Instant Inferno

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The fire and the heat at the Inferno may be Instant but this is a case where you’re going to want that fire to burn!

Players will not have to worry about the fire scorching them as they spin along and wait for those reels to be set aflame while they’re bringing in the big wins.


Instant Inferno is one of the newest, and, (forgive the pun) hottest new slots to arrive hitting up your favorite Online Casinos. Released in early 2021, there are some gorgeous graphics waiting for the player as they’re setting the slots on fire.

One may expect for this slot to bring along some interesting animations with it, being so new and all, but no such luck here. Instead, Instant Inferno brings back memories of old school “7’s and Bar’s” style gameplay with little frill, but some much needed, updated graphics.

The main background is a simple but vibrant red that catches the attention of the player but isn’t too hard on the eyes. Watch long enough and you’ll see that the image isn’t static and there are some flames and hot ashes here and there that add to the aesthetic and the theme of the slot.

The background music is quite pleasing as along as you’re the kind of person that can get into it. It’s a very blues-y rock n roll background with some pinch harmonics from an electric guitar, coming in very “Danzig” sounding.

As for the playing field, we’re looking at some good, “old-fashioned” symbols including, 7’s, cherries, bars, bells, and others that are reminiscent of the slots of yore while still carrying modernism your way.

It’s Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away

Instant Inferno plays out on a 5×3 field with 30 winning lines. Unfortunately, these lines are not adjustable, but the rest of the game certainly makes up for this shortcoming.Winnings are awarded left to right on any valid winning line. Like virtually any other slot around, only the highest paying combination will be paid out on a win.

Symbols and Combos
As we have stated, you’re going to be going old-school style with this one. You’re going to be looking to match 3 or more of each symbol to take a win.

  • Cherry
  • Bell
  • Bar Combo
  • Single Bar
  • Double Bar
  • 7 Combo
  • 7
  • Double 7
  • Triple 7
  • Wild
  • Premium Inferno
  • Instant Inferno

You’ve got the “Wild” symbol there and that will take the place of any symbol except for the Instant Scatter, the Premium Scatter and any Bonus symbols.

As for those scatters, there’s 2 different ones. You’ve got the:

Premium Scatter
This is represented by a flame with “Premium Inferno” emblazoned upon it. This can appear anywhere on the reels. It has its own paytable where the winning amounts are based on your total bet and currency.

Playing for the maximum bet can win your bet multiplied by:

  • Match 3 – 300
  • Match 4 – 3750
  • Match 5 – 750,000

Scatter Symbol
This one is represented by another flame, this time with “Instant Inferno” across it. Once again, this can appear on any reel, in any slot, and has its own paytable.

When playing for the maximum bet you can win your bet multiplied by

  • Match 3 – 1.5
  • Match 4 – 7.5
  • Match 5 – 15
  • Match 6 – 75
  • Match 7 – 150
  • Match 8 – 975
  • Match 9 – 3000

Bonus Symbols
The Bonus Symbol itself takes the form of a flaming cauldron on gold coins.

If this symbol appears anywhere on reels 2,3, and 4, the Pick Me game is triggered, rewarding the player with Free Spins in addition to their bet. See Below for the Mini Game tutorial and rules.


Just as you would expect, you just sit, go for a spin, and hope for the best!

For those that would truly like to sit back and relax there is an auto-play feature for the players. While not very expansive in itself, it does the job it needs to do. All you need to do is choose 10, 25, 59, 100 or infinite spins and go to town!

The pre-set bet amounts are quite nice with the ability to choose between 0.30 cents and 150 dollars making it so that everyone is going to get a chance to play this.

Pick Me Mini Game
Those lucky players that are able to come up with the Pick Me Mini Game will be presented with 20 tiles where the player has toi pick one at a time to reveal their prize. When 3 tiles are uncovered with the same prize, the player is awarded with some free spins and a multiplier. The amount of free spins as well as the amount of the multiplier will vary with each tile uncovered.

It is possible to keep re-triggering free spins with the same number of free spins and the same multiplier with this round ending either when the player has no remaining spins or when they reach 50 which is the maximum that can be won.

Instant Inferno Slot Gameplay

The only downside we’re seeing to this slot is a rather low RTP of 96%, yet this didn’t stop us at all from having fun while playing for this review. This will be one of the few times we say to go and give the game a try anyway to see if you have as much fun as we did.

Pros & Cons

Beautiful graphics
Pleasing sounds
RTP of 96%

BONUS OFFER: 200% + $25 bitcoin Referral Bonus
BONUS OFFER: Perk Points Program
BONUS OFFER: Bad Beat Bonus

Instant Inferno is not for everyone. If you’re looking for the greatest, newest, story driven slots, you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

If you are a casual player moving toward those that enjoy the “simpler” slots will probably have a grand old time around here.

From the great sounds to the beautiful graphics and the insanely wide freedom to choose how much to bet, most people are going to have a great time with this slot and have no problem risking the fire burning them while going for the prizes that this game has to offer!

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