How To Find The Best High-Roller Online Casinos

Casinos love high rollers. These are the folks who arrive with big bankrolls, and are willing to put significant portions of it at risk.

  • They get their meals comped.
  • They get the rooms comped.
  • They get free tickets to the hottest shows.
  • In short, they get the red-carpet treatment.

High rollers are treated like VIPs because they wager huge sums, tip well, and tend to be repeat customers.

To casino operators, they’re the proverbial golden geese.

Online casinos are just as willing as their brick-and-mortar counterparts to roll out the red carpet to serious, well-heeled gamblers.

In fact, it’s easier to earn VIP status online than off. The perks are different, but if you’re willing to wager large sums on a consistent basis, you may be eligible for a uniquely rewarding online gambling experience.

Below, we’ll explore what it means to be a high roller, along with the advantages of becoming one.

I’ll also show you how to select the best online casinos for high-stakes gambling.

High-Stakes Gambling Defined

Definitions vary depending on who you talk to. Moreover, the prerequisites for being a high roller online are different than those you’ll find in traditional casinos.

When folks speak of high rollers, they often imagine guys like James Bond, willing to put hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk on a single hand.

But this doesn’t only happen in the movies.

There are real-life gamblers who put such eye-watering sums at risk.

Japanese real estate mogul Akio Kashiwagi did it in the 1970s and 1980s (he met an untimely demise – by samurai sword, no less – in 1992).

Mexican businessman Kamel Nacif Borge still does it. So does Hassanal Bolkiah, the current Sultan of Brunei.

These guys reportedly wager – and sometimes lose – up to $1 million dollars a day.

The benchmark for high-stakes gambling ONLINE is much lower.

Online casinos like Bovada are happy to extend VIP treatment if you wager as little as a few hundred dollars a day.

Keep in mind, most online gamblers bet less than $50 a day, and most of THOSE folks bet far, far less. So it’s easy to stand apart from the crowd.

How To Become A High Roller

Online casinos have different criteria regarding what constitutes a high roller. But we can make a few generalizations.

First, a lot of people believe that possessing a large bankroll qualifies them for VIP status.

In reality, it doesn’t.

Having a large bankroll, but refusing to wager large sums, isn’t worth much to casinos.

Second, everything boils down to three basic yardsticks:

  1. the average amount you wager per bet
  2. how much you wager per betting session
  3. how frequently you gamble

Third, it’s possible to be rewarded with VIP status after making a few large bets, but then lose that status if you lower your average wager or gamble less frequently.

For example, placing a few $500 wagers might get the online casino’s attention and earn you instant VIP status.

But don’t expect the VIP treatment to last if you reduce your average wager to $5.

In short, you need to make big bets on a fairly consistent basis to be considered a VIP at most online casinos.

But once you become a VIP, you stand to enjoy a lot of special perks.

5 Advantages To Being A High Roller

High-stakes gambling isn’t for everyone, obviously.

Even if you have a huge bankroll, you may be averse to risk. If that’s the case, you’ll never be comfortable making large bets.

And that’s okay.

The point of gambling online is to have fun, not cause undue stress.

Having said that, if you have a huge bankroll and a high risk tolerance, you may qualify as a high-stakes gambler.

And that’ll make you eligible to receive some (or all) of the following rewards.

#1 – Special VIP Bonuses

All online casinos offer bonuses to players. They extend welcome bonuses to draw people in, and host ongoing promotions to entice them back.

High rollers receive the same perk.

But the bonuses tend to be especially appealing.

For example, casinos might offer a larger-percentage match on initial deposits.

Or they may match deposits up to a higher value. For example, a “normal” player might receive a 100% match up to $1,000 while a high roller might receive a 100% match up to $10,000.

#2 – Access To Special Games
High rollers favor table games. They tend to spend most of their time playing baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, and Pai gow (and poker, of course).

When you enjoy VIP status online, you’re often given access to new games or exclusive versions of existing games.

For example, the casino might intend to release a new game to the public, and give its VIPs early access. VIPs get to play it before everyone else.

The casino might also allow its high-stakes customers to play their favorite games with higher limits. For instance, a conventional gambler might be able to wager up to $300 on a single hand of blackjack while the VIP is allowed to wager up to $2,500 on each hand.

#3 – High Deposit And Withdrawal Limits
Most online casinos impose limits on the amount you can deposit, the amount you can withdraw, and the frequency of your withdrawals.

But they realize that high rollers are a special breed with special needs.

And they’re usually happy to cater to them.

For example, casinos will often raise their deposit and withdrawal limits for high-stakes gamblers.

Or they’ll simply eliminate them.

They’ll also increase the allowed frequency of their VIPs’ withdrawals, or do away with the limit altogether.

#4 – Personal Account Manager
Support is one of the most important aspects to take into account whenever you choose an online casino.

At some point, you’re probably going to need to reach out to a representative. You want to know you’ll get a timely, helpful response.

High rollers never need to worry about this. Their VIP status guarantees responsive support. In most cases, the casino will assign a representative to your account, ensuring personal attention.

That’s not to say there will never be issues. Rather, any issues that arise are sure to be resolved quickly and professionally.

#5 – VIP Treatment

This is an “umbrella” perk that varies by casino and covers an assortment of fringe benefits. Some of these benefits may be useless to you. Others may be valuable.

For example, as a VIP, you may receive invitations to special events, such as tournaments.

I know some VIP’s get invited to an all expenses paid get away with other VIP’s and affiliates.

You might get an opportunity to play for exclusive prizes and bonuses. You may also receive random gifts and merchandise from the casino. Additionally, you might be able to negotiate a cashback arrangement to smooth short-term losses.

In other words, being a high roller carries the advantage of special treatment. This “upgraded” treatment can make for an entirely different – and ultimately more gratifying – gambling experience.

Are Certain Online Casinos Better For High-Stakes Gamblers?

In a word, yes.

Some online casinos are built specifically to cater to high rollers. While these casinos welcome ordinary gamblers, they possess the resources to attract high-stakes players, and motivate them to keep playing.

It’s worth noting that many online casinos offer VIP programs. But if you look closely at the perks offered, you’ll noticed these programs are not truly geared toward high rollers. They’re there to motivate non-serious gamblers to wager more, and more often. But they’re not really designed to accommodate the special needs of high-stakes players.

So, how do you identify casinos that DO cater to high rollers?

Telltale Features Of The Top High-Roller Online Casinos

First, let’s focus on the basics.

Any casino at which you’re planning to spend your limited time and hard-earned money should offer the following:

  • attractive welcome bonuses
  • appealing promotions
  • wide selection of games (including slots)
  • numerous banking options
  • responsive customer support
  • timely payouts
  • no-download, in-browser playing environment

That’s the bare minimum. You should cross off any online casino found to be lacking in any of the above areas.

Now, let’s take a look at the criteria for a legitimate high-roller casino. Here’s what you should see on offer:

  • high deposits limit (or no limit)
  • high withdrawal limit (or no limit)
  • expedited withdrawals
  • personal account manager
  • invitations to special events
  • cashback offer to dampen losses
  • exclusive bonuses
  • special promotions
  • various amenities (gifts, merchandise, etc.)

Note that a bona fide high-roller casino doesn’t necessarily have to offer all of the above perks to be worth your attention. But it should have a majority of them in place.

Most Popular Banking Methods For High-Stakes Gamblers

Serious gamblers prefer two sources of funding above all others: credit cards and bank transfers.

Credit cards are still the most popular banking method at most online casinos.

That’s the case for both ordinary gamblers and high rollers.

Credit cards are secure, flexible, and convenient. And most people possess at least one, if not several.

Having said that, casinos sometimes have difficulty processing deposits using their customers’ credit cards. They’ll usually go to greater lengths, including using multiple payment processors, for their high-stakes customers.

Bank transfers are favored by high rollers because they’re ideal for transferring large sums of money directly from their bank accounts to their casino accounts.

Many casinos place a ceiling on the amount that can be transferred via this method at any one time. Many also impose fees. But high-roller casinos will often raise the limit (or discard it entirely) and eliminate the associated fees for their high-stakes players.

Bitcoin is the honorable mention for high stakes gamblers. You can deposit and withdraw fast and easy.

Once set up with a bitcoin wallet and some purchased bitcoin. Depositing and withdrawing could not be easier.

Best Online Casinos For High Rollers

It’s not easy to find online casinos that meet the basic requirements of trustworthiness and quality while offering the perks a high roller should expect. To be sure, there are many casinos that CLAIM to. But claiming it doesn’t make it so.

With that in mind, here are a few options that continue to thrill their customers, both ordinary gamblers and high-stakes players alike.

Bovada Casino – These guys treat their VIP’s well. The Red Room awaits you with perks, experiences and more as only Bovada can do it. – Get a 200% matching bonus up to $1,000, and a subsequent 100% match up to $4,000.

Cafe Casino – Grab a 500% match up to $5,000. Also, earn Perk Points and enjoy a partial cashback rebate on your losses.

Ignition Casino – Receive a 100% match up to $1,000. Then, earn Ignition Miles that give you access to an escalating set of special loyalty benefits, including cash back on your losses.

Again, high-stakes gambling isn’t for everyone.

If you’re not ready to wager large sums, that’s okay. (I don’t either, it’s small stakes entertainment for me).

You’re not alone. Most people are uncomfortable wagering more than a nominal amount on a single hand, roll of the dice, or spin of the wheel.

And they’re certainly disinclined to do it on a regular basis.

Rest assured that the four casinos above are well-suited to the casual gambler as well as the high-stakes player.

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