CaiShen’s Fortune XL

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There is a God out there, specifically the God of Wealth who happens to go by the name of 財神.

We kid, of course. While 財神 may be his name, those of us out here in the western worlds will be more familiar with the name CaiShen, and there’s a hot new slot being touted as “CaiShen’s Fortune XL” that makes it very clear that CaiShen himself could smile and bestow some cash to you!

While you may be thinking at first that there’s certainly no shortage of Asian themed slot machines out there, you may want to come and check out this hot, new one right here. It used to be around running under the name “CaiShen’s Fortune”, but with a new update we’re now looking at “CaiShen’s Fortune XL” and man, CaiShen himself has come through to let you know that he means business!

Besides, when you’ve got one where the main character is the God of Wealth himself, it’s naturally going to be kind of hard to say “no” to that!

Now, is there anything to separate this from any other slot that looks like it? Let’s just go ahead and find out!


CaiShen’s Gameplay

The slot CaiShen’s Fortune XL is a 3 row, 5 reel slot so it will look pretty average at first, but then you’ll notice that there’s an incredible 243 pay lines! Combine that with the fact that this slot is carrying an RTP of over 97% and you know that someone’s going to be coming into a whole lot of dough!

None of these 243 pay lines are adjustable, meaning that you cannot change them, however unlike many newer slots you do not have to place a bet on each individual lines. Instead, CaiShen keeps it real and you’ll only be betting per spin with bets ranging from $0.25 – $50, making it so that everyone will get to play this one.

  • The Graphics –

As we have already stated, this is ultimately another Asian themed slot of which there’s really no shortage of out there if you look around. However, CaiShen’s Fortune XL is able to carry on this tradition without the borderline racism found in some other Chinese-slots.

The background image of a dedication shrine is that of a static image which means that it doesn’t change. Once you walk into the Fortune that is CaiShens, that’s the image you’ll be looking at throughout your gameplay. There will not be any “did you see that?” moments, no hidden easter eggs to look for.

There is one difference here, and that’s when you come into your free spins, which ol’ CaiShen is very generous with. During the free spins the background image will change and when they’re done you will be returned to the shrine from whence you came.

As for the icons themselves, they are very nice and clean. The artists did a great job in bringing a little taste of China right to you.

  • The Sound –

The sound in this slot is very nice if you’re into this kind of thing. There’s a very soothing, pleasant traditional music being played in the background which blends nicely with the sound of reels spinning and stopping.

It matches the graphics in going along with the “no frills” department.

  • The Spins

While you’re spinning along you’ll notice that you’ve got many, many wins coming your way. That’s because with the amazing 243 Ways to Win, you’ll be hard pressed NOT to come up a winner! You’ll still be looking to match up at least 3 symbols going from left to right, but it doesn’t matter what line(s) they’re on!

Here’s a list of the symbols you’ll be on the lookout for along your journey:

  • 9
  • 10
  • J
  • Q
  • K
  • A
  • Cards
  • Jade Necklace
  • Fish
  • CaiShen
  • Wild (represented by a red with gold Chinese character)
  • Scatter (represented by a gold with red Chinese character)
  • The Wild Symbol

This symbol will substitute for any other symbol on the board except for the scatter symbols.

  • The Scatter Symbol

This symbol will pay when you get at least 3 of them on the field and it doesn’t matter where.

This symbol is also important because getting 3 or more of them also gives you some of CaiShen’s Free Spins!

CaiShen’s Free Spins

Getting yourself some free spins in CaiShen is a great thing – You will end up with a real choice to make here when it’s time!

Just get 3 or more of those Scatter Symbols to come up and you will make a decision before the actual start of the Free Spins round. You will have to decide not only how many Free Spins you would like, but also how much of a Wild Multiplier you would like these spins to have! Your choices will look like this:

  • 10 Spins
  • Wild Multipliers of 10, 15, or 30

  • 13 Spins
  • Wild Multipliers of 8, 10, or 15

  • 15 Spins
  • Wild Multipliers of 5, 8, or 10

  • 20 Spins
  • Wild Multipliers of 3, 5, or 8

  • 25 Spins
  • Wild Multipliers of 2, 3, or 5

While you go through the round of Free Spins, the multiplier will keep changing depending on the amount you chose when the round started.

BONUS OFFER: 200% + $25 bitcoin Referral Bonus
BONUS OFFER: Bad Beat Bonus
BONUS OFFER: Totally Tuesdays (Double Reward Points)

CaiShen’s Fortune XL Gameplay Video

Pros & Cons

All-ways-pays play
Speedy gameplay
Static background gets kind of stale


Is this the best slot in the world? Nah, but it’s still pretty good!

With 243 pay lines and an extremely high volatility, there are a ton of wins to be had over with CaiShen’s Fortune XL and the average player really cannot go wrong with giving it a spin, so to speak.

Upon arriving at your casino of choice and checking out CaiShen’s Fortune XL you will immediately see all that it has to offer. This is definitely a case of being able to judge this book by it’s cover, but that’s not a bad thing at all sometimes.

All in all, we do recommend CaiShens Fortune XL for those that would like to check it out for a bit and would like to see what it is that it’s got to offer!

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