Video Poker Variants and Playing Tips

Video Poker Variants and Playing Tips

The main attraction for players who opt to play at online casinos using Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt gaming platforms is that there are huge varieties of different casino games on offer, and if it is the game of Video Poker you are looking to play online then these three casino game designers have plenty of different variants on offer.

The one aspect of choosing to play Video Poker as opposed to any other casino game is that these games offer very high payout percentages, way higher than are attached to any other type of casino games, and as such over the long term you are going to get the maximum winning opportunities and much longer playing sessions when choosing to play Video Poker games online. Learn how to choose your online casino game here.

Below we have listed several of the different types of Video Poker games which you are going to be able to access and play online at casino sites using the three gaming platforms we mentioned earlier, do have a look through this guide for it will also highlight the very best variants on offer and those games are the ones which have the highest payout percentages attached to them due to the way the pay table has been designed.

Single Hand Variants – The most popular types of Video Poker games are those that give players just one single hand to play per game played, when playing at a Microgaming powered site the All Aces variant is the highest paying one which boasts a huge payout percentage of 99.92%.

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If you are logged into an online casino that utilizes Playtech’s suite of games then the Jacks or Better Video Poker game is the best paying variant they offer, and when played perfectly the game returns a payout percentage over the long term of 99.54%.

The Jacks or Better variant found at NetEnt software powered casinos is the best paying Jacks or Better game we have found available anywhere online as it boasts a slightly higher payout percentage than the industry standard variant and as such you will find its RTP is 99.56%

Multi Hand Variants – You will find many Video Poker games can be played as multi hand games and as such you will find you can put into play up to 100 hands per game played when selecting these types of games to play.

Be aware though that there are often some major differences in regards to the pay tables attached to multi hand variants, for example when you play at NetEnt powered casino sites the three hand variants of Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and the All American games have lower payouts attached to certain hands on the pay table when compared to their singe hand games which makes those games poorer paying games than the single hand variants!

Level Up Poker – If you are looking for some huge winning payouts when playing Video Poker games online but are put off playing the progressive jackpot paying variants due to the fixed coin values, then Microgaming have launched a range of their own unique Level Up Poker games which you may find intriguing!

These games are multi stage Video Poker games, and when playing them you are forced to put into place four wagers per single hand you play, in exchange for those four wagers you can then benefit from playing a multi stage game per single game you put into play.

You will play one initial hand when playing Level Up Poker and if that hand wins then you are awarded with the winning payout and are then dealt out a second hand, if you form any winning hand combination on this second stage of the game the winning payout is doubled in value thanks to x2 multipliers and then you get to take part in a third stage of the game on which x4 multipliers are attached to any winning combination you form.

Should you get dealt a third winning hand then the final stage of the game is going to see any winning hand combination formed being worth x8 its pay table listed payout amount. The downside to playing these types of games is that if any hand loses then you lose the additional wager or wagers you placed at the start of the game to cover all four possible stages of the game!

Progressive Video Poker – Many casinos will have one or possibly two progressive Video Poker games on offer, and you do need to be aware of the many different aspects of playing these types of games for whilst you may be instantly attracted to the huge winning potential offered on these games due to the ever rising progressive jackpot, they can often be poor valued games to play.

Take Microgaming’s Jackpot Deuces and their SupaJax game, these two games offer a progressive jackpot when you get dealt out a certain hand combination, in the case of the Jackpot Deuces variant this is the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds, and when playing the SupaJax variant you need to get dealt out the SupaJax card along with all four Jacks to win the progressive jackpot.

However, when playing both of these progressive games you can only in the jackpot when playing with maximum coin bets in place and due to the coin values being locked and fixed at 1.00 that may often prove to be too expensive for most players.

Playing Video Poker Games Optimally

Unlike most other casino games when you play Video Poker there are just three things you need to do to guarantee you get the best winning chances, the first is to always play the maximum number of coins allowed per hand dealt, and this will open up the best set of payouts attached to the pay table which are always reserved for maximum bet players.

The second thing you should do is only play the variants which come with the highest payout percentages, and finally turn on the Auto Hold playing feature, this is going to be found in the option settings menu attached to the game you are playing, and this option holds for you automatically the best cards in the initial stage of the game, ensuring you never hold the wrong cards!

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