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Welcome to page on bingo bonuses. We decided to create a page apart from our main casino bonus page because bingo players are not really looking to join an online casino, they are looking to join an online bingo hall. Read the bingo bonus reviews with the links along the right or click the bingo name on the left to lock in the bonus and start playing bingo online!

This site will go into more details about online bingo bonuses, including how to earn your bingo bonus, cashing out your bingo bonus, what to do if you hit a jackpot and more bingo bonus content. We also will have current bingo bonus codes available to you when ever the bingo site makes them available to us.

Types of Online Bingo Bonuses

There are two major types of online bingo bonuses you will see promoted around the net. These are the “no deposit bingo bonus” and the “bingo deposit bonus”.

We will explain each type of bonus offered and explain how they work and things that you as the player need to be on the look out for with each of these bonuses. Especially on the free bingo bonuses (the no deposit bonuses), in bingo sites will have rules and conditions on the bonus money. Typically there are wagering requirements where you have to wager the deposit and bonus amount a certain amount, usually a multiple of your deposit and bonus before you are able to withdraw.

This practice of having to ‘clear the bonus’ is standard at most every online casino and poker site as well as online bingo. It is also not un-common for there to be additional rules or ‘gotchas’ that could nullify your attempt to cash out bonus winnings. These can include lots of things, so it is very important to read the terms and conditions at any bingo site prior to making your first deposit!

We can’t stress this enough, read those rules and t’s and c’s! We strive to only list the trusted and reputable online bingo sites, it is ultimately your responsibility to pick a bingo site that you are personally comfortable with depositing your money to!

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses – Free Bingo Money

This type of bingo bonus is the ‘up front’ free money bonus that many sites will give you to play their bingo games with just for registration! Often you do not even have to provide a credit card or any other type of payment details, just your name, email, address and the standard registration details (like picking your chat name). You do that, and they will give you free money to play with, you don’t have to deposit a dime!

Now, keep in mind that although the money is free to play online bingo with you will usually not be able to withdraw it directly. You will have to meet some wagering requirement prior to withdrawing the money, typically making a deposit and then playing through the wagering requirements. Also, you often times can not withdraw the free money that they gave you or any bonus money you won through the use of this money. Again, these free money rules are bingo site specific, so check the T’s and C’s prior to depositing.

If you are looking for a few good no deposit bingo bonuses, we have a few recommendations.

  • Cyberbingo offers $20 freeplay to try the site out – Cyber Bingo Bonus
  • Foxy Bingo offers £20 free for registration

Almost every online bingo portal offers free bingo bonus money to its new players on sign up. This free bingo bonus money is also often referred to as bingo no deposit sign up bonuses.

Many of the online bingo sites do not even ask for player’s credit card information before awarding these no deposit bingo bonuses. These bonuses are often given as free bingo credits or bingo bonus points to players. This signifies that they can be used to play bingo games only. You cannot withdraw the money or use it to play side games.

Many of the top-tier online bingo rooms aggressively compete for new players by offering no deposit bingo bonuses. They do this in order to entice bingo fans to try their sites. Bingo room operators realize that depositing funds to a new site can seem unnerving. By giving each new player a no deposit sign-up bingo bonus, they eliminate any perceived risk.

Your No Deposit Bingo Bonus: Read The Terms!

Your free bingo money is credited to your account after you register. However, keep in mind that every online room that provides a no deposit bingo bonus handles it a little differently.

Some will credit your free bingo money automatically; you’ll find it in your account minutes after signing up. Others request that you contact their customer support in order to claim your bonus (you can often do this by online chat). Some rooms require your credit card information while others will put your no deposit bingo bonus into your account with little more than your name.

Bottom line: read the terms of the bonus at each bingo site.

The Advantage Of No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

Even if you have read multiple reviews of a particular bingo site, there’s no guarantee that the site will meet your expectations. Your own experience trumps everything you might have read. The problem is, gaining that experience often requires putting your own money at risk.

No deposit bingo bonuses remove the risk and give you an opportunity to explore the games offered by a given bingo room. You can use your free bingo money to play bingo and compete for prizes. While doing so, you’ll be able to decide whether a particular bingo room is suited to your preferences.

There’s no need to fund your account to take advantage of the bonuses. That means you’re not required to put any of your own money at risk in order to test drive the bingo site. Simply create your account, claim your no deposit bingo bonus, and start participating in the bingo halls.

Using Your No Deposit Bingo Bonus

Bingo sites that offer “no deposit required” bingo bonuses rarely allow you to withdraw the bonus money. The purpose of the free bingo money is to encourage you to play the games. Having said that, some bingo halls will let you withdraw the cash winnings that result from using your bonus money to participate in bingo games. You’ll usually need to meet certain conditions in order to do so. For example, you’ll need to fulfill a minimum wagering requirement that can range from two to twenty times the amount of your deposit.

Also, some bingo rooms will let you use your free no deposit bingo bonus to enjoy their slots, keno, and chat games. Others will limit you to bingo. Still others will limit you to certain bingo halls within their site.

Again, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions surrounding each bonus carefully. Some bingo sites offer free no deposit bingo money, but will not let you withdraw your bonus or your winnings (though your winnings can be used to purchase additional cards). That’s not necessarily a drawback because the bonus is free anyway.

How to Use Your Free Bingo Bonus Money

Bingo bonus money allows players a free opportunity to try out and enjoy an online bingo sites games and offers. Very often, new bingo players are a bit apprehensive to put down their hard earned money at an online bingo site (and rightfully so!). Using free bingo bonus money they can take a virtual first hand tour of the website and decide for themselves if the site is worthy of their deposit. Use the free bingo bonus money to try the site out and see if it is a place you could call your online bingo home.

Initially several bingo sites offered deposit bonuses to players for their first deposits. Then the trend of reload bonuses began. No deposit sign up bonuses are given to players for simply signing up at the site.

Free Bingo Bonus Money Offers

Remember our golden rule, and that is always read the T’s and C’s from each site prior to making your first deposit.

  • Cyber Bingo: One of the few sites where the bingo bonus can be used on side games and slot machines as well. Even though the actual bingo bonus cannot be withdrawn, the website allows players to withdraw winnings earned by using the bingo bonus money subject to satisfying some basic conditions. Players have to complete at least one successful deposit to make a withdrawal and must also have bet an amount equivalent to five times the bonus amount on bingo, slots, and scratch cards within bingo games. is also one of the online bingo sites accepting USA players.
  • Bingo Canada: This site is a little less strict when it comes to withdrawals. Players have to wager 4 times the bonus amount on bingo games alone before they are eligible to make a withdrawal.
  • Foxy Bingo: Foxy also stipulates a minimum wagering requirement of 10 times the bonus amount and a minimum deposit of $5.
  • Bingo Workz: Allowing players to withdraw any winnings made from bonus money provided they are willing to furnish their credit card details. At least $50 must be withdrawn at a time. Theirs is probably the only free bonus bingo money offer which does not have a minimum wagering requirement to withdraw money.

Similarly every bingo website has its own wagering requirements before money can be withdrawn. Some of them also ask for a valid ID proof before completing the withdrawal.

No deposit sign up bonuses are also distributed as freebies to bingo players as part of loyalty scheme incentives or as part of affiliate programs. When players are trying to claim a no deposit bonus from affiliate websites they will need to key in the bonus codes at the site.
For players in the UK, offers a free bingo bonus of £20 to all its new players. Some additional offers include:

  • Bingo

While Ruby Bingo offers £16 as free bingo bonus money, and Wink Bingo offer £15. Each of these free bingo offers comes with its own set of rules and restrictions. Sites where there is a separate casino bonus structure in place often preclude players from spending the bingo bonus on casino and side games.

Online Bingo Deposit Bonuses

The bingo deposit bonus is the type of bonus that is given to you for making a real money deposit at the bingo site. These are bonuses that are typically awarded by matching your deposit amount by a certain percentage, up to a certain top dollar amount. These bonuses are earned by meeting the wagering requirements.

Deposit bonus amounts are bingo hall specific.

Typically bingo sites offer a 100% match on your deposit amount but this is really site specific. Some bingo sites go much higher on the percentages matched and some go lower but just understand that the % matched is only one factor into the online bingo deposit bonus.

The next factor to look at when evaluating the bonus is to look at the maximum bonus amount you can earn. This is the most bonus money possible. For example, if a bingo site offers a 200% match bonus up to $100 then to max out that bonus you should deposit $50 (not $100). As a matter of fact, sometimes if you deposited $100 your wagering requirements could go higher as many rooms require you to play through your deposit amount plus your bonus amount a certain amount of times. This is just one reason why we recommend reading the bingo bonus rules of each site before making your first wallet.

The final factor in judging a bingo sites bonus offer is to understand the wagering requirements and cash out rules. This can only be found by reading the small print at the bingo sites themselves. You’ve heard us say before how important it is to read the T’s and C’s yourself, and if you are not sure of them, ask the bingo halls support team yourself before your deposit. If you find support friendly and helpful and they answer your question to your satisfaction then you are armed and ready to make that deposit and start having some fun playing online bingo with a great bingo bonus!

Choosing a bingo bonus is simple for one important reason: you can take advantage of them all. There’s no need to choose from among them. When you visit the top-rated online bingo halls that we profile on this site, you’ll be greeted by an assortment of bingo bonuses that you can claim. Each promotion is unique. Each is governed by a different set of rules, which is why we always recommend reading the terms carefully.

Below, we’ll introduce you to the 4 main types of bingo bonuses that you’ll be able to enjoy at the top bingo halls. They include…

  • free-play bingo bonuses
  • sign-up bonuses
  • re-deposit bingo bonuses
  • weekly, monthly, and holiday specials

We’ll explain how they work and why the bingo sites offer them. You’ll also learn how your loyalty to the bingo sites can help you earn even larger bonuses.

4 Types Of Bingo Bonuses You Can Claim

The top bingo halls offer bonuses for a few reasons.

  • First, they want to attract new players who may be hesitant about trying a new bingo site.
  • Second, they want to encourage their existing players to remain active over the long run.

While playing bingo, interacting with other players, and enjoying the side games is always exciting, a little encouragement keeps the energy alive. To that end, here are the 4 main bingo bonuses you can expect to enjoy:

1. Free-Play Bingo Bonuses

Free-play bingo bonuses are designed to encourage you to explore a given bingo site. The bonuses are completely risk-free because you won’t be required to deposit money in order to receive them. Simply create and register your account. Once your bonus has been credited to your account, it represents free bingo bonus money.

Not all bingo sites offer this type of free-play bonus. And of those that do, some are better than others. By reviewing the most attractive bingo promotions, we’ve tried to simplify choosing a bingo bonus that lets you play for free.

2. Sign-Up Bingo Bonuses

Eventually, your free-play bonus will run out. If you enjoyed the playing experience offered by a particular bingo site, you’ll need to make a deposit to continue playing. The top-tier bingo halls will encourage you to fund your account by offering generous sign-up bonuses.

These sign-up bonuses match your initial deposit at a defined percentage. will match your first and second deposits at 500%.

3. Re-Deposit Bingo Bonuses

It’s easy to feel confused about choosing a bingo bonus when you’re confronted with free-play, sign-up, and re-deposit bonus promotions. Add specials to the mix (we’ll explain specials below) and it can seem overwhelming.

While free bingo bounus money and sign-up bonuses eventually expire, re-deposit bonuses reward you whenever you fund your bingo account. This is one of the ways online bingo halls try to motivate you to remain an active player. Some bingo sites will offer a straight percentage while others will base their match level on your account history.

4. Weekly, Monthly, And Holiday Specials

A lot of the top bingo sites maintain a schedule of weekly and monthly bonus promotions. The bingo halls do this to encourage player activity at certain times during the week or month. For example, offers a 250% match on Mondays and a 175% match on Fridays (along with similar bonuses throughout the week).

How Your Loyalty Affects Your Bingo Bonuses

When you’re choosing a bingo bonus, keep in mind that many online bingo halls will tie their percentage match to your aggregate deposits over the life of your account. If you have played at a particular bingo site for a long time, your loyalty to the site can pay off with a staggering deposit match.

Bingo Jackpots

Bingo jackpots are different than the normal prizes or bingo bonuses offered by bingo sites. They are large cash payouts that are usually awarded when you complete a difficult pattern, or do so under specific restrictions. Most of the top online bingo rooms offer at least one type of jackpot. A few offer multiple types of bingo jackpots, including progressive jackpots.

The top-tier sites offer these payouts in order to attract new players and entice existing players to stay active. On this page, we’ll give you a complete roadmap for navigating your way through the different bingo jackpots offered by the top bingo sites. You’ll learn about basic and progressive bingo jackpots. We’ll also provide a few playing tips that can improve your chances of enjoying a payout.

Basic Bingo Jackpots

These jackpot bingo games usually pay out under $100 and can be offered sporadically or on a regular schedule. The games are organized in addition to the normal bingo activity that takes place within each bingo site’s main rooms.

For example:

  • holds their “Jackpot Alley Night” each Friday starting in the morning with bingo jackpots of $25 and $50.
  • holds a trifecta of jackpot games every Monday with payouts starting at $25.

These special jackpot games give you another opportunity to win cash prizes. While the main bingo rooms keep the action alive with round-the-clock games, you can compete for exciting bingo jackpots that will quickly inflate your account balance. Moreover, some of the top bingo sites guarantee pots every hour.

How Progressive Bingo Jackpots Work

A lot of online bingo halls have followed the path of casino sites: they’re offering progressive bingo jackpots. The games pay out a massive cash award that builds over time. The more time that passes without a winner, the bigger they grow. It’s not uncommon for these progressive bingo jackpots to climb past $10,000.

These huge jackpots are usually awarded when you complete a coverall (i.e. blackout) in a specific number of calls. That’s the reason they can grow so large. As long as nobody completes the coverall within the set number of calls, the progressive jackpot will continue to build.

The drawback of progressive bingo jackpots is that they’re not guaranteed pots. That is, weeks could potentially pass without a winner. On the other hand, if you win, there’s a good chance you’ll never need to fund your online bingo account again.

The Key To Winning Bingo Jackpots

As you know, bingo is a game of chance. There’s no way to reliably predict the numbers that are called. However, there are a few steps you can take that will improve your chances of winning bingo jackpots.

  • First, many bingo sites will display the number of cards that are being played for a particular jackpot. You can increase your odds of winning by buying more cards. For example, suppose 200 cards are being played for a given jackpot. If you play a single card, your chances of winning are 1 in 200 (or, 0.50%). If you play 10 cards, your chances improve to 10 in 200 (or, 5%).
  • Second, consider playing the games in which the cards are more expensive (i.e. $0.25 or more). A lot of players avoid the expensive games, which means there is less competition. Plus, the jackpot payouts are partly based on the aggregate card purchase value. Costlier cards often mean a bigger jackpot.
  • Third, if you’re playing with the hope of hitting a progressive bingo jackpot, play at bingo sites that are part of a network. The progressives usually grow more quickly because revenue is contributed by multiple bingo halls.
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