High Roller Casino

Today I would like to talk to you and tell you all about the High Roller Casino! There are two things to hit up on right from the start, here.

  1. High Roller is not some new, random Online Casino that just popped up overnight, and
  2. The name “High Roller” is a bit misleading.

You’re going to want to keep both of those things in mind as I get into this, I know that those are 2 items that the average person may question right away. I’ll get into those as well as everything else you may wonder about right on this page, so let’s just go ahead and get started!


BONUS OFFER: $8,000 Welcome Bonus

A Quick Background

Let’s go ahead and get that first point out of the way from the get go.

You may not be really familiar with the name High Roller just yet and may be under the impression that they’re a new place to come up on the internet trying to grab some of your money. This actually cannot be further from the truth! You see, the management there have been big in the business since 1991. At the time of this writing, that’s actually 32 years strong! That’s actually a pretty decent thing in itself. In the big picture of “anyone can own and operate a site”, there really aren’t that many places that have been around that long!

Something that may also interest you is the fact that High Roller is run by the same great team that operates both BetOnline and SportsBetting. Depending on how you feel about betting on sports, these may be names that you already know. Both of these sites are among the best that you’re going to find for some amazing sports betting action and High Roller just happens to be a foray of theirs into running a straight-up casino!

For the new readers out there, if you want to see just what I think of those sites I just mentioned, you can always check out my pages on BetOnline and SportsBetting by clicking on these two links!

But back to High Roller!

Depositing and Withdrawing

And here I would like to talk about the other point that I had brought up toward the top of this page.

From the name “High Roller” one may think that this is a place for just that – the High Rollers out there.

While yes, it can be, they’re also good for the little guy that may not have the largest bankroll, or maybe the gambler that just kind of wants to check them out before shelling out too much of their hard-earned dough, both of these things are totally understandable!

  • Deposits

As for the deposit options over at High Roller the player has these to choose from, along with their respective minimums and maximums:

TypeMinimum RequiredMaximum Allowed
American Express$25$25,000
Bitcoin Cash$20$100,000
Shiba Inu$20$100,000
USD Coin$20$100,000

Also available for your depositing needs:

TypeMinimum RequiredMaximum Allowed
Person to Person$100$600
Money Order$300$9,000
Bank Wire Transfer$500$10,000
Cashiers Check$1,500$10,000

So, as you can see from the information above, crypto is the best option for both the high roller as well as the person that’s just starting out, but there are also options available for those that fall somewhere in-between!

  • Withdrawals

Now for when the time comes that you win and you’re looking to get paid, you’re going to be interested in this information!

TypeMinimum RequiredMaximum Allowed
Bitcoin Cash$20$10,000
Shiba Inu$50$10,000
USD Coin$50$100,000
Person to Person$50$400
Money Order$500$9,000
Bank Wire Transfer$500$25,000
Cashiers Check$500$2,500

And from that information you can see that the various minimums and maximums will vary greatly from one type to another, so when it’s time to get paid make sure that you’re choosing the option that’s right for you!

Hope you like slots ’cause you’re going to have more than 400 to choose from!

High Rolling Gameplay

You may be wondering at this point just what kind of gameplay you can look forward to at High Roller. Actually, you would find all of the greatest hits you might expect, so let’s get a look at them!

  • Slots

If you’re into the Slot Machines (and who isn’t, really), you’ll love the variety over at High Roller They currently have 476 machines for you to choose from making sure that you’re virtually never going to get bored!

Unlike many Online Casinos, High Roller utilizes more than one developer. You’ll find slots from Rival, BetSoft, and others. This means that you’ll find some of the more “classic” slots as well as some of the flashiest machines out there. I’ve been doing this for a long time now and there’s all kinds of slots on the site that I’ve never heard of!

A nice feature of the site is the ability to put a “Star” next to any game that you found and loved in order to save it as a “Favorite”. When there’s 476 options to go through, that’s something that could really come in handy in the future!

  • Blackjack

Blackjack gets its own section there at HR.

Those players that get into some “21” action will be pleased to learn that one can choose from 20 different versions of this casino classic, giving options like Multi-hand, Single Deck, Supreme 7, and others.

If you’re one of these players, make sure that you check out the $35,000 in Daily Prizes that you can earn from Blackjack among other games!

  • Table Games

Always a great time, the Table Games selection gives you plenty of opportunity to win some cash!

Here you’ll come into the Blackjack options once again, but you’ll also come into HRs nice selection of that, Roulette, Craps, some Poker options, and what they like to call “Other”.

Whether you want to show off your skill with some 5 Hand Vegas Blackjack or take it easy with the super simple Andar Bahar, you’re sure to find something to pass the time and win some dough!

  • Video Poker

Video Poker is exactly what you think it’ll be!

You can play some single hand games including classics like “Jacks or Better” or “Deuces Wild”, or you can move on to the multi-hand games such “Aces and Faces Multi Hand” or “Double Joker Multi Hand”.

If you think of yourself and Poker is your number one choice, this is the area you’ll want to be in. Unfortunately, High Roller doesn’t offer a stand-alone Poker Room and this is the closest that you’ll find over there.

  • Specialty Games

There’s not the biggest selection right here in this area, but that’s okay! This is still where you’ll find plenty of stuff that just doesn’t really fit into another category.

There are a couple of options for different versions of Keno, some Scratch Cards, versions of the Triple Crash or Cash game, and a couple of others.

  • Live Casino

Here’s where you want to be if you miss people! Some people are happy with staying home and not dealing with others. Other people are doing it but didn’t really have a choice. No matter your situation, you can talk to a real person here if you’d like to! The dealers cannot type back at you, but they can read everything you type to them and they’ll answer back if you have a question or they otherwise want to interact with you.

From here you can get into the experience of a brick and mortar casino without the need to leave the house!

There are versions of games here that fall into a few categories. There’s Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Lottery, and even another “Other” section.

High Rollin’ Bonuses And Promotions

When you decide that you’re ready to go and check out High Roller, you’ll probably going to want to check out all of the promos that they have to offer you. I’m going to go ahead and break down “the big one” for you and then we’ll just do a quick rundown of all the other bonuses you’ll have to choose from.

  • Welcome Bonus of up to $8,000 + 100 Free Spins

Now, there are actually 2 parts to this bonus, one of which will pertain to you so make sure that you pay attention to all of this! Let’s get on with the first part!

Just my personal favorite promotion, the Daily Free Tournaments!

For the people that this pertains to, you can get a 400% Bonus of up to $4,000 on your first deposit when you make it with the code HR400. After that time, you can use the code HR100 for a 100$ Bonus of up to $1,000 each for a total of $8,000!

And that’s not all! You’ll also get yourself 100 Free Spins that you can use with the slot Golden Dragon Inferno! To take part in this, you must deposit a minimum of $250 on your first deposit.

Now this takes us to the second part of this, those of us out here that aren’t really “High Rollers”.

For the players that haven’t quite built up their bankroll that high yet, they can still get in on this incredible bonus with the code HR200. This will get you a 200% Bonus of up to $4,000 on their first deposit with a minimum deposit of only $50. After that initial deposit, they can still use the code HR100 for a 100% Bonus of up to $1,000!

And guess what? You’ll still get that 100 Free Spins to use with Golden Dragon Inferno!

*** A Special Note ***

It doesn’t matter which of those 2 groups you fall under with the above promo. You will get your Free Spins after you have made your first HR100 deposit!

As for other Bonuses that you can look for at HR, you can take advantage of the following promos:

  • A Crypto Welcome Bonus of up to $3,000
  • A 10% up to $500 Weekly Rebate on losses
  • Mystery Mondays
  • Super Tuesdays
  • Thirsty Thursdays
  • Wild Diamond 7’s Jackpot
  • $35,000 in Daily Prizes
  • Refer A Friend Program

There are some pretty sweet bonuses at High Roller, check them all out to make sure you get the best for you!

The Customer Service at High Roller

We all hope that as customers we don’t run into any issues when visiting the casino. Heaven forbid you do, you’ll be pleased to know that you would have 3 options at your disposal to work toward a resolution.

First there’s email. You could always email help@highrollercasinocs.ag.

There’s a 24/7 Live Chat feature. I took this for a test drive just to see what would happen. I was greeted by Chris who answered quickly and professionally. Sometimes I like to ask customer service agents a question that they wouldn’t be able to answer without a “real person” to help, but this time I didn’t have to. I could tell by a simply typo that it was a real person right away and that was it. This is a good thing! Easy mistakes or not, if you need to talk to someone at a CS department, you want it to be a real person, not a bot. It was really nice that Chris answered immediately to see if I needed any help with anything.

Lastly, there’s a good old fashioned phone call. You are able to call the High Roller Casino help line at 1-888-788-0884.


Pros & Cons

Great number of games to choose from
Huge Welcome Bonus
Owned by industry veterans
No "free play" option
BONUS OFFER: $8,000 Welcome Bonus

Final Thoughts

This is where I would say that “time will tell” when it comes to High Roller since I have just started working with them. However, I’m pretty confident in not having to say that right now, what with their being owned and operated by industry vets that I have worked with for many, many years now.

The interface of High Roller is slick and very modern looking and the number of games to choose from gets me excited for 2 reasons.

  1. I won’t start to get bored or frustrated with some outdated looking graphics, and
  2. High Roller is making sure I’ve got a ton of options to find something to gamble on!

My little test-drive with the Customer Service was pleasant and went just the way I was hoping it would. I have had a situation in the past where I needed to talk to someone in CS at another site just to not be able to find anyone. I know first-hand what a horrible feeling that really is.

The deposit options are super-nice, what with some “bigger” options for those High Rollers out there, as well as some “smaller” options for those of us that aren’t quite there just yet! As for the withdrawals, I don’t want to lie to you. The options look great but I just haven’t tried to make one, yet!

The bonuses and promotions are great! If you want to chase down a bonus and get the most bang for your buck, that $8,000 Welcome Bonus is sure nice as well as the Weekly Rebate for those times that you take a loss, among the others.

When there’s such a high number of games available, there are quite a few that I’ve never heard of. I wish that there was a “free play” option for taking some of these for a spin, but that’s actually a pretty small thing considering everything else they have to offer!

All told, High Roller Casino is looking like a solid choice for those that would like to find themselves a new home for some Casino Gambling!

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