Poor Valued Blackjack Game Bonus and Side Bets

Poor Valued Blackjack Game Bonus and Side Bets

It is often the Blackjack games found on Microgaming’s gaming platforms that will give players the option of placing a range of different bonus and side bets, and sadly even though the actual bonus payouts which can be awarded to players when a certain hand combination or series of winning hands are dealt to that player may seem high in value, delving into the house edges attached to the bonus bets is often quite revealing.

Below you will find a range of Blackjack games offered at Microgaming sites on which you will have the option of placing a side or bonus bet, however once you discover the actual house edges and therefore the value of these wagering options, you will never wish to place one of them online!

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Perfect Pair Blackjack – The Perfect Pairs Blackjack game which is available at Microgaming powered sites has their European Blackjack game as the base game for this variant and as such when you stick to playing the base game alone you will find the house edge is a low to mid ranged one when compared to other variants and as such the long term expected house edge on that base game works out at 0.42%.

However, if you choose to place the optional side bet on this game a range of winning payouts are awarded for certain hand combinations dealt out to you on your initial two cards, these payouts include a x30 stake payout for a suited pair of cards, a x12 stake payout for a coloured pair along with both a x7 stake payout for any mixed pair you have been dealt.

The house edge on this “Pairs Plus Blackjack” side bet is a whopping 7.77% which is eighteen and a half times higher than the base game house edge, and that means any savvy Blackjack player is not going to be wishing to go anywhere near that side bet option and certainly not place it!

High Streak Blackjack – Another Blackjack game variant that Microgaming has on offer is their High Streak Blackjack game, this variant of Blackjack also uses the 0.42% house edge European Blackjack game as its base game, and once you have placed your base game bet you can place an optional side bet wager alongside it.

The aim of placing that bonus bet option is to enable you to get paid a bonus payout once two or more winning hands are dealt out to you consecutively. You will benefit from a payout based on the bonus bet side amount of x1, x2, x5 and x10 when you get two, three, four and five winning hands dealt out to you consecutively.

This side bet option does however come with a price and that is that the house edge you are up against when placing this side bet option is a large 4.55%, which is almost eleven times higher that the base games house edge, so once again this bonus bet is a very poor valued one.

Bonus Blackjack – Microgaming’s Bonus Blackjack is structured and plays out to the same base game rules as their Vegas Downtown Blackjack game and this means if you play this Bonus Blackjack game without placing the side bet bonus bet option you are playing a variant on which the house edge is a somewhat manageable 0.39%.

By placing this games side bet then you are going to be paid one of three different bonus payouts when you are dealt out, on your first two initial cards of any hand, an Ace and a Jack in the suit of Spades, any other suited Ace and Jack or any two cards which share the same suit, the payouts for these hand combinations are based on your stake amount and are x50, x25 and x2.5 respectively.

You may find those payouts attractive on first glance, but the actual house edge on this bonus side bet option on Microgaming’s Bonus Blackjack game is a high one working out at 6.46%!

Hi Low 13 Blackjack – The Hi Low 13 Blackjack game is another of Microgaming’s card game variants which utilizes their European Blackjack game at the base game and as such as mentioned previously the house edge on this variant is 0.42%

However a player is given three different kinds of side bet options which for reference are completely optional, and these bonus bets allow you to try and predict whether your first two initial cards are going to be lower than 13 in value, higher than 13 in value or exactly 13 in value, guess correctly and the winning bonus bet payouts for these three options are even money on both the high or lower than 13 betting options and 10 to 1 on the exactly 13 bonus bet option.

However, as this game is listed on our poor valued card game bonus and side bets listing then there is a sting in the tail in regards to the house edge of this bonus bets range of options and that it the house edge is a very high 6.65%, which is almost 16 times higher than the base game house edge!

Triple 7’s Blackjack – The Triple 7’s Blackjack game is a progressive game and as such when playing it you are required to place an obligatory wager of 1.00 alongside your base game bet, and in exchange for that side bet wager a range of winning payouts could be awarded to you whenever certain hand combinations containing certain different types of 7 cards are dealt out to you.

As the highest valued payout on this game can rise to some very high amounts due to the progressive nature of that top prize working out the house edge on this game is somewhat difficult, however this is a game you should avoid playing for the average spread of the house edge on the obligatory side bet wager is going to be in double digits, which means it is a very poor valued bonus bet and one no savvy Blackjack player is ever going to want to be forced to place!

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