Reels of Fortune

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We’ve got an exciting one for you today, coming at you with “Reels of Fortune“!

Okay, maybe only a little exciting, we’ll get to that part!

Here with “Reels of Fortune” we’ve got an old-school-style slot with 3 reels, 3 rows, and only 1 pay line. While that may not be full of excitement for some folks, some of you out there will love this for the retro feel of this particular machine.

What does make this exciting is the fact that this particular slot is currently part of the “Hot Drops Jackpots” over at Bovada, Cafe Casino and the rest of their family!

What are the Hot Drops Jackpots? Well just take a look at this article right here where it all gets put out there. If you just absolutely do not want to read that article, that’s okay. You’ll just have to take our word for it when we say that all kinds of dough are waiting to be won over here!


The Reels of Gameplay

As we said right off the bat, Reels of Fortune is a throwback to the slots of yore which is going to be a great thing for players that miss simplicity with their gambling.

This will be playing with 3 rows, and 3 reels, and you’ve got one pay line to get those symbols lined up just right.

The cost per spin with Reels of Fortune starts off at 0.20 per spin and the player can choose various amounts of up to $100 per spin making this one that’s just right for not only the high rollers out there but also those that are starting off with smaller bankrolls.

As for the symbols themselves, they’ll harken back to the stone age as well with Bars, 7’s, Cherries, and Diamonds. While these symbols are coming out you’ll want them all to line up on the one pay line, right in the center. You will not win if a symbol is slightly “off”, it’s gotta be just right! You will almost always need 3 of each with a couple of exceptions.

This is what the symbols all payout:

Symbol Prize
Wild Symbol (Blue Diamond) Match 3 = Your Bet x500
7 Match 3 = Your Bet x50
Purple “Triple” Bar Match 3 = Your Bet x20
Blue “Double” Bar Match 3 = Your Bet x10
Green “Single” Bar Match 3 = Your Bet x5
Cherries Match 3 = Your Bet x3

Now, we had said that there were a couple of exceptions to the “Match 3 Symbols” rule and here they are:

  • The Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol will not only substitute for any other symbol, as it should, but you will also be grabbing yourself a prize of your bet x5 if you are able to line up 2 of these symbols.
As for those times when you pull a win using this symbol, it will also act as a Multiplier to your winnings!

  • Cherries

Who doesn’t love a good cherry, (pretty please with a cherry on top)? Getting 2 cherries will pay out your bet x1.

Reels of Fortune Bonus Features

And we’ve got one more symbol here for you to be on the lookout for, the Bonus Wheel!

The Bonus Symbol is represented by a big golden wheel that will randomly come out. It’s also got the word “Bonus” emblazoned on it so you really cannot miss that bad boy!

Get one of those to come out on your reel and you’ll be taken to a rather large prize wheel that you’ll give a separate spin to. This wheel has 24 different multipliers on it and after you’ve given it a whirl, you will be winning a prize no matter what!

Lastly, we cannot stress it enough, we just want to make sure that you don’t forget, Reels of Fortune is part of the Hot Drops Jackpots that are constantly going on at select Online Casinos!

Reels of Fortune Gameplay Video

Reels of Visuals and Sounds

Honestly, there’s just not a ton of stuff to talk about here.

Visually, Reels of Fortune is a beautiful game. While it is staying to the gameplay of older, outdated slots, the graphics are anything but!

The symbols and the artwork are crisp and clean, very well done and everything’s nice and bright. Those players that choose to hit the “spin” button very quickly will no doubt still appreciate the bright colors and the excitement that they’ll feel just by glancing and seeing particular colors come out on the reels.

As far as the sounds go, the player should feel nice and relaxed as the sounds of some sweet, lounge music style jazz are pumped through your speakers or your headphones.

The sounds of the reels spinning and stopping as one is playing away are there, however, they’re not obtrusive and fit into the background quite nicely.


Pros & Cons

A classic style for the players that are searching that theme out.
No "Free Spins" to be had.

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If one is looking for the latest and greatest in slot machine technology, they’re going to want to look elsewhere, it’s just not here. This does not however make it a bad slot by any means!

Here you’re just going for the old-school bars and cherries and spinning away for that big win and that’s a real plus for some people! This is one where the player is just “keeping it real” and spinning away looking for those big wins.

If a player would like to take all of the things we have said into consideration and combine them with the fact that this is part of the Hot Drops Jackpots they would see that this is a winner right here, no pun intended!

The lack of a known RTP is a turn-off for us, but there are still worse ways to spend your time while taking a chance to win some cash!

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