Magic Mushroom

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BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins

There was a time, mostly in the 1960’s and 70’s, that the term “Magic Mushroom” meant something entirely different. Now, this means the possibility of big spins and bigger riches with the help of this fungal pizza topping, along with some fairies to come along and help out as well!

This brand new slot from Rival Slots may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the fantasy lovers out there that are looking for something simple, it just may be their new bag! Let’s talk about it a little further!


Magic Mushroom is a 3-reel slot released in late 2019. However, it doesn’t really look it. Those of you that like the “older” basic slots that just spin with not a lot of flashes and frills but some nice, calming graphics and sounds will probably love the ‘shroom. Those players that are looking for the flashing lights with loud sounds and features out the wazoo may want to look elsewhere.

The Game Play

As stated, Magic Mushroom is a simple 3-reel slot. There are a total of 10 symbols that will come out as one takes their spins. There are 5 fairies, which all look alike with the exception of the color of their mushroom hat with matching eyes.

Beyond the fairies, there is also a book wrapped in a leaf, a candle, a spool of golden thread, a ukulele, and of course, the Magic Mushroom itself.

The Magic Mushroom will count as a wild symbol and can take over the spot of any other symbol on the play field.

As with almost any other slot of this style, all of the wins are going to come from matching 3 of a kind symbols going from left to right. There are 27 nonadjustable ways to win as well as the possibility of triggering a re-spin feature. The pay table is as follows:

  • Blue Fairy – 200
  • Orange Fairy – 80
  • Purple Fairy – 30
  • Red Fairy – 20
  • Green Fairy – 20
  • Candle – 12
  • Book – 12
  • Ukulele – 8
  • Thread – 8
  • Mushroom – Wild

With the lack of special features, the speed of the game is fairly quick, although there are 2 speed settings for those that do not believe the game is going quickly enough for their taste.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys hitting the auto-play button and just letting the slot go and do it’s own thing, you’re in luck! There is an auto-play feature allowing you to just let the machine go for anywhere from 5-100 spins at a time, and you can also just choose to let it go
“infinitely” until the re-spin feature is reached.

As far as the money required for each of these spins, the player can choose to play as little as 20 cents per spin and as much as 20 dollars per spin making this slot within the reach of any slot jockeys out there!

You can not change the paylines in this slot, there will always be 27 paylines. This does make it so that a little less math-in-the-head needs to be done on the players part.

As far as the graphics of this slot and the layout of the play field, everything is nicely laid out in front of the player in the form of a great big “Spin Button” right in front of the field. Once the player has decided just how much they would like to play per spin, the rest of any guesswork is taken completely out.

BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins

Magical Re-spins

Again, there really isn’t a lot of features to be looking for over here. There is however, a re-spin feature that can be kicked off when the mushroom symbol stacks up 3 times in the middle slot.

When this re-spin happens, the mushrooms that are on the middle reel will lock into place and stay there while reels one and three then spin again.

At this time, reel one and reel three will re-spin with blank symbol and one randomly generated symbol. That is it. You get the one and then you’re on your own to earn some more!

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