Human beings love betting on sports. Sports betting makes up a huge chunk of the overall online gambling marketplace. Sports betting sites offer virtually the same lines as Vegas from the comfort of your own home. The catch is that they operate outside of USA’s jurisdiction.

The good news is that for as long as the internet has been around there has been online sports betting. Sports betting sites have had plenty of time to earn a reputation. Most of them earned horrible reputations. There are a small number of established, legitimate online sportsbooks you can wager at. Some of them are already on our good online casinos list. Today there remain a quality selection of legit, reputable online sportsbooks you can feel comfortable placing your bets with (source). There are also dozens upon dozens of shady and scammy sports betting websites to avoid at all costs unless you like burning money.

TL;DR: A bunch of shady sportsbooks exist. Avoid them! Use the good sports books listed below.

Sports Betting Sites – Legit / Honest / Recommended

Sports Betting Sites – The Good List

The good news is that there are a few very legit and reputable sports betting sites (see for latest reviews) available to most US bettors. Some states are completely dis-allowed and it is a felony in some states for the player to place a sports bet online. Be sure you know your local laws and regulations.

A Sportsbook Is Only As Good As It’s Last Payout

What this means is that unless a sportsbook is consistently paying out all players on a regular basis, or working towards making payments then they will not be listed here. The books need to keep the funds flowing. This is a challenge for them as it is just not as easy as cutting a check and putting it in the mail. (Thanks Uncle Sam for protecting me from myself!!1). The sportsbooks listed in our list are constantly getting payments out, treat players and business associates fairly and with respect. You can bet easy at the above books.

Scam Sportsbooks

Where not to bet: While the safest choice is to only bet at a site listed above, many people want to see a list of sportsbooks that we do not recommend. Now we are not saying that these sportsbooks are scams. We are saying that we would not deposit our own money there.



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