Chillin’ Penguins

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Dive for treasure with the penguins on a tropical getaway.

Need a vacation? So do the cute penguins of Chillin’ Penguins, who decided to have a sand and surf getaway right among their icebergs. These penguins are chillin’, but they’re also getting rich! Join their vacation and relax to the tropical vibes as they dive and surface, sharing the treasures they find under the water with you.

Fun and Lucrative Symbols Just Waiting to Surface

This slot game features 5 reels and 3 rows with 10 paylines. As you chill with the penguins, these features will bring you riches:

  • Stop spin
  • Manually stop the reels in mid-spin.

  • Wild
  • The Rubber Duck symbol can substitute for any other.

  • Freezin’ Penguins
  • If reels 1 and 5 both fill with identical penguin symbols, this feature triggers. These symbols freeze in place while an automatic re-spin happens on the middle three reels.

  • Winnin’ Penguins
  • This is a massive win you can get if every symbol freezes during the above feature.


Chillin’ Penguins – Gameplay Video!

The Water’s Warm!

You can wager a minimum bet size of 0.2 or a maximum bet size of 100 on this slot game. That is less than the 200 maximum available at a lot of other slots on Bovada and associated casinos, but still a pretty wide range.

The game features a simple loading screen with the logo and name of the game, and then you dive right into play. Cheerful tropical music plays, and you find yourself looking down on a scene of penguins chillin’ in the waters by their icebergs. There is warm sand on the icebergs and the penguins themselves have bright, colorful plumage. The other symbols take the form of pool floats shaped like card suits.

This game has a lot of cool features that are different from your typical slot offerings. For starters, you can click “stop” on the reels in mid-spin. When you do, the reels will stop early. This makes play feel more interactive than it would if there were no way to interrupt the spins.

As you spin the reels, there are delightful visual and sound effects. The symbols all submerge with a splash and the sound of bubbles. They then pop back up to the surface, and you get to find out if the penguins have brought you any winnings. If the wild symbol Rubber Duck appears, you hear an adorable little squeak.

Freeze Them Birds!

If the Freezin’ Penguins feature is triggered (see below), the Rubber Duck will be switched out with the paying symbol. You won’t get any further Wilds for the duration of the Freezin’ Penguins round.

If you spin the reels and the first and fifth reels both fill up with identical penguin symbols, you will enter a round of Freezin’ Penguins. Those reels will then freeze in place, and as they do, the others will spin.


If you get additional winning lines, these too will freeze. The re-spins will continue automatically every time there is a winning line.

It is possible during Freezin’ Penguins for every symbol on the screen to freeze with the same identical penguins. If that happens, you have Winnin’ Penguins! The amount you receive equals your stake x the payout for every winning line multiplied by 10.

The maximum win size is 5,000 times the amount that you wager. Also, I did find the RTP, which is 95.76%.

Pros & Cons

Tropical ambiance is playful and fun.
"Stop" button adds another level of interaction.
Winnin’ Penguins can offer incredible payouts!
Low maximum stake size.

Who Says Hard Work Pays Off? Kick Back With the Penguins and Let the Riches Roll In

A lot of slot games blend together, but Chillin’ Penguins makes a standout splash with unique features, interactive gameplay, and fun, vibrant graphics and sounds. You’ll have a blast on your iceberg beach vacation, and if you’re lucky, these penguins will reward you with riches. Who knows? If you win big, you might soon be on your way to a tropical vacation of your own. Ready to begin? Head to one of these casinos now!

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