21 Wilds

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There are those of you out there that love slot machines the most, and then there are those that love blackjack the most. Why don’t we find some way for all of the people to hang out together, joining in on their love for the 2 big games.

Someone thought of it!

All of the Thrill of Vegas, None of the Traveling Hassle

21 Wilds takes the thrill of Vegas and the rush of spinning reels and combined them into this great new slot from Bovada, 21 Wilds! Now you don’t have to decide! You can just head over and take care of both of your itches at the same time!

We’d also like to add that unless you actually live across the street from a Casino, isn’t staying home in your undies a much cheaper, safer, and all around more comfortable time?


The Gameplay

If one were to head over to Bovada to start playing some 21 Wilds they would instantly be treated to a slot with a visually beautiful slot with a blackjack theme ready to be taken for a spin.

The player can choose anywhere from 0.60 to $120 per spin making this playable for the big-time players as well as those that do not have such monstrous bankrolls.

Perhaps one of the only 2 real gripes we have about this slot is the fact that there are only 9, fixed paylines. Not really a deal-breaker though as long as you’re not the kind of person that demands 248 paylines or something obscene like that.

Our other complaint? A unknown house edge. We try not to send people off to the slots with a lower RTP, and with this one we just don’t know what it is. During our testing playthrough we didn’t seem to win every time but we also didn’t hit any long stretches of losses either.

Everything else plays out just the way most people would expect it to with the looking for most symbols to be consecutive and going left to right.

Once you’re spinning away and trying your luck at winning some cash, there are some things to be on the lookout for. First we’ll start off with the most obvious, the symbols that you’re trying to get all matched up. You will win your bet multiplied by the following numbers according to this table:

Symbol Match 5 Match 4 Match 3 Match 2
10 30 6 3 N/A
Jack 30 6 3 N/A
Queen 45 8 4 N/A
King 45 8 4 N/A
Ace 60 12 6 N/A
Heart 60 12 6 N/A
Club 75 16 8 N/A
Diamond 75 16 8 N/A
Spade 100 18 10 2
21 (Playing Cards) 120 20 10 2

We’ve got a couple more symbols to be on the lookout for as well.

  • The Scatter Symbol
  • This is represented by a small stack of chips. Get at least three of these symbols anywhere on the board at once and get yourself 5 Free Spins.

  • The Wild Symbol
  • This looks like a golden medallion of some type with the word Blackjack on it. It’ll stand in for any other symbol except for Scatters and Bonus.

  • The Bonus Chest
  • This one here looks like a Treasure Chest. At least 3 of these will initiate a Bonus Round

And the other thing we want to talk about here is something that we’re calling the Losing Multiplier.

As you’re going along, every time you take a loss and don’t win anything, there is a multiplier that will go up by one. This number will keep on growing until you finally hit a win and get your prize multiplied by whatever that number was!

It is possible for this number by itself to reach as high as 16, so eventually, you’re going to make some cash!

21 Wilds – Gameplay Video

Pros & Cons

Great visual and audio
Growing multiplier for winnings
Low number of paylines
Unknown house edge


Final Thoughts

21 Wilds is not the most advanced slot of all time. Those looking for the latest and greatest 3-D story driven flashy-whatevers are not going to have a good time here.

Those that like their slots to be on the Old-School side of life with just a fuzz of updating are going to love it!

The visuals are stunning. The sound isn’t obnoxious. You can get the great time of a Vegas experience on your own terms with no added stress!

BONUS OFFER: 200% + $25 bitcoin Referral Bonus
BONUS OFFER: Perk Points Program
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