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Learning how to play bingo online is simpler than it seems. Even though there are three versions of the game, the fundamentals for each of them are similar. If you are accustomed to playing the game in land-based bingo halls, you’ll be able to get started immediately. If you have never played bingo, this guide will get you up to speed so you can begin enjoying the game within minutes.

Your Crash Course On Online Bingo

The first thing you’ll notice is that most online bingo sites offer more than one version of bingo. There are 3 main types: 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball. 75-ball and 90-ball are the most common; 80-ball is a near-replica of 75-ball and therefore, some online bingo operators don’t offer it.

75-ball is known as American bingo. It’s played on a card that has 25 randomly-numbered squares (from 1 to 75) organized into 5 columns with 5 squares each. The middle square is a “free” space. Players win by completing a specific pattern. In 75-ball, the most common patterns used are the “X,” straight-lines, and coveralls. Straight-lines can cross the 5×5 grid horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

80-ball is very similar to 75-ball. A wider range of numbers are used (1 through 80) and the card is organized into 4 columns with 4 squares each. This version of bingo uses most of the same patterns as 75-ball.

90-ball is an entirely different animal. It’s played throughout Europe and Australia and follows a different set of rules. Rather than using the 5×5 cards from 75-ball, 90-ball uses tickets with 9 columns and 3 rows. Each row is populated by 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces.

90-ball bingo is played in three separate rounds; each round has a winner. The first round ends after a player has filled all 5 numbers within a single row. The second round ends after a player has filled 10 numbers within two rows. The third and final round (known as “Full House”) ends once a player has filled all 15 numbers within 3 rows.

Your First Time Playing Online Bingo: What To Expect

During your 1st time playing online bingo, you’ll notice that every bingo site offers a selection of chat games. Each room has a chat monitor that is responsible for creating a fun and welcoming environment. The chat monitor is in charge of making sure the rules of the chat room are followed while players enjoy the games and their interaction with each other.

Most of the top operators in the online bingo industry will allow you to play their games directly within your browser. A few bingo sites will require that you download their software, but they’re rare; most sites use a Flash platform. That means you can simply log into your account and start playing.

At some point, you’ll need to fund your account. All online bingo sites offer multiple depositing options, including credit cards and eWallet services.

One of the most surprising aspects for those who are beginning to learn how to play bingo online is the chat option. In traditional halls, talking with other players during the game is discouraged. Online, the opposite is true. The best online bingo sites offer stimulating chat games managed by engaging chat moderators. You’ll have the opportunity to meet, and get to know, other bingo fans while competing for exciting prizes.

With the above in mind, here are the rules behind each of the three bingo game versions played today.

There are multiple online bingo games, including 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo. Each version is played differently, though 75 ball and 80 ball are similar. Depending on the bingo room at which you’re playing, the site may also offer variations of each game. Also, because 75 ball and 80 ball share similarities, many online bingo halls only offer the former.

How To Play 75-Ball Bingo Online

This version of bingo is the most common variety played in the U.S. There are 75 balls and 25 spaces on a single card. The spaces are organized evenly into 5 distinct columns with each column headed by a letter: B, I, N, G, O. Here is the layout of the cards:

B = numbers will be between 1 through 15
I = 16 – 30
N = 31 – 45
G = 46 – 60
O = 61 – 75

The space in the middle of each card is free; every player begins the game with that space daubed (or, marked). Players win when they fulfill the pattern defined at the beginning of the game. A straight-line pattern (i.e. top to bottom, side to side, or corner to corner) is the most common. “X” patterns and coveralls (where the entire card must be filled) are also common.

75 ball bingo is commonly referred to as “American Bingo” because it is the most popular version played in the U.S. The bingo card has a grid that consists of five columns and five rows. There are a total of 25 squares in the grid and each is filled with a number. The grid’s middle square is free; every player begins with that square filled.

One letter from the word “B-I-N-G-O” heads each of the five columns. As the caller calls numbers (for example, B-14, N-41, etc.), players search their bingo cards for a match. If they find a match, they daub (i.e. mark) it. Players win if they complete a specific pattern before other players. The pattern is called before the game begins.

Common patterns used for 75 ball bingo include straight-lines and coveralls (sometimes called “blackouts”). Straight-lines can cross the grid from side to side, corner to corner, or top to bottom. Coveralls are bingo games in which you must fill every square on your card to win.

Most 75-ball online bingo games are played in stages during which players can win a series of prizes for completing subsequent patterns. For example, a bingo room may award a “one line” prize, “two line” prize, and so forth, culminating in a coverall jackpot.

Besides straight-lines and coveralls, many bingo halls use creative patterns, such as an airplane, picnic table, crown, and various letters of the alphabet. There are hundreds of possible patterns. The goal remains the same: fill the pattern and win the prize.

How To Play 80-Ball Bingo Online

80-ball bingo is nearly identical to 75-ball bingo. The main differences are that 5 more balls are used and the cards only have 16 spaces. The squares are arranged in 4 rows and 4 columns rather than in a 5×5 format. Also, instead of letters heading the columns, each column is distinguished with a different color: red, yellow, blue, and silver. The colored columns, and the numbers within them, are in the following format:

Red = numbers will be between 1 through 20
Yellow = 21 – 40
Blue = 41 – 60
Silver = 61 – 80

The most common patterns used in 80-ball are the “X,” straight-line, four corners, and coverall.

As the name implies, 80 ball bingo uses 5 more numbers than 75 ball bingo. The game is faster-paced because the cards only have four columns and four rows. That means there are only 16 squares rather than the 25 squares found on a 75 ball card.

80 ball bingo is played similarly to 75 ball. Common patterns include straight-lines and coveralls, and games are usually played in stages. Prizes are given for completing one line, multiple lines, and blacking out your card.

How To Play 90-Ball Bingo Online

When you learn how to play bingo online, take the time to learn 90-ball. It is completely different than 75-ball and 80-ball. This version of bingo is played primarily in Europe, but U.S. players can enjoy the game at most online bingo sites.

Each bingo card (or, “ticket”) is arranged into 9 columns with 3 spaces in each column. Rather than 75 or 80 balls, there are now 90.

Each of the 3 rows contains 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. That means each ticket contains 15 numbers that are distributed throughout the 27 possible squares. When numbers are present, they stick to the following format:

Column 1 = numbers will be between 1 through 9
Column 2 = 10 – 19
Column 3 = 20 – 29
Column 4 = 30 – 39
Column 5 = 40 – 49
Column 6 = 50 – 59
Column 7 = 60 – 69
Column 8 = 70 – 79
Column 9 = 80 – 90

90-ball bingo is usually played in three stages. The first stage ends when a player marks a complete row (i.e. 5 numbers on the same row). The second stage ends when a player has successfully completed two rows. The game ends when a player has completely filled all 3 rows (i.e. all 15 numbers on the ticket).

90 ball bingo is enjoyed throughout Europe and follows a different set of rules than the other two versions. The bingo tickets have nine columns and three rows. Each row is comprised of four blank squares and five numbered squares. Each ticket has 15 numbers.

The game is played in stages with prizes given for completing one row, two rows, and a Full House (i.e. filling all 15 numbers). The prize given for a Full House is much larger than those given for filling one or two lines.

Even though 90 ball bingo is a traditional UK game, you can play it at nearly all of the top online bingo sites.

Playing Bingo Online

Below, we’ll explain the basics of how to play bingo online. You’ll learn how to play 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball bingo. We’ll also reveal two of our favorite online bingo halls – one for U.S. players and the other for UK players.

Bingo Night Just Got Real

Your 1st time playing online bingo may seem confusing even though the game itself is simple. The reason is because you’ll have access to far more options online than you would while playing in land-based bingo halls. For example, you can take advantage of an assortment of chat games and different versions of bingo. You can jump in and out of multiple rooms as your mood dictates. And not only are there exciting prizes to win, but you’ll also have the opportunity to claim huge re-deposit bonuses.

If this is your first time playing online bingo, this page will give you everything you need in order to jump in and get started immediately. We’ll describe the types of games you can expect to enjoy and the promotions you can take advantage of along the way. We’ll also introduce you to four top-rated bingo rooms that offer the perfect training ground for your first time playing online bingo.

One of the most important promotions to take advantage of during your first time playing online bingo is the free-play bonuses. Many bingo rooms will give you free bingo bonus money just for registering a new account. You don’t need to fund the account. Simply register it and claim your free bingo bonus. The free credits are a perfect vehicle for exploring the bingo rooms, playing the games, and getting involved with the community.

Bingo Chat Games – Win Money In Bingo Chat

Bingo chat games are an important part of your online bingo playing experience. All of the top bingo sites offer extra side games that you can play while participating in the main bingo competition. That gives you the chance to win additional prizes as you’re waiting to complete your cards. Because you can modify the settings on your account to “auto daub” the squares on your bingo cards, there’s no need to be concerned about missing a number. Let the computer “auto daub” your squares while you enjoy exciting bingo chat games on the side.

Below, we’ll describe different types of bingo chat games offered by the top sites and the prizes you can win by participating. We’ll also explain the rules of engagement so you’ll be prepared to have as much fun as possible.

Types Of Bingo Chat Games

The top-rated bingo sites maintain multiple bingo rooms. Each room has its own set of bingo chat games and its own chat moderator. The moderator’s job is to interact with players, keep the atmosphere fun, and to award prizes to winners.

Bingo chat games can be loosely categorized into three types: trivia, buddy, and number games. During trivia-based chat games, the chat moderator will ask the players a question. The first player to answer the question correctly wins the prize. This type of game can follow a particular theme (e.g. movies, music, celebrities, etc.) or represent a hodgepodge of general knowledge questions. There are even trivia bingo chat games during which the mod will type a verse from a popular song. The first player to complete the next verse of the song wins the prize.

Buddy chat games give you an opportunity to win a prize even if you don’t actually win the game. For example, a game called “Up Or Down Buddies” awards a prize to the winner. But, if your account’s nickname is listed in the chat room directly above or below the winner, you’ll win a prize, too.

Numbers-based bingo chat games are played with the numbers called on your main bingo game. For example, a game called “Lucky Pairs” requires each player to give two numbers between 1 and 75 to the chat moderator. When your two numbers have been called on the main bingo game, type “lucky pair” with your two numbers. The first player to do so wins the prize.

Prizes For Winning Bingo Chat Games

Most of the prizes awarded for winning bingo chat games come in the form of bonus points and special credits. Cash prizes are occasionally awarded, but can rarely be withdrawn. That said, you can turn your bonus points and special credits into cashable winnings by using them to purchase additional bingo cards.

When you put your credits back into play by purchasing cards, you’ll have the chance to win cashable bingo prizes and jackpots. Think of your chat game prizes as stepping stones toward winning bigger cash payouts.

Bingo Chat Games: Rules Of Engagement

Every bingo site maintains their own set of rules with regard to participating in their bingo chat games. These rules are established to help ensure that every player enjoys the time they spend in the bingo rooms. Some rules address etiquette while others address bonuses.

For example, you’ll be required to respect other players and to refrain from being antagonistic. Many bingo sites also require that you participate in the room’s main bingo game in order to play the chat games. Another common rule is that players can only be awarded chat game prizes if they are a depositing player.

Check the rules of the bingo site before you participate in their bingo chat games.

History Of Bingo

The rich history of bingo begins in 1530, the Italian National Lottery was instituted. It was called “Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” and is still played today. This lottery was the earliest incarnation of the game we now know as bingo.

In the late 1770s, the Italian lottery was modeled by France. It was called simply, “Le Lotto.” Their version used cards with 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row was comprised of 5 numbered squares and 4 blank squares that were randomly distributed. Each player received a single card after which a caller would pull numbered tokens from a bag. The player would fill the number called on his or her card. The first person to complete a row won the lottery.

By the mid-1800s, Germany had adopted a version of France’s lotto/bingo game. However, rather than using the game as a funding mechanism for the government’s operating budget, it was used as an educational tool. Young children learned math, spelling, and history by playing.

Several decades would pass before bingo would make its debut in the U.S.

U.S. History Of Bingo: The Game Arrives In New York

The exact date when bingo was first played in the U.S. is still in doubt. What is known for certain is that a traveling toy salesman named Edwin S. Lowe was on the road from his home in New York in December 1929. The previous year, Lowe had started a toy company with two friends. When the stock market crashed, his dream of building his company into a toy empire was decimated.

On his fateful trek during the winter of 1929, Lowe found himself at a small carnival in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees were playing a game called Beano. They used beans to mark numbered squares on makeshift cards when those numbers were called. Lowe watched as players would yell “Beano!” after completing a line of squares. Prizes were awarded to the winners.

Lowe noticed that the Beano players were deeply involved with the game. They were excited by the chance of winning a prize that was coveted by others. Lowe instantly saw Beano’s potential.

Arriving back home in New York, Lowe taught the game to a few of his friends. It proved to be an instant hit. However, the history of bingo would receive an important footnote when one of his friends completed a line and blurted out, “Bingo!” rather than “Beano!” The name of the game was forever changed.

Bingo spread throughout the U.S. like wildfire. Within a few years, it had established a presence in hundreds of small cities and towns. Churches, civic centers, and social clubs began organizing regular tournaments that attracted droves of players. Today, the game is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people in land-based bingo halls across the U.S.

The history of bingo took another fateful turn several years ago when online bingo halls made their debut. Players would no longer be required to travel to land-based halls. Instead, they could enjoy the game online from the comfort of their homes. The challenge was – and is – to find high-quality bingo sites at which to play.

Flash Bingo – Instant Play – No Download

The design and presentation of Flash bingo games have evolved to the point that downloadable bingo software is a less attractive option. Several years ago, most Flash versions of bingo were simplistic. The graphics were uninspiring and most of the sites offering the game lacked features. For example, you didn’t have an “auto daub” feature. Nor could you win cash prizes or communicate through chat with other players.

Times have changed.

Today, playing no download bingo is nearly as engaging and feature-rich as playing through software. In fact, many of the top online bingo halls have begun to offer a Flash bingo game version to their players. With that in mind, we’ll address the following details below:

  • how to get started with Flash bingo games
  • why “no download” bingo is so popular with players
  • downloadable bingo versus Flash bingo games
  • a few top-rated bingo sites that offer “no download” bingo games

You’ll discover that today’s Flash bingo game options all but eliminate the need to download software to your computer.

Flash Bingo Games: Getting Started

Flash bingo games are played through your browser, which is already equipped with the software needed to display the games. The only requirement is to register your account at a high-quality site.

After registration, you’ll use your username and password (both are chosen by you when you create your account) to log into the bingo site. Doing so will give you immediate access to your account details and access to all of the games offered by the site. At that point, you can either buy cards and start playing, or fund your account. Anytime you’re in the mood to play bingo, chat games, slots, and any other games offered by the bingo site, simply log in.

Why Flash Bingo Games Are Popular

There are several reasons people prefer to play Flash bingo games.

  • First, playing directly through your browser provides instant portability. That means you can enjoy playing from any computer in any location as long as you have an online connection. Whether you’re at home, work, on vacation, or sitting in a restaurant with Wi-Fi access, you’ll be able to log in and start playing.
  • A second reason bingo fans enjoy playing within their browser is because the games tend to load more quickly than with downloadable software. That said, if your internet connection is extremely slow, so too, will the games seem sluggish.
  • Third, one of the most popular features of online bingo halls is the chat games. Not only will you enjoy playing for exciting prizes and bonuses, but you’ll have a chance to meet other bingo fans. In fact, a lot of people make friends with other players and wait for them to log in before playing.
  • Fourth, bingo software needs to be updated. The top sites often improve their gaming environment to make the playing experience more fluid and engaging. If the software is on your hard drive, those updates will need to be installed before you can enjoy them. On the other hand, if you’re playing Flash bingo games through the bingo site, the updates are installed automatically.

Download Bingo Versus Flash Bingo Games

Given the advantages of playing Flash bingo games, is there any reason to download software? Yes and no, depending on the criteria you feel are important.

The downloadable software is highly customizable. That means the bingo site can include additional details and features. For example, they might create a small 3-D animation that plays before the games begin. The animation may be meaningless, but if you feel it adds to the experience, downloading software may be a better option than playing bingo in Flash.

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