The Best Places to Play Online Slots in the US

You are probably already well aware of this, but there’s something downright irresistible about playing Online Slot Games.

For many of the players, the possibility of hitting a jackpot is way too tempting to ignore. It’s like the lottery but with a much greater chance of actually winning! In fact, there’s a good chance you know someone that has done it before, be it a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker… really anyone, and they managed to strike gold!

With the chances of winning so much better than winning anything in the lottery, you should know that if it happened to someone you know, it can still happen to you as well!

It’s so easy to play slots for money now with the option to just stay home and play!

With all of that in mind, you may be wondering where you should go to play Online Slots. Today we’re going to discuss our favorites and go into some detail about each of them. Then we’ll give you some tips on the one-armed bandits themselves and make sure that you’re ready to get the most out of your slot-playing experience.

  1. Bovada Casino

If you are a returning reader it won’t come as much of a surprise to see Bovada come in at the top of this list. They’re by far one of our favorite places to visit when it comes to slot games. There are many reasons for this which are covered here in this Bovada Casino review.

Bovada is really tough to beat. They offer up more than 100 slot games including the ever-popular:

Just click on any of those if you would like to see the reviews of said machines!

No matter the theme you enjoy when you’re playing slots, you’re sure to find it over at Bovada! Whether you prefer to play straight slots over progressives, or 3 wheels, over 5 wheels, 3 pay lines versus 243, you’ll find them at Bovada!

For those that prefer more modern, flashy slots, there’s also the opportunity to play dozens of 3D slots that come alive with some of the greatest graphics and a host of special features.

The “Slot selection” screen the way you would see it at Bovada

The people that are on the cost-conscious side of things will be pleased to know that you can find some slots at Bovada that cost 1 penny per spin. Want to really boost your winnings and walk away with the big prize? There are games that cost as much as $25,000 per spin making Bovada a great place for not only the big ballers but the smaller guys as well!

In addition to the New Player Bonus of up to $3,750, there’s also a fantastic Loyalty Rewards Program where you’ll earn points just for playing your favorite slots which can then be redeemed for cash!


If there’s any one casino that’s going to really rival Bovada in slot games, it’s does have a shorter track record than Bovada since they just got into the world of Online Gambling in 2013, but they aggressively made up for the lost time. Check out this review if you want to get into the fine details.

Here you’ll find more than 120 slots and no matter which you pick, it can be played directly through your browser, nothing will require you to download anything.

As of the time of this writing, says that these are their most popular games:

  • Ming Legend
  • Mythic Wolf
  • Golden Buffalo
  • Ten Times Wins
  • 777 Deluxe

Here’s the welcome splash page at You’ll see right away that they’re offering you $5k for joining!

Register your account and will give you a Match Bonus of up to $5,000. They’ve also got their own Loyalty Rewards Program where you earn points just for playing which can then be redeemed for some cash.

If you do decide to head over and start playing at, make sure that you also take a look at their “Hot Drops Jackpots” feature in which there will be a Jackpot dropping not only every week, but also every day and every hour!

The site has a completely different look and vibe than Bovada. It’s slightly kitschy whereas Bovada is more on the conservative side. This playful, brazen approach really adds to the experience!

  1. Sloto Cash

Sloto Cash has been around since 2007, so you’re looking at a site that’s been offering great service and honest play for a solid 15 years now and you probably know that that’s like forever in Internet years!

Thousands of slots fans rave about them for a variety of reasons.

First off, they welcome players from the US. That alone is going to put them toward the top of the pile!

Secondly, there are some great bonuses you can take advantage of such as the $7,777 Welcome Bonus that happens to also come along with 300 Free Spins on top!

Third, but not lastly, they are one of the leading sites in Online Slot Tournaments.

A shot of the new Meerkat Misfits being played over at SlotoCash.

As a full-service online casino, Sloto Cash also hosts a huge menu of table games, specialty games, and other gambling romps. You can spend all day at their site and not get bored and want for more!

As this is being written, Sloto Cash has 141 different slots for you to choose from. That’s a ton of slots there but if you know the name of the slot you would like to play already, you can sort by name up or name down. If you just want to go and try to win one of those great big progressive jackpots, you can sort by those as well.

Right now, the 5 biggest jackpots include:

  • Aztec’s Millions – $1,069,205
  • Megasaur – $1,066,607
  • Shopping Spree II – $579,888
  • Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold – $493,096
  • Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe – $493,096

Like Bovada, Sloto Cash allows you to earn Comp Points based on your activity on the site. You will be able to convert every 100 points into $1 CASH! For those that don’t really care about that, you can also choose to convert them into free spins and take another shot at winning a jackpot. It’s your choice!

  1. Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino And Poker Room is fun!

They’re owned by the same team that owns Bovada, so while you may find some similarities between the two, they’re still different enough that they both merit their own spot on this list.

Over at Ignition, you will find one of the better online casinos that don’t offer a sportsbook, they’re all about the casino play.

Not only will you find hundreds of slots, but also all of the table games that you would expect, specialty games, blackjack, and one of the greatest poker rooms that are out right now.

As for promotions, to be honest there just isn’t that many to pick from, but the ones that are there are amazing!

How about a $3,000 Welcome Bonus if you’re using crypto? If you’re not using crypto you can still get a $2,000 Bonus.

US players are welcome and to our knowledge, no states are excluded from playing.

Heaven forbid you ever need to talk to someone in customer service, but if a problem were to arise and you found yourself needing someone to talk to, Ignition has 24-hour support to make sure that things are always going smoothly.

A shot from Ignition. Check out that jackpot that’s gonna drop in 12 minutes!

As of now, the Top 5 Slots at Ignition in the popularity category are:

  • Fast and Sexy
  • A Night With Cleo
  • Reels and Wheels XL
  • 777 Deluxe
  • Golden Buffalo

On the off chance that you decide you’re not quite done but you just need a break from the slots, you’ll also find some table games and some arcade games that you’re just not going to find anywhere else!

  1. GT Bets

While GT Bets absolutely deserves to be on this list, there is going to be good news and bad news as far as they’re involved.

Let’s go with the good first, the reasons they are great for the US Players!

GT Bets is also known as Game Time Bets as well as just GT. Make no mistake, GT Bets is a sportsbook first and foremost, a fact that they don’t try to hide from anyone. However, their casino is nothing to sneeze at all!

Perusing through their slots selection you’ll see that over 200 slots are available for you to not only play, but they’ll also let you play any of these for free (play money) without even registering let alone making a deposit! That’s a really nice feature making it so that you’re able to test drive any slot to see if you even like it before giving them any of your hard-earned money!

Most of these slots are powered by BetSoft and GT Bets is another one of those places where you’re going to find many games that you just aren’t going to find anywhere else!

It’s also nice to know that with that many slots at your disposal, there are a bajillion different ways from drop-down menus to sort through them for you to easily find the type that suits you.

Over at GT Bets you’ll find a whole mess of slots that you aren’t going to find anywhere else!

Now for the bad news.

While players from the states, in general, are welcome, GT Bets does have a pretty long list of states that are not allowed to play there. Seriously, it’s half the country. You can thank your local lawmakers for that one, keeping you safe from spending your money the way you want.

The following states are unfortunately excluded from playing at GT Bets:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

That in itself kind of sucks. Wait, no kind of. It sucks rocks, big time but there’s nothing we nor GT Bets can really do about it.

  1. CasinoMAX

Moving on from the horrible news that is GT Bets, CasinoMAX is a fantastic option not only for the people that live in one of the states excluded from GT Bets, but for everyone else as well! To our knowledge everyone is welcome to do some gaming over at CasinoMAX!

CasinoMAX really lives up to it’s name by giving the player the max bang for their buck! If you’re the kind of player that loves to get a bonus with their money to chase down those jackpots, CasinoMAX has really got your back! At any given time gamblers are able to choose any of these slot-specific bonuses to really max out their bankroll:

  • A Welcome Bonus of up to $3,750
  • A 100% Slots Bonus that can be used monthly
  • An 80% Weekly Slots Bonus
  • A 75-85% Slots Bonus
  • A 70% Slots Bonus
  • A 65% Bonus that also comes with 50 Extra Spins
  • 150 Monthly Spins

So as you can see, CasinoMAX wants to help you out by making sure that the slots players are kept fat and happy!

This is just a sampling of the promotions that you can take advantage of over at CasinoMAX.

Can You Win Real Cash Playing Online Slots?

By now you may be wondering if you can actually win real, cold cash by playing Online Slots.

In short, the answer is “yes. Yes you can”.

There are however a couple of things that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • It’s a matter of luck

Someone may try and tell you that they have a “slots strategy”. We hate to break the news, but whoever tells you that is just full of bologna.

Years ago there may have been a strategy in hanging out and waiting for someone else to walk away from a slot that had not paid out in a while. The idea was the thinking that “the machine was due for a payout”. Players believed that they had a better chance of hitting a large prize here than they did on any machine that had recently paid out.

That’s completely irrelevant today. Online Slots are run purely by software programs that will select winners at random. RNG’s have made the aforementioned style of thinking obsolete. If you really want to check out some more detailed information about “randomness in general”, take a look at this article.

It all comes down to this: The winner can absolutely be you. It can be me. It can be that annoying kid in your class back in the 4th grade. It can be anyone.

It’s all up to the random software and nobody is able to increase their chances of winning.

This should go without saying, but we really just want to make sure that when you win you will get paid!

Any of the casinos that we promote have not only been thoroughly tested by us, but we also use them for our own gambling as well!

The last thing you want to do is make a deposit at some shady joint, (and they do exist!) just to find that once you win and you’re ready to cash out they just say, “nuh-uh”.

If some jerk-faced casino that’s based in another country decides that they don’t want to pay you when it’s time, seriously, what are you going to do about it? Write a letter?

We here at GoodCasinos make sure that the casinos we work with are in fact, “great”, not just “good”!

So, yeah, you can definitely win real cash playing Online Slots and there are people out there every day that are doing just that and winning jackpots that are worth thousands of dollars. But, you only have to realize that it’s a matter of luck and not a matter of trying to find a way to “cheat” or “game the software” in your favor.

So, What Should You Do Now? (A 3-Step Plan)

If you’ve read all of this then you’re probably ready to win some dough!

Always remember that gambling is supposed to be a fun experience. To make sure that you enjoy yourself and have the best time we recommend the following 3 steps.

Register at Top Rated Casinos

First things first, don’t assume that all Online Casinos are the same. There are reputable sites that you can find out there, and then there are some that may try to rip you off!

All of the sites that you’re going to find here at GoodCasinos have been tested and have been used by someone here in the office.

When we first check out a Casino, we use it ourselves for a bit before we talk about it with anyone else. If something seems “off”, we don’t support them. If anything goes wrong after we have been supporting them, they come off our list in a hurry, that’s just all there is to it.

If we were to send you off to a place that was going to screw you, you’d be unhappy, you wouldn’t want to go there again, nor come here again, and then we don’t make any money so that’s pretty much the last thing we want to do!

Familiarize Yourself With a Game Before Risking Your Money

Many casinos will let you play their games for free before you give them any money, so check to see if your casino of choice will let you.

Not all casinos will let you do this but try to at least see if you even like a game before spending any money.

As an example, let’s say you check out the game “Fruit Frenzy” and you find that you just don’t like it. Well then don’t spend any money on it!

Watch Your Bankroll

This may be the most important one here!

Playing Online Slots can be addictive. It’s very, very easy to spend an hour or so with your eyes glued to the computer screen or your phone and just hitting that “SPIN” button over and over.

Be careful!

Your bankroll could evaporate quickly during a losing streak and that’s especially true when playing a slot that may have 20, 30, or more pay lines!

There was a time when I just didn’t understand how a person could sit in front of their screen playing slots for hours on end, but now I do. Online Slots have a strange, almost hypnotizing effect. I love just about every casino game, (not keno!) but playing slots is one of the most entertaining experiences you can have once you find the right slot for you!

Are You Ready to Try Your Luck?

If you’re ready to go and try to grab some of those winnings for yourself, just head to one of the sites that we have mentioned that have already proven themselves and one simple fact – when you win you will get paid!

  1. Bovada Casino
  3. Sloto Cash
  4. Ignition
  5. GT Bets
  6. CasinoMAX
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