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There are times when you may have heard the howl of the wolf making the hair in the back of your neck stand up and you become aware of all the things that may come with it, all of the unseen. There are mysteries, there is madness, there are mystical things that just cannot be explained by mere men.

If this sounds like something that you won’t let get to you and you have the courage to delve into the unexplained, Mythical Wolf may be just for you.

Along with your canine sidekick you will be able to join the pack yourself and stalk the deep, dark woods, looking for treasure and various prey.


Open your mind and take in all of the sights and sounds. You’ll see the moon, magic feathers, mystical coins, diamonds shining in the moonlight, lunar dice spinning in the cool air. If the wolves and their patron moon favor you, you may just hit some amazing combinations of these symbols and come into some riches!

There’s really only one way to do it – just jump right into the mystery of the woods and let your animal instincts take over for a while!

The Howl of the Riches

Mythical Wolf is a 5 reel slot available over at Bovada and a few other select casinos, freshly updated with some new, slick graphics for you.

It’s played with 50 adjustable paylines meaning that you can change them and play with as little as 1 line per spin if you really wanted to. You are also able to change the amount of coins spent per bet along with the amount each coin is worth giving you the opportunity to play anywhere from 0.01 per spin to $125 per spin making this enticing to pretty much all of the players including those with smaller bankrolls.

Like most slots, this plays from left to right with an exception, the Scatter Symbol which will play on any line, (more on that in a bit).

While you can play Mythic Wolf at a few casinos, we recommend Bovada where you can get yourself up to an amazing $3,750 in Bonus Dough when you sign up!

Lycanthropy Features

Like any slot machine on the planet, you’ll be looking to match up some symbols to win yourself some fuzzy, sharp toothed cash. Let’s take a look at what it is you’re going for here!

Symbol Match 3 Match 4 Match 5
9 5 10 50
10 5 10 50
Jack 7 15 80
Queen 7 15 80
King 10 50 100
Ace 12 65 200
Dream Catcher 15 80 300
Full Moon 20 100 350
Howling Wolf 25 100 500
“Head down” Wolf 25 100 500
Diamond 50 500 5000

Now, we’ve still got some more stuff to be on the lookout for here. First off, we’ve got the diamond symbol that we’ve alreay mentioned, but you’ll actually win a prize if you only match up 2 of them on a winning payline. Match 2 of them and you’ll still win your bet x5.

Also floating around are some more symbols that are sure to put some money into your pocket.

The Wild Symbol

This is another picture of a strong, lone wolf but will stand for any other symbols except for a scatter symbols. This will also have a 5x or a 10x on it and will multiply your bet 5x during the base game and 10x during the Super Rounds.

The Super Round Symbol

This is represented by feathers, 2 of them to be exact. Getting three or more of these anywhere on the play field will start the Super Round!

Get three of these on the play field and you will unlock 7 Free Spins. Getting 4 of them in one spin will unlock 15 Free Spins and coming up with 5 of them in one spin will unlock an incredible 50 Free Spins.

But that’s still not all!

The Lunar Round

The Lunar Round can be triggered during the Super Round. During the Super Round you will have the possibility of 3 dice Lunar Dice coming out. At this time the game will automatically switch from the Super Round to the Lunar Round and you will be looking to match “lunar phase” symbols with dice for even more winnings.

What exactly does the above mean? Couldn’t tell you. During our playthrough it didn’t happen. Perhaps you’ll have more luck than us!

Wolf Win

And then lastly, there’s the Wolf Win. The big bad wolf himself will show up to help you win some more cash. This can happen at any time but is more likely to come out during Super Rounds and pay out even more!

Mythic Wolf Gameplay

Howling Updates

You may or may not already know this, but Mythic Wolf has actually been around for a while. However, this slot has been updated by the fine makers over at BetSoft.

Th graphics have a nice, fresh update to them and the game as a whole doesn’t look as old and tired as it did. Rather, the icons are nice and clear and whole playing over at Bovada no “lag” was noticed during our playthrough.

The audio however may still need some work, or it may suit your needs just fine. We discovered that the sound as a whole wasn’t bad, but if you were to play the game using the “auto-spin” feature, the sound would quit after about a minute and a half making this not be a “set it and forget it” game. You see, while playing, you may want to set the auto-spin so to make it easier to multi-task, however, you may still want to listen to the game to ensure that A) it’s still going, and B) pay attention and listen up for when those bonus rounds coming around.

So, as far as audio goes, that may or may not bug you, that’s a decision that you have to make there!

As for the actual gameplay sounds, the sound is nice. The spins are unobtrusive, the stopping of the reels is nice and quiet, and every once in a while the wolf himself will come out to give you his approval in the way of some barks and growls that don’t kill the mood of the game.

Pros & Cons

Many special symbols keep paying you
Updated graphics quite pleasant
Available to all players


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If we have one true gripe, it’s the one “con” we have in our list of pros and cons up there, and it’s the fact that Mythic Wolf has a very low RTP which is only 94.7%. This is one that we usually wouldn’t recommend just because of that, but there’s another reality that we can look at here:

You can play for as low as a penny per spin.

That’s pretty sweet. That’s putting it in the range not only for those that aren’t really big ballers like some of the people out there, but it’s also in the range of those that want to say, “that’s a really low RTP, but at a penny, why not go for it?”

Eventually, there’s going to be a big winner. There’s no reason that it can’t be you!

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