Choosing the Perfect Online Casino Games to Play

Choosing the Perfect Online Casino Games to Play

shutterstock_25219162Everyone will have at one time or another looked around for a casino game to play when they are down to their last few credits at an online casino, this could be a slot game that will hopefully change that players luck through a series of winning spins or in fact any type of game that will increase that players balance by a series of winning outcomes.

Many established online casino software and game design companies due to them being around for a long time will have devised, designed and launched a large and varied range of casino games along with many unique bonus features which appear to enhance those particular games, some games offer a bonus type bet which is either obligatory or optional which ultimately increases the player appeal of their gaming platform.

However, much like when you are choosing a book to read when you are playing any casino game online you should never judge it by its cover, and with there being such a huge collection of casino games available we have chosen to compile a range of guides that will enlighten you on which games, bonus features and bonus bets are the best and worst ones you can play or place.

As it is Microgaming’s gaming platforms which include both a downloadable and instant play plus a recently launched mobile gaming platform that offer the biggest and most diverse range of games, then it is this companies range of games that we have chosen to base these playing guides on.

Choosing a Microgaming Slot Game to Play

Let us start by taking a look at the Worst and Best Microgaming Slot Games, this first playing guide will highlight both a range of their highly playable slot games which are going to give you the best winning opportunities due to higher than average payout percentages, plus to ensure you do not accidentally play a poor paying slot with a low payout percentage we have also listed a selection of games which boast the lowest paybacks.

As Microgaming have such a massive number of slot games available, and as you can place a special side bet or bonus type wager on a growing number of their slots we have also compiled a definitive guide which will answer the often asked question, Are Slot Game Bonus Bets Worth Placing? This is going to highlight their range of slots offering these bonus bet options and by checking this guide out you will soon discover if that bonus bet option is worth placing and if the games offering them are actually worth playing.

With slot players often choosing the slots which boast the most unique type of bonus game feature rounds to play then another article that we think is going to be of interest to you is our Slots with High and Low Hit Frequency Bonus Games, this lists a range of slot game which can award a huge winning payout via a not often awarded bonus game feature round due solely to the way the bonus game has been designed and structured, whilst also introducing you to some online slots whose bonus games will trigger much more often but award modest winning payouts.

One question you may want answering is: What are the chances of winning a Slot Game Jackpot? If that question has often crossed your mind then we have some revealing facts and figures that will enlighten you on the actual odds of you winning the highest payout attached to a range of Microgaming’s most popular online slot games.

Card Games and Card Game Bonus Bets Worth Playing and Placing

You will find plenty of different card game variants available instantly at any Microgaming software powered online casino site that you choose to play at, and much like any other category of casino game you are going to be faced with the decision of picking one or more of these games to play if it is of course casino card games that you enjoy playing.

There are a couple of aspects of playing online casino card games which you do need to understand fully before getting stuck into playing any variant, and the first is that each card game will boast something known as a house edge.

This is a figure based on the individual design of a casino card game that is similar to a payout percentage but whereas a payout percentage will let you know how much a player is going to win back from a game over the long term the house edge is the amount of cash, presented as a percentage, that the casino is likely to win from players of that game over the long term.

The one thing to remember is whereas a casino game such as a slot or video poker game with the highest payout percentage is one worth playing, in regards to the house edges of casino card games then it is those which offer the lowest house edges that are the ones you should be looking to play!

You will find a noticeable difference in the Highest and Lowest House Edge Card Games available at Microgaming software powered casinos, and in another of our informative and helpful guides we have a listing of just which card games are worth your time and effort playing due to their low house edges along with pinpointing the worst playing card games by virtue of their high house edges.

One final aspect of choosing a casino card game to play which is going to hopefully give you a more profitable and enjoyable type of playing session is whether that game gives you the option of placing something known as a bonus or side bet.

There are many Blackjack games in particular that as part of their industry standard set of winning payouts also can and will award you with a bonus payout when you have been dealt a specific hand combination, and whilst this bonus set of payouts will be exclusive to that game and the displayed house edge of that game will take into account the bonus payouts some casino game games offer an optional side bet wager.

To help you determine whether any card game which gives you this optional side or bonus bet is worth playing we have listed all of the Poor Valued Blackjack Game Bonus and Side Bets which can be found on many Microgaming Blackjack games, make sure you take a look at this guide for you will often be very surprised at how placing one of these optional side and bonus bets is going to decrease your winning chances and eat away at your bankroll!

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