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In the U.S., casino players are accustomed to seeing rows of slot machines on casino floors. Colorful and tantalizing, they beckon to passersby with the promise of large jackpots. In the U.K., fruit slot machines are far more common. Even though they look similar and offer the same seductive lure of cash payouts for winning combinations, they work differently.

In this article, we’ll explore fruit slot machines in detail and explain how they work. You’ll learn about the features that make them different than their U.S. counterparts as well as a few similarities. We’ll also provide an interesting tip that you can use in order to improve your winnings.

How Fruit Slot Machines Work

While slot machines in the U.S. are typically found in casinos, fruit slot machines in the U.K. can be found in pubs, convenience shops, and arcades.

Most of them have only 3 reels, though 4-reel and 6-reel variations have slowly started to become popular. Each reel has either 16 or 24 symbols (most of them are pictures of fruit); a winning combination of symbols can be paid out in cash winnings or through bonus games.

There are a few features available on fruit slots that U.S. slot games do not offer.

For example, when you play fruit slot machines, you can “hold” one or multiple reels. That is, rather than allowing a chosen reel to spin, you can force it to remain in its current position while the other reels spin. A lot of players use the “hold” feature in order to improve their chances of hitting a winning combination (for example, three cherries).

Another feature is the “nudge.”

On most fruit slot machines, nudges are awarded to you based upon your past spins. They allow you to slightly move one of the reels in order to make a winning combination. For example, suppose that you spin the reels and 2 cherries appear on the payline. If a cherry on the third reel is close to the payline, you can “nudge” the reel in order to make the combination.

The “High/Low” Feature – When you hit a winning combination on fruit slot machines, you’ll often have the choice to take a small payout (for example, £5) or gamble further with the chance to win more. The subsequent gamble is done through a “high/low” subgame. A number is displayed on a special number reel. You’re asked to guess whether a spin of that reel will produce a number that is higher or lower than the displayed value. If you guess correctly, you can win up to £25. Guess incorrectly and your original £5 payout will be forfeit.

This feature of fruit slot machines has been the focus of controversy.

An organization called the Fairplay Campaign has argued that the outcome of the “high/low” feature is fixed. That is, if you guess “higher,” the machine will produce a lower number than that originally displayed. If you guess “lower,” it will produce a higher value. This appears to be merely speculation as very little evidence supports their argument, but we have linked to them none the less so you can make up your own mind.

Playing Fruit Slot Machines To Win

One of the biggest differences between fruit slot machines and U.S. slots is the manner in which reel stops are determined.

In the U.S., random number generators (RNGs) dictate outcomes. Because outcomes are random, the likelihood of winning a jackpot on one spin does not influence the chances of a jackpot on the following spin. Fruit slot machines don’t randomize outcomes.

There is a minimum jackpot threshold below which the machines will not go. If previous spins have not resulted in enough jackpots, and the minimum threshold is in danger of being crossed, the fruit slot will pay out. To the experienced player, that suggests a way to improve their winnings. A lot of fruit slot machines have transparent tubes through which you can see the coins collected. If the tubes are full (or, are “backing”), it implies that the machine has not paid out for a long time and there is a greater chance for it to happen soon.

Fruit slot machines are not common in the U.S. Nor are they common in online casinos for USA players. That said, there are a few high-quality online casinos that not only offer exciting slot games to enjoy, but also provide generous welcome bonuses to new players.

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