7 Reasons to Gamble With Crypto in 2021

A few years ago, if you wanted to gamble at online casinos with bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, there was a fairly limited selection of websites that would accept crypto transfers. But nowadays, that has changed. Cryptocurrencies have exploded. They have garnered a lot of mainstream interest that is likely only to continue to grow over the years ahead.

That is why quite a few more websites now support cryptocurrencies, including online casinos!

In fact, most of our recommended casino sites now accept crypto, including:

But with the many positive changes that have come along, there is at least one change which a lot of crypto users may find frustrating—and that is a loss in anonymity.

Early crypto businesses sometimes allowed customers to keep their personal details entirely to themselves, never sharing their real names or information with the companies.

But in today’s world, most companies that accept crypto want to protect themselves and stay in the good graces of regulators.

They also want to protect their customers. And sometimes, having customers verify their identities helps make that possible.

As a result, it no longer makes sense to gamble online with cryptocurrencies in order to play entirely anonymously. You will have to go through standard Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to verify your identity before you can cash out, even if you are using crypto.

So, what reasons are there to gamble with cryptocurrencies online in 2021? Let’s go over a few.

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  1. Crypto is a fast, affordable, secure way to transfer your gambling funds

  2. Sure they’re not physical, but they sure would have been nice to look at!

While you may no longer be able to gamble with total anonymity with cryptocurrencies, you can still gamble securely with them.

The blockchain is secure, and the decentralized nature of crypto networks helps keep them secure as well. So, transactions are safe.

Moreover, you can transfer money in minutes using bitcoin and other cryptos. So, that means that you can deposit and withdraw your money rapidly.

Note that you do need to add processing time for withdrawals, so they may take longer. But generally, they are still pretty fast.

For example, Cafe Casino states that for bitcoin withdrawals, you can usually expect to receive your funds within 24 hours of posting your request.

This is much faster than withdrawing through a lot of traditional methods.

Casinos often also do not charge fees for crypto deposits and withdrawals. If you do pay a fee, it will most likely be to your wallet provider. Generally speaking, it will probably be under $1.

Contrast that with the significant fees that many online casinos charge for other types of withdrawals.

For all of those reasons, cryptocurrencies remain a convenient option for funding your gambling accounts online.

  1. You still can qualify for some of the biggest bonuses with crypto deposits

Another reason it still pays to gamble with cryptocurrencies in 2021 is because many casinos still make their most competitive bonuses and promotions available exclusively to crypto customers. Just some other reasons:

  • Larger welcome bonuses may be offered on initial crypto deposits than regular deposits.
  • You might also qualify for larger reload bonuses when you deposit using crypto.
  • You might score an extra bonus by referring a crypto customer, receiving more than you would for referring a regular customer.
  • Other types of promos that a site offers may also be more lucrative for crypto gamblers.

So, if your goal is to maximize your rewards when you are gambling online, you definitely are going to want to do at least some of your gambling using cryptocurrencies.

  1. You can play Provably Fair games

  2. One of the more popular provably fair games around, “Mines”.

Bitcoin casinos sometimes offer a cool feature called “Provably Fair” that you will not find at non-crypto casinos.

Using this special tool, you can test whether a game is producing mathematically fair results.

If you are someone who worries that casinos may sometimes be cheating their customers, you will enjoy the extra peace of mind that you get from playing Provably Fair games.

For some more information on Provably Fair games, take a look at this.

  1. More online casinos than ever are accepting BTC

Were you interested in gambling with bitcoin in the past, but frustrated that most online casinos you were familiar with did not support cryptocurrencies?

If that was the case, this is the perfect time to revisit the idea. Many casinos that were not accepting crypto before are doing so now, likely including some that you have heard of.

In fact, it is faster and easier than ever to choose a crypto casino to play with. There are now so many solid, reputable options that you can spend far less time researching before you jump in.

  1. Transfer more money at a time

Previously, we mentioned how quick, affordable and secure it is to transfer crypto to or from your online casino account.

But one thing we did not yet get around to discussing is the added flexibility with respect to transfer sizes.

If you are a high roller and you want to make a hefty deposit into your account, you can do so successfully using BTC or another crypto.

Likewise, if you just won an impressive jackpot and want to make a major withdrawal, you should be able to transfer a large sum of money out of your online casino account in one fell swoop with crypto.

If you were to rely on a different transfer method, you might have to break up that single large transaction into several smaller ones to get the money out of your account.

Having to fragment your transactions in that way leads to several disadvantages:

  • You have to go through the additional legwork of setting up multiple withdrawals
  • You have to wait longer for each one to process and transfer
  • You may need to pay extra fees

But when you can make the full withdrawal from your account with a single BTC transaction, you get these benefits:

  • You only need to schedule one withdrawal
  • After the withdrawal finishes processing and the funds are deposited in your wallet, you have all of your money. You do not have to wait through more transfer times to get the rest
  • You can keep your fees to a minimum

In short, you have more control over your money when you gamble with crypto. That is the ultimate advantage of all that increased flexibility.

  1. The volatility of cryptos is still a thrill

No matter which cryptos you follow, the highs and lows and risks are all going to be part of the experience!

All you have to do is look up news on crypto on any given day, and you will no doubt find some astonishing headlines about prices spiking or plunging.

Crypto has been volatile for years, and it continues to whipsaw all over the place. People gain and lose massive fortunes overnight.

If you were simply trying to make a steady investment, that would not be a benefit. But if you want to gamble, you can think of holding crypto as doubling your fun.

Your money might be sitting around in your casino account while you are at work or doing something else, but it isn’t just sitting there.

It may be losing or gaining value, sometimes at an incredible rate.

In fact, sometimes the jackpot you end up winning might have nothing to do with pushing the “spin” button.

It could just result from holding crypto at the right time in your wallet or your online casino account.

  1. You are helping to decentralize the economy

Finally, one more reason why crypto gambling remains awesome in 2021 is that just by participating, you are playing a part in the decentralization of our global economy.

We are at a time when decentralization is more important than ever. Far too much power rests in the hands of far too few. It isn’t just in the casino that the house always wins.

But it does not have to be that way. And by holding cryptocurrencies and using them, you are being a part of the solution.

Start Gambling at Crypto Casinos Now

We are living in rapidly changing times, and the huge growth in cryptocurrencies over the past few years is a part of that.

In 2021, there are more opportunities than ever to play online casino games with bitcoin and other cryptos.

Even though you cannot gamble with full anonymity due to KYC policies, cryptocurrencies still give you the chance to enjoy rapid, easy, affordable and secure transactions.

You can make huge deposits and withdrawals at the drop of a hat, and you can cash in on amazing bonus and promotional offers that are not available to everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? To get started now, take a look at our recommended bitcoin casinos.

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