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Cubee, you weirdo you.

Let’s face it. With most slots you can just jump right on in, pull the lever or push the button and you’re good to go. You’ll figure out how it works. Match 3 or more symbols on a payline and win some change? Got it.

Cubee seems to be here to shake things up a little bit. You may want to check out those rules and instructions, just to be left shaking your head and saying, “wait, what?”. But don’t worry. After you get used to it and figure it all out, you just may have some fun in this time traveling adventure from RealTime Gaming.


This 2018 release is absolutely nothing like anything else out there and that may or may not be a good thing for you, that’s your decision. Let’s take a look at some gameplay so you can decide!


First, there are no playlines. Rather, upon hitting the spin button you will be faced with a “spiral” that will produce 8 colorful, angry, yet playful looking monsters. These monsters are green, yellow, blue, red, and you’ll start to collect your winnings based on how many color matched monsters come out as well as our heroes strength.

Bringing up the strength, this is going to play a big part in the game. Along with the monsters coming out and doing their song and dance are ‘energy balls’. You will need these energy balls to defeat and collect higher powered monsters who are worth more money, tiered as such.

Green – Can always collect
Yellow – Need 1 Energy Ball
Blue – Need 2 Energy Balls
Red – Need 3 Energy Balls

Now that you know how to collect your money, let’s move on to some of the other aspects of the game!

I played Cubee over at Slotocash Casino where you can find our time-traveling hero as well as so, so many other slots! For another, totally different “slot”, check out Gold Rush Gus!

You probably have figured out that you are in fact a time traveler, and our story starts in the Stone Age. In this stage you are going for 2 things.

  • Collect all of the color matched monsters you can, and
  • Collect enough clubs to defeat one particularly large monster and move on to the next period in time

After defeating said large monster, you’ll move on to the “Age Of Piracy” where your friends in waiting have donned pirate hats. Same gameplay with the monsters and energy balls, but this time you’ll be looking for swords to attack the large gate-keeper.

Also changing, you can now spin up some cannons which will fire, giving you one free spin per cannon. Important note, you cannot do anything with this cannon just yet, you’re simply going to collect them. You can keep track of how many you have by a counter in the upper-right hand corner.

Enough swords to take down the beast and it’s on to a new period, the era of the viking! This will play just as the previous eras, except now you’re going to be looking for battle axes to defeat the big monster and move on, and bows to shoot arrows which will each count toward a bonus multiplier. This is like the free spins counter, you can keep track up in the left hand corner.

Defeat the large monster this time and move on? Awesome!

Now you’ll move on to a nice, calm, sunny island known as “Cubeeland” where you can kick back and relax. This is where all of those free spins and multipliers come in! Once you use them all, that’s it and the game restarts, sending you right back into the stone age, back to your cave.

Back to the… Future?

Unfortunately, like a lot of other games put out by RealTime as of late, they are being tight lipped about the RTP of this release. We don’t really like to recommend games that aren’t at least at a 96% RTP, and while we don’t know of this one is, we don’t know that it isn’t either. You can look at this as a “Buyer Beware” situation.

The minimum for this slot is 0.10 cents, the maximum is 0.20 cents. This may not sound very good for the high rollers out there but may be good for the fact that you are forced to keep playing to take advantage of the free spins you have already been awarded, just not “given to you” yet.

There is an auto-spin feature allowing you to set the slot to just go on it’s own for up to 100 spins or until the free spins feature is reached. That’s a really nice feature considering the price of the spins, you can set the game to go nuts without really breaking the bank.

While the visuals are nice at first with the bright colors and sweet monster dancing, the action does get a little stale just as all slots do. That is to say, if you start to play and you’re not digging it within 10 spins, move on to something else, things with Cubee aren’t going to change.

BONUS OFFER: 200% Bonus When Depositing with crypto
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: Daily Promotions


To be completely honest here, there’s not a whole lot to say right here. As you can see from the screenshots, Cubee is a whole other type of game in itself. Those that like the traditional spinning reel slots are going to want to try something else.

Those of you who feel the need to try something a little different may just fall in love with this poor-man’s-Spongebob, and if you happen to be playing on a tablet or a mobile device, Cubee will fit in real nicely.

Again, given the lack of RTP information, we aren’t really going to recommend Cubee, but this author has had fun with him, and if you just need to break up the monotony of a normal slot for a bit, Cubee will definitely have you all covered in that aspect.

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