Arcade Fortunes

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The 80’s are totally back

With Arcade Fortunes, The era is back and coming in strong in this big-haired, neon colored spandex wearing slot from Arrow’s Edge. If you even remotely miss the good ol’ Reaganomics years of eating McDLT’s and wondering who shot JR, grab your fattest skateboard and let’s go to the mall.


How to play

First you start off by choosing one of the two mallrats available. Katie is a total valley girl dressed in her best 80’s Madonna outfit, complete with stuffed shoulder-pads. The other, Jason, is looking as good as a background extra from “Back to the Future” he’s also there to help you score big points along the way.

Okay. They both just kind of stare at you and don’t do much, but you’ll have to pick one anyway. After making your decision, it’s spin time!

With this 18 playline, 5-reel video slot you’ve got all of the usual suspects. You’ve got the 10, J Q, K and Ace. Along with the fun 80’s vibe going on there are also a few more things thrown into the mix. You’ve also got a soda, a skateboard, a Walkman, some arcade tokens, our above mentioned heroes, and lastly, some sticky bubble gum.

The sticky bubble gum is where the fun really comes in. It will splatter itself onto up to 3 other symbols, turning them “Wild” and then 3 free bonus spins start up, keeping your wilds in play until they are done.

Get 2 ‘Katies’ on a playline for 5x your wager, and 2 ‘Jasons’ for 10x the amount. Get more of them on a playline to really boost your winnings. 5 Jasons on a single line get you 2,000x the bet for the possible return of 360,000 credits.

All other symbols need at least 3 to win.

Bonus Games

The ‘Arcade Cabinet’ symbol will pop up now and then. This is your “Bonus” game symbol. 3 of these in any spots get you to one of the 2 bonus games that you get to pick. You’ll get your choice of Skee Ball or Space Invaders. Either blow up the aliens or roll the ball up the ramp for even more bonus.

With the Space Invaders mini game, simply move the joystick back and forth, left and right and shoot the aliens right out of the sky. That’ll teach them to come visit.

With Skee Ball, just move the ball the the desired position on the ramp and let ‘er rip!

Psst. Nobody’s looking. Run up there and place it in the middle!

Double Your Win (and then some!)

After any win you can always risk it all and go “Double or Nothing” in this claw machine game. Just set the claw free and go! Pick up any random toy in the pile of the machine and instantly double your prize! You can keep doing this for as long as you like, stopping and collecting your winnings, or until missing your catch, leaving you without any money for that round.

As long as Lady Luck is still standing beside you, you are able to add to your winnings in this way up to $25,000.

Progressive Jackpots

Along with everything else mentioned here, there is one more thing to be on the lookout for in Arcade Fortunes. That is, the progressive jackpots!

Yes, 2 of them.

There is the main, super good looking jackpot that we all want, the monster jackpot. Then, while not as large and handsome, we still have the sexy, “Mystery Jackpot”. This writer has no idea how to unlock that one. “They” wouldn’t tell me.

Good luck!

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