, you have the potential for very high payouts compared to your original stake.

  • A low house edge:
  • Since the house edge of this game is pretty low, you can play many rounds of it before you spend your entire bankroll, as long as you are keeping your stakes manageable.

Minesweeper XY Rules

When you play at any of our recommended Casinos, go to “Specialty Games” and then look for this card!

In Minesweeper XY, your potential payout increases each time you successfully take a step through the minefield without setting off a bomb. Your goal is to try and get your payout up as high as you can. Here are the rules:

  • A number of different field sizes are available. You get to decide which you want:
    • 2×3
    • 3×6
    • 4×9
    • 5×12
    • 6×15
  • If a square is highlighted, you are able to click on it. If it is not, then you cannot.
  • For every successful step, your total potential payout grows
  • If you take a failed step, then you lose.
  • You get to choose if you want to keep playing or quit the round at any time, claiming the payout that you have accumulated thus far.

In a way, Minesweeper XY is a bit like those Crash games that have become popular during the crypto gambling era. Your basic conflict as you play is, “Should I quit now so I can claim the payout I have, or should I take another chance to see if I can push it up even higher?”

Unlike with the Crash game, however, you have time to think when you are playing Minesweeper XL. With the Crash game, the line keeps going up, and the number keeps counting in real time, and can “crash” at any instant. With Minesweeper, nothing will happen until you decide to make a move!

How to Play Minesweeper XY

Now that we have gone over the rules, let’s explain step by step how to play the game.

  1. Create an account, make a deposit, and load up the Minesweeper XL game
  2. There is a menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it so you can enter in the amount you want to bet and what size you want the play field to be. When you are done, click the “Back” button in the lower right-hand corner to return to the main screen
  3. If you forget your bet size, you can see it listed in the lower right-hand corner of the main screen at any time. In the opposite lower corner, you will see your current balance.

  4. On the right side of the main screen, you will see a button labeled “Start” with an image of shoe prints on it. When you are ready to start playing, tap or click on it
  5. The game will highlight the first column of squares, and inform you, “Choose block please!” Below that column, you will see a bet multiplier listed in red. This informs you of the multiplier for your winnings if you choose correctly
  6. Decide on a block that you want to “step” on, and then tap or click on that block.

    One of two things will happen. Either:

    1. You will step on the bomb. The round will end, and you will lose your bet, or
    2. A red flag will appear in the block that you selected, indicating that you chose safely and the bomb was not on that block. Additionally, the game will reveal to you where the bomb in that column was located

    The next column in the field will now be highlighted.

  7. Decide whether you want to continue the round or not. At the bottom of the screen, you will see what your payout will be if you decide to exit the round now (i.e. “You can take: 1.23”).
  8. You can do either of the following:

    1. Tap or click on the “Collect” button that is on the right side of the screen (where the “Start” button was originally) to collect your winnings and start over with a new field, or
    2. Tap on a square in the highlighted column to take another step.

This process then repeats until either you step on a bomb, ending the round, you collect your reward, ending the round, or you reach the end of the field successfully, collecting the maximum reward.

I gotta decide here if I’m going to collect my money or go for the Big Burrito!

Is Minesweeper XY a Game of Chance?

You probably are wondering if Minesweeper XL is a skill game. After all, the original Minesweeper game required skill to play. You solved it like a puzzle. Is this game the same, or is it entirely based on chance?

The answer is that Minesweeper XY is a game of pure chance.

What accounts for the difference is the mechanics of the game and the information you have while you are playing it.

In the original Minesweeper game, as you cleared a path, you started seeing numbers in the squares. The numbers told you how many neighboring mines were adjacent to each of the squares.

In that game, the red flags had a different meaning. They did not simply appear as you solved the game; instead, you placed them in spots that you thought had a bomb in them. If you later suspected you were incorrect, you could remove the flags and open those cells.

In contrast, Minesweeper XY never provides you with any clues. There are no numbers telling you whether or not adjacent cells have a bomb in them. And the red flags simply show up in safe spots where you stepped, giving you a visual record of your previous choices.

Minesweeper XY, unlike the original game, is not a puzzle. It actually is more like a scratch card, with a random number generator (RNG) determining your outcomes. But instead of scratching tiles to try and get matching symbols, you are simply “scratching” to find out whether you lose or have the option of collecting or staying in the game. The differences between Minesweeper XY and a scratch card are largely cosmetic.

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What is the House Edge in Minesweeper XY?

The RTP for Minesweeper XL can vary depending on play, ranging between 97.88% and 98.4%. That means that this game has a really small house edge, as low as 1.6%. This makes it a fantastic choice for gamblers who want to extend their bankrolls!

  • Minesweeper Pay Table

Here is a pay table from Wizard of Odds for Minesweeper XL:


Wizard of Odds also has a number of other helpful tables for this game, including for probability of advancement, marginal returns and overall returns. But we will leave you to drop by the site to check those out for yourself.

I went for the aforementioned Big Burrito and I lost.
It’s going to happen and I’m still having fun!

What Strategy Can You Use to Play Minesweeper XY?

Is there an ideal approach to playing Minesweeper XY that will help you to minimize the house edge?

Based on his analysis, Michael Shackleford at Wizard of Odds says, “If your goal is to maximize total money won to total money bet, the maximum return is 98.40% for the 5×12 board and stopping after just one successful pick.”

In other words, the casino is counting on you to keep picking additional squares in the hopes of winning big. If you can manage to restrain yourself and just keep collecting after your first pick, however, you will actually lose less money to the house over the long run.

That said, it may not be quite as fun and exciting to play that way. What really makes this game thrilling is when you are in the middle of the field, watching your potential winnings grow and grow, and wondering if you can get away with just one more step!

So, you may or may not want to play Minesweeper XY in the “optimum” way. You will need to decide whether your priority is to minimize the house edge or whether you want to maximize the excitement of the game.

Play Minesweeper XY Now

Ready to take a chance at huge payouts while playing a fun new casino game that reminds you of your favorite nostalgic classic? Click on any of the links in this post to sign up at one of our recommended online casinos, claim your Welcome Bonus, and start playing Minesweeper XY!

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