GTBets, also known as Game Time Bets or just GT is a great sportsbook. We have been dealing with them for a long time now both professionally as well as placing some of our own wagers with them.

They are a sportsbook first and foremost, offering a small casino as more of a side place for their “sports betting” customers a place to hang out while they wait for the next game to start.

If you would like to see a review of their sportsbook you could just click on this link.

So, with that said, this will be a little on the shorter side as they don’t offer a ton of casino options, but maybe you happen to be a casino player that’s looking to branch out a little bit. Without any further ado, let’s get into it!


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Front and Back, Over and Under, the Site Design

Visually, GT is appealing as long as you like blue and orange together. I spent 4 years looking at this color scheme, (my high school colors) so they don’t bother me.

Just about every page at GT follows this color alignment so it’s really odd when you click on the one page that doesn’t, thereby throwing you off of your vibe. (The “rewards” page. Clicking on that will suddenly take you to a totally different site that is nothing like GT.)

While navigating the site, clicking around will take you to whatever page you are expecting, however, every so often the site will slow and appear to not register your selections causing you to get possibly get frustrated with your “double-clicking”. I got this same effect from 3 different PCs in my house, your mileage may vary.

Once clicking on the “casino” option, you are taken to the casino main page. From here there are a whole lot of links you can go through to find stuff you want to do. The main display is a random assortment of games to choose from, from some slots to some table games to some video poker.

Games available

To the left side, you’ve got

  • Tournaments
  • All Slots
  • 5 Reel 3D Slots
  • Super Slots
  • Live Casino
  • Cash Grab Slots
  • Mystery Slots
  • 5 Reel Slots
  • 3 Reel Slots
  • Table Games
  • High Roller Tables
  • Video Poker
  • Specialty Games
  • Virtual

Clicking on any of the above will then show the available games under that category to your right, along with the option to break those options down even further with the menu buttons just above, such as by Alphabetical, Jackpot Size, or even by Features.

Along with this is a search bar, which is a great thing itself if you happen to know the name of the game you’re looking for.

A few of their 5-Reel Slots as shown by clicking the sidebar.

I took a look at the Live Casino while writing this review and was given 3 options. You’ve got Baccarat, Blackjack, and European Roulette. Obviously, this isn’t the largest selection out there, but as stated, GT is mainly a sportsbook first, a fact they don’t try to hide.

I also took a look at the “High Roller Tables” for you. There are definitely more choices there and I only ran into one question for myself. I tried out some Blackjack and was able to make bets for as low as 1 dollar, so I don’t really know what they consider to be a “high roller”.

A special note.
Once I had started to play any game, the instances of my mouse click not being registered stopped. Everything ran nice and smooth once I decided what game I wanted to play.

Contact / Customer Service

As stated in a previous article of ours, there is nothing worse than needing to talk to a member of customer service and being stuck all alone.

GT has you covered very well in that department. There is the phone, there is a fax, there are numerous departments with email and there is live chat, all of which are available 24 hours a day.

Testing out their Live Chat, I was greeted nicely and professionally, however, the agent was not helpful at all. See the next section.


I admit it. I don’t feel all that great about this conversation.

Virtually anyone that wants your credit card information uses secure encryption to protect this info. Not only do they protect it, but they will almost brag about what kind is used and they’re proud of it. Not GT.

I could not find anywhere on the site that mentioned it, and when I asked Live Chat about it, I was shot down pretty quickly. Not going to lie, I don’t feel all that great about that.

There is a however here though, and yes, this is a “copy and paste” sentence from down at the bottom in my conclusion…

“Any bank that is worth their salt will cancel your credit card, issue you a new one and reimburse fraudulent charges as soon as you just call them and point any problems out. I’m ultimately not that worried about it.”

Well, I guess they don’t have to tell you. Take all that for what it’s worth to you.

Deposits and Withdrawals

GT has some pretty nice options for deposits. Looks like we have –

  • Visa, minimum $35, maximum $999
  • Mastercard, minimum $35, maximum $999
  • American Express, minimum $35, maximum $999
  • bitcoin, $35 minimum, $10,000 maximum
  • bitcoin Cash, $35 minimum, $10,000 maximum
  • Litecoin, $35 minimum, $10,000 maximum
  • Prepaid Gift Cards, minimum $35, maximum $999
  • Quick Cash, $100 minimum, $630 maximum

So there’s that nice list there, but the best thing? With the exception of Quick Cash, all of those choices are Fee Free!

If you are depositing with Quick Cash, you will not be charged any fees as long as you’re depositing $200 or more. If depositing less, you will be charged $10.

As far as withdrawals go, you’ve got –

  • bank wire, with a fee of $40
  • Quick Cash, with a fee minimum of $50 or 8% of the requested amount
  • and bitcoin, free

Bonuses and Perks

You’ve got your Sign Up bonus standing right now at 100% Match for your first deposit up to $500 as well as 50% on the second deposit, also up to $500.

If you are already a member of GTBets, you are automatically given 5-50% reload bonuses according to their website.

There is a weekly casino rebate where you are refunded 10% of your weekly losses every Tuesday, and always a casino game of the month where you can earn double the reward points for the month.

For those that do like to gamble with sports, GTBets offers a great program where you can choose your favorite teams for the season and acquire yourself some free points during the regular season, and lastly, for the horse lovers, an amazing 15% rebate on any monthly horse racing losses.

What it looks like if you decide to go check out some horse racing.

Pros & Cons

Fun, exclusive slots
Fee free deposits
Tight lipped about security / your information


The only real issue that I have found with GTBets that I don’t care for is the refusal to discuss their security and least pretend my information is safe. But, let’s look at the reality here. Any bank that is worth their salt will cancel your credit card, issue you a new one and reimburse fraudulent charges as soon as you just call them and point any problems out. I’m ultimately not that worried about it.

If looking for a straight-up “Casino” you may want to go elsewhere for a larger selection of things you are into. Click here for our list of all casinos we have reviewed.

If you are looking for a casino and you have a little interest in seeing what gambling is like in an online sportsbook, GTBets may be just right up your alley.

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