Betting In Craps – The Craps Bets You Can Make

The Craps Table

The Craps Table

Craps can be one of the most exciting games in the casino, because when things are going well, everyone at the table may well be stacking up chips upon chips enjoying their spoils together. If you ever get the chance to see or take part in this game in a live casino, you might hear an entire crowd of people both cheering and jeering with each roll of the dice. The game tends to move quite fast, and as opposed to a typically fairly quiet Blackjack or poker table, the players can be very animated. Because of those reasons, the game can sometimes intimidate new players who haven’t experienced the excitement of Craps before.

Craps does not have to be nearly as intimidating as it seems, and once you understand some basic concepts, you will pick up the game quickly. Craps is played on an elongated table, utilizing a pair of dice that is tossed by the player whose turn it is to do so. Before the dice are rolled by the new roller, each player at the Craps table will place bets on what they expect the outcome of the roll will be. On certain bets, the house is going to have a far greater advantage than others, so it is important to know what bets give you the best chance of winning.

Craps Bets – Explaining The Betting in Craps

To make a bet, you will place the size of the bet you want to make in the appropriate area of the table. Once all the players have made their bets on the table, the shooter will roll the dice. Once your initial bets are made, the dealer will allow you to make another wager in accordance with the next roll. Here are the basic betting options available to you in craps.

The Pass Bet

The first betting concept that you need to grasp in Craps is the Pass Bet. It is the bet you will see players make most often, as this bet carried a low house advantage. The Pass Bet is a wager that you will make on the Come Out roll, which is the first roll a shooter is going to make when it is their turn.
To make a Pass Bet, you place your wager out on the pass line before the Come Out roll, or in other words, before the player makes their first roll. When the player makes their roll, you will win on a seven or eleven. If the dice are rolled and they land on two, three, or twelve, your bet is cleared and you lose. If any other number is rolled, whatever that number is, it becomes the Point. What this means is that the person rolling the dice needs to roll that number once more before they roll a seven, and if they do, you will win even money on your Pass Bet. If they happen to roll a seven before they roll the Point number again, you will lose your wager.

The Don’t Pass Bet

This bet is also one that doesn’t have a huge house advantage, however it can be an unpopular bet with the rest of the players at the table you are playing at. This is because instead of a Pass Bet where you are really betting on the player having a successful series of rolls, you are betting against them. To win a Don’t Pass bet, you need the player who is on their Come Out roll to hit a two, three or twelve. If the player shooting the dice hits a seven or eleven on the Come Out, the Don’t Pass bet loses.
On the subsequent rolls after the Point has been set, you will win your Don’t Pass bet if the shooter rolls a seven before they are able to hit the point again. This bet is bound to get you a nasty look or two if you are playing at a live casino, so buyer beware.

The Come Bet

The Come Bet is another fairly basic bet that you can make without having to memorize any lengthy strategy to play it. The Come Bet is much like the Pass Bet, except instead of the bet being made on the Come Out roll, it is made after it. Once the player makes their Come Out roll, you can place a Come Bet, which is now going to assign that bet to the number on the following roll, just like a pass bet. This means if that number is rolled again before the player rolling the dice hits seven, you win.
Once you make the Come Bet, you cannot take it back, so be sure you want to wager that money. If the roller hits a seven before they roll the number associated with your Come Bet, you lose. A seven is, for the most part, the worst number a player can roll. It will ruin most of the bets that you have the option of making.

The Yo Bet

People love making the Yo bet when they are at a live casino, regardless of the house edge. Part of the reason is because Craps is a social game, and people like drawing attention to themselves by yelling Yo during the roll and if their number hits. If you bet Yo and the next roll of the dice lands on eleven, you collect a nice fifteen to one win on your wager.

Bet Any Seven

If you make this bet, you are wagering that the next roll by the shooter will be a seven. If the shooter does manage to land on seven, you will collect four to one on your wager.

Bet Any Craps

This is another bet that goes against the person rolling the dice, as you are now betting on them to roll Craps. If the roll following your bet lands on a two, three or twelve, you win your bet and receive a seven to one payment on your wager.

Additionally, you can bet on the roll to land on specific Craps numbers such as Snake Eyes, which is a one on each die. This bet will net you thirty to one.
These are not all the wagers you can possibly make, however, getting familiar with them will give you a very strong foundation and allow you to join in on the excitement at the Craps table. Stick to the bets you know, and don’t get overwhelmed and the Craps table will treat you well!

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