9 Slot Game Strategies: Do They Work?

In a previous article on slot machine tips and tricks, I focused on providing some simple, practical recommendations for extending your bankroll when you are playing slots.

In this article, I want to focus on slot machine strategies which gamblers frequently employ in order to increase their chances of winning on their next spin.

The tips and tricks I gave before mostly have to do with how you manage your money and select the games that you want to play. They are valid suggestions as such.

The strategies I am discussing in this article assert that you can have some control over the outcomes of your spins.

That is a problematic claim for the simple reason that the outcome of every slot spin is 100% random.

I want to explore these “strategies” in depth and take a look at their underlying assumptions. Why do gamblers think they work? And is there any foundation for those beliefs?

Along with explaining the logical fallacies at work, I will also talk about any unexpected advantages of following the strategies (assuming you do so, of course, in full knowledge of their limitations).

There’s the bank, waiting for you. Think you have a good strategy to get that big payout?

While this is not an exhaustive list of slot strategies, we cover quite a few in here. You will discover that there are a lot of commonalities between them.

After reading through all of these strategies, or so-called strategies, you’ll probably be in the mood to play some slots yourself. Just keep reading down and we will fill you in on the best places to go and spin away for real money!

  1. The Play and Run Strategy

Let’s begin by discussing the play and run strategy. This popular strategy is linked to the idea of hot and cold slot machines.

How to Use the Play and Run Strategy

To use the play and run strategy for slots, do the following:

  • Set some kind of a limit for how long you will play any particular slot game without winning. This could be an amount of time in minutes, and amount of money lost in dollars, a percentage bankroll loss, or a number of spins.
  • Start playing your first slot game. Keep track of whether you are closing in on the winning you have set for yourself.
  • If you do not reach that limit, you keep playing that same game. If, however, you do hit that limit, you immediately “run” from that game.
  • Once you “run” from that particular game, you move on to another one and begin playing it.
  • Resume tracking whether you are closing in on your limit with that next game, and continue following steps 2-4, jumping from game to game as necessary.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

The reason this strategy seems like it would be effective is because it seems like a way to determine whether the slot you are playing is hot or cold, and to move rapidly away from games which are cold and onto games which might be hot.

Foundational Assumptions

Underpinning the play and run strategy is the idea that, as just mentioned, you can predict hot and cold slot cycles.

The logic goes, “If I haven’t had a win in a while, this slot must be cold, and that means that a win is not likely on my next spin. So, I should move on.”

But does that actually make sense? Let’s talk a bit more about hot and cold slot cycles.

Technically, hot and cold slot cycles are real. But that does not make them a good basis for a strategy.

What do I mean by that? Well, what is a hot or cold cycle?

Let’s say you had data on the past 10,000 spins on a slot game. Looking through that data, you notice that there were times when the game did not pay out for many spins. That would be a cold cycle. Then you notice other times when the game played out with a higher frequency than usual. That would be a hot cycle.

So, you have verified that hot and cold cycles happen. And you will also notice that over a sufficient number of spins, the slot game does produce the RTP listed.

But the weird thing about slot cycles is that they are not really a “thing” until they are in the past. Only at that point do they have an established beginning, middle and end.

Dragon’s Siege“, playable over at Bovada. Is it hot or cold? Read on!

The reason this is the case is because they are coincidental. With random results, sometimes, by coincidence, wins might happen in clusters. Other times, there might be dry spells. But there is no underlying mechanism linking together each result, no connection which is causative between them.

So the cycles exist, but they are not “significant,” nor are they predictive. The spin ahead of you is as random as every other, and could bring an end to the cycle. Indeed, it is as likely to do this as it isn’t.

Another way of looking at it is this: there is no stream of continuity between spins, uniting them all together. Each spin is completely isolated from every other. There is no chain of cause and effect between them.

So even though hot and cold cycles occur, a slot game never exists in a state of being hot or cold. That would imply a connection between spins, something going on when the game is at rest.

Does the Play and Run Strategy Work?

The play and run strategy can never achieve its aim, because it is built entirely on a logical fallacy, as described above.

Each time you leave a game, you have not avoided some sort of likely bad run. You have no clue what would have happened next. The next spin could have been a win.

But I would not say that this strategy is entirely without merit. The merits just are not those for which the strategy was built.

For one thing, play and run can keep slot gaming fresh. For another, following it results in periodically interrupting your own play, which keeps you from getting hypnotized by slots and losing more money than you intended.

Also, while playing and running, you might find new games to enjoy.

Pros of the Play and Run Strategy:

  • Playing slots stays fresh and fun.
  • You prevent slots hypnosis with regular interruptions.

Cons of the Play and Run Strategy:

  • Play and run cannot help you avoid “cold” slots or find “hot” ones because it is built on an illogical premise.
  1. The 60% Strategy

Here is another strategy which is supposed to help you move on from a slot game at an “ideal” time.

How to Use the 60% Strategy

  • Start playing a slot of your choice.
  • If you win 60% of your bankroll, move onto another slot game. If you lose 60% of your bankroll, move onto another slot game.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

Slots players seem to be hooked on 60%.

For example, I have also seen a method where you play until you win 60%, and then you quit for the day altogether.

Alternately, I have seen a method where you play until you win 60%, set aside 30%, and play with the remaining amount in your bankroll.

So, I assume that the idea of moving on from one slot to another after winning or losing 60% is tied to the same preoccupation with the number.

Why 60%? I do not know.

Foundational Assumptions

Once again, the notion of moving from one game to another after a certain event has occurred points toward a likely underlying belief in being able to spot hot and cold games.

Does the 60% Strategy Work?

No. There is nothing significant about having won or lost 60% of your bankroll.

It is not as if having lost 59% of your bankroll means that a slot might not be cold, and losing 60% exactly means that it is almost certainly cold.

Likewise, why would a slot game be likely to turn cold after being “hot” during a period when you won 60%?

Plus, it is always useful to remind yourself that the slot game itself has no knowledge of what percentage of your bankroll you have won or lost.

This information exists only for you, and is only relevant to you from a subjective point of view.

That being said, if you have lost 60% of your bankroll, it might be time to at least take a break.

But whether you move onto another game or keep playing the same one if you decide to continue is almost completely arbitrary.

The reason I say “almost” is because you might reassess and decide that you are losing money too quickly on the game you’re playing and want to switch to one which better suits your remaining budget.

Pros of the 60% Strategy:

  • This is a good opportunity to switch to a more affordable slot game if your funds are running low.

Cons of the 60% Strategy:

  • 60% seems to be an arbitrary amount.
  • You will not avoid cold slots and find hot ones this way.
  • Losing 60% of your bankroll is a hefty chunk. A lower limit might make more sense if you want to pause and switch to a less expensive game. That way you can play for longer.
  • On the other hand, if you planned to be able to blow through your whole bankroll in this session, you might have no reason to stop at 60%. If you like the game you are playing, why not continue?
  1. The 5-Minute System

Here is yet another system which purports to help you get away from “cold” slots.

How to Use the 5-Minute System

  • Start playing a slot game of your choice.
  • When five minutes elapses, switch to another game.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

Like the strategies above, this one seems to be based on the idea that slot games can be in a hot or cold state.

If you go 5 minutes without a win on a game, you might assume it is “cold.”

Or, if you have had some wins but have been playing 5 minutes, you might think that the slot is bound to get cold soon, so you should move on.

Foundational Assumptions

Along with the assumption mentioned above, there seems to be an assumption that 5 minutes of time is somehow particularly significant in making a determination about how “cold” a game might be.

Alternately, it could be that the 5-minute time frame simply reflects what the system’s creator thought of as “not too long a time to be losing money.”

Does the 5-Minute System Work?

No, this system will not help you to get away from “cold” games quickly. All it will do is move you from one game to another rapidly.

Again, a slot game is neither hot nor cold in the space between spins; it simply is. For all you know, if you have played 6 minutes at each slot game, you would have won something on one of your next spins.

Of course, you also might not have. It is completely random, which is the point.

There are other versions of this system as well with different time frames. People who can tolerate possibly losing money for longer might decide to only move on after 10 minutes, or so on.

Plus, what constitutes a “cycle?” Must a slot be cold for 5 minutes to be in a cold cycle? 10? 15?

Some players might see 5 minutes without a win elapsing as a cold cycle.

But others might perceive that as a brief blip of misfortune in a broader hot cycle spanning a longer period of play.

Pros of the 5-Minute System:

Cons of the 5-Minute System:

  • Once more, this system has no logical foundation for avoiding losses.
  • The timeframe is arbitrary and subjective.

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  1. The Zigzag Strategy

This peculiar strategy involves looking for patterns of symbols on start screens for slots.

How to Use the Zigzag Strategy

  • Open a slots game.
  • Look carefully at the starting layout of the symbols. See if you can identify a “zigzag” pattern. Specifically, gamblers look for shapes like a “V,” or a diagonal line or a rhombus.
  • If you see one of these layouts, try playing.
  • If you do not see one of these layouts, move onto another game to check for one. At a land-based casino, this might mean literally walking around the floor looking for a game to play. Online, it would mean closing out of each game and loading another until you find a formation that suits this strategy.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

I am guessing the reason why gamblers think this strategy works is because they are picturing old-fashioned mechanical wheels turning and mechanical principles at work.

Picture the “V” shape for a moment. The apex of the “V” is its leading symbol, while the wings of the “V” seem to just be “lagging” behind.

Cyberpunk City“, also playable over at Bovada. No “V” pattern here, should you keep looking?

Seeing such a formation gives you the impression that there was almost a winning combination forming a straight line, but some of the wheels simply did not turn quite far enough. It is tantalizing.

So, you think that if you take a spin, maybe the next time this slot will produce a winning combination across the payline.

Plus, a lot of electronic slots these days feature diagonal paylines. So, seeing these types of formations on the start screen is extra exciting.

Foundational Assumptions

Someone who finds these layouts enticing seems to be visualizing that when they push the spin button, some mechanism gives a set of mechanical wheels a push, and they simply settle into position.

But this is not how slots reels work even with physical machines. Instead, the way that the reels land up depends on what a random number generator (RNG) spits out. By definition, the result of a random number generator is random.

This is also true when you play a slot game online. Even though the patterns on the screen may appear meaningful, they are not.

Does the Zigzag Strategy Work?

No, the zigzag strategy will not help you pick winning slot machines to play. Because of the random number generator system just discussed, the outcome of your next spin will be completely random.

Pros of the Zigzag Strategy:

  • I honestly cannot think of a single advantage of this particular strategy.

Cons of the Zigzag Strategy:

  • The zigzag strategy will not help you make money playing slots.
  • You probably will spend more time jumping from game to game looking at start screens trying to find slots to play than you will actually playing them. Of course, if you find this process entertaining, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t do it.
  1. The Baby Steps Strategy

This strategy is designed to help you “weather” a cold period while not giving up the chance of a significant win.

How to Use the Baby Steps Strategy

It is a little hard to describe how this method works, but here we go:

  • Start by betting some minimal amount, like 1 coin.
  • Continue to stake 1 coin for a few more spins if you want.
  • When you feel comfortable, increase your stake to 2 coins.
  • When you feel ready, increase your stake to 3 coins.
  • Continue in this fashion.

The progression to higher risk is pretty much up to you based on how you feel, so your sequence could look like any of the following or similar:

  • 1122222333444455
  • 11111111111222223334444
  • 11112222333344445, etc

The only thing that matters is that you are progressing in “baby steps” with raising your stakes.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

It is not easy to explain why gamblers believe that wagering more and more in “baby steps” works.

But the assumption seems to be that the game may be cold when you start, so you would not want to wager a lot of money on your initial spins.

At the same time, you would not want to be still making a minimal wager when the win does come along, so you should be gradually increasing your stake sizes.

Ideally, you would see a string of small losses accumulating in a larger win which makes up for those losses.

So, essentially this is a progressive money management system kind of like Martingale.

But unlike Martingale, it is far more conservative. Martingale requires you to double your stake each time you place a bet, whereas this method encourages you to increase your stake size gradually.

Foundational Assumptions

Like most other slot systems we have discussed, this one is designed to navigate through hot and cold cycles in a way that simply is not logical.

Moreover, there seems to be an assumption that a slot game “gets cold” when you are not playing it and “warms up” gradually as you do. There is no foundation for this belief.

Does the Baby Steps Strategy Work?

No, progressively raising your bet size in baby steps will not help you win.

First of all, since the outcomes of each spin are random, you could easily end up winning some of your initial bets which are smaller and losing the larger ones later.

Secondly, it is also possible that you could have a long string of losses, draining your bankroll before you get a win which is large enough to compensate for them.

The conservative progression stages help you hang in there longer than you would with Martingale (which tends to bust people very fast). But it also makes it less likely that your wins when they come will be sufficient to offset your losses.

Pros of the Baby Steps Strategy:

  • If you have to choose a progressive betting system, this one is at least going to let you play for longer than an aggressive system such as Martingale.

Cons of the Baby Steps Strategy:

  • The assumptions underlying the system are incorrect. Because a slot game doesn’t start cold and warm up as you play as a rule, this system does not work. The results of the spins are random, and nothing about this system helps you to profit.
  • Even a conservative progressive betting system may drain your bankroll faster than necessary. Consider a proportional system instead or just stick with a flat coin size which is suitable for your bankroll.
  1. The Shotgun Strategy

At its broadest, the shotgun strategy for playing slots refers to taking a “shotgunning” approach where you jump from game to game in rapid succession.

You may have heard the phrase “shotgunning resumes” when applying for jobs.

In both cases, the idea is that instead of worrying about being precise and selective, you just target a wide area and try to expose yourself to as many possible opportunities as you can in a short span of time.

The idea is that if you do that, maybe you will hit something.

This is from “Fruit Bat Crazy“, one of the “lesser known” slots you may come across if you tried the Shotgun System. If you’d like, you can find it over at Cafe Casino.

How to Use the Shotgun Strategy

If you are following this slots strategy in its broadest sense, all you have to do is just take as few spins at one slot, then move on to another, and another, and so on until you find a game that is “hot.”

I have seen a more specific version of the shotgun strategy which requires that you spend 15 coins per game in the following way:

  • Spin 1: 1 coin
  • Spin 2: 2 coins
  • Spin 3: 3 coins
  • Spin 4: 4 coins
  • Spin 5: 5 coins

So, just as with the baby steps strategy, you are progressively increasing your stakes on each of your losing spins.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

Like the baby steps strategy, this strategy (the specific version of it above) relies on the concept that games are likely to start cold and “warm up” as you play them.

At the same time, following this specific sequence and then moving on to the next game caps your losses for each specific game which turns out to be “cold.”

Why this specific sequence with the coins? Probably because it is easy to remember. You could vary the number of coins based on what is appropriate for your bankroll.

Foundational Assumptions

Obviously, you have a pretty good understanding of the underlying assumption about hot and cold spots by now, so I shall not rehash that again. Needless to say, it is at work here.

Curiously enough, the other foundational assumption for this system actually seems to reflect the knowledge that there is randomness at play.

Going back to what I referenced earlier, while shotgunning resumes is something which people searching for work tend to do when they are pressed for time, it is usually advised that instead, one should “use a rifle, not a shotgun.”

That is good advice when you are in a situation where that kind of precision targeting is possible. Even though it may seem to involve more effort, it is often more efficient and produces superior results.

That kind of precision targeting, however, is clearly impossible when you acknowledge that there is no way to guess whether a slot game you are looking at is likely to pay out in the near future or not.

So, from that perspective, “shotgunning” does seem intuitive. It avoids the fallacies at play with, for example, the zigzag strategy.

Yet, where shotgunning slots acknowledges that you cannot make a guess as to whether a game is hot or cold by merely looking at it, it fails to acknowledge that even after taking one spin, two, three, four, or five, you have no more knowledge about the outcome of the next spin than you did before you started.

Does the Shotgun Strategy Work?

The shotgun strategy for slots does not work.

You probably already understand why, just from the analysis above, along with that of the other methods we have discussed.

In a way, the shotgun strategy combines elements of the 5-minute system and the baby steps system.

You already understand why both of those methods fail, so you understand why this one does as well.

Pros of the Shotgun Strategy:

  • Playing with this method entails visiting a number of machines. So, if you are looking for more variety in your slot gaming, using the shotgun strategy can help you to achieve that and discover more games.
  • There are regular interruptions. If you want to make sure you are taking frequent breaks from the action to check your bankroll and your state of mind, this is another good strategy for doing that.
  • This method almost acknowledges the futility of trying to identify hot and cold slots since it at least does not involve the use of a nonexistent figurative rifle.

Cons of the Shotgun Strategy:

  • You cannot navigate “hot” and “cold” slots effectively using this method.
  • The progression system may be a bit fast for some bankrolls (though you can adjust it).
  1. The Umbrella Strategy

The umbrella slots strategy is a variant on the baby steps method.

How to Use the Umbrella Strategy

  • Start by placing a minimal bet, like 1 coin on a slot game.
  • Make this bet as many times as you want before raising it 2 coins.
  • Keep betting 2 coins and then raise to 3 when you wish to do so.
  • Continue raising your stakes in this fashion as long as you feel comfortable.
  • After a while betting your pre-determined maximum stake (you have to decide what that is in advance), lower your stake to the prior number of coins again.
  • Bet that amount as long as you want, and then drop again.
  • Continue dropping as you feel fit down to your minimum bet.
  • Repeat the cycle as long as you want or until you bust.

So, here are a few examples of how this could look:

  • 1111222333344444555555555544443333222221111111 (and repeat)
  • 1111111122233333344455566655544433322222211111 (and repeat)
  • 11122233344455555544433322111 (and repeat)

… and so on.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

This strategy is built on the same principles as the baby steps method, but it attempts to answer the question, “What do I do once I hit my maximum bet size?”

With the baby steps method, there isn’t really a clear answer. The best case scenario would be that you would win, and then you could start the sequence over.

But what if you do not win?

For that matter, if you do win with the baby steps method, does that mean you have to start over at the start of the sequence? What if you want to keep betting with higher stakes? When should you lower them again so you do not lose too much money?

The umbrella strategy offers a solution.

The idea is that you build up toward higher bets as you warm up the slot, but regardless of whether you win or lose, you do not wager for too long at the highest stake size you set for yourself.

Instead, you limit that higher risk exposure by only allowing yourself to stay at the “peak” of the umbrella for a certain number of spins. You might want to decide in advance what that number of spins will be so that you do not get tempted to stay there longer.

That way if the slot “gets cold” or “stays cold,” you won’t be caught off guard—at least not for so long that your bankroll is depleted.

That is why you need to carefully decide on your stake sizes and the number of spins for each based on your bankroll size.

Foundational Assumptions

This strategy has the same assumptions underlying it as the baby steps method. It just goes a bit further to address what to do next.

Does the Umbrella Strategy Work?

The umbrella strategy will not work much better than the baby steps method. Again, there are problems with the assumption that a slot game starts cold and then “heats up” before becoming cold again.

But this strategy does arguably “work” better than the baby steps method in the sense that it at least helps you to limit your losses when you are wagering at the highest stake size.

How well it works depends on how wisely you set your stake sizes and limits for the number of wagers you will take at each tier of the umbrella.

You can really only make those decisions based on money management considerations, i.e. how much you feel you can afford to lose, and how rapidly.

You cannot base your decisions off of assumptions about the rate at which the slot game will become hot or cold.

Again, you have no possible way of knowing that.

Also, note that there are other ways you could combine the concepts from the umbrella strategy and baby steps strategy.

For example, you could just do this:

  • 11111122222222333333444455554321

You could even just shortcut right back to the bottom after you win at the top level (if you do):

  • 11111222222233334444445551

Pros of the Umbrella Strategy:

  • While similar to the baby steps method, this one is more comprehensive. Since it provides answers for what to do when you hit the highest stake size (other than just “hope you win”), it is a more complete system.
  • This strategy helps you limit your largest losses. That means that your bankroll should last longer and let you have more fun.
  • You can customize this technique. Like the baby steps method, the umbrella strategy is easy to modify to your requirements.

Cons of the Umbrella Strategy:

  • There is no way to effectively increase wins or decrease losses through this system in general. You can minimize your large losses simply by moving on quickly from that stake size, but you cannot assume that you are going to navigate “hot” and “cold” in any accurate fashion except through pure coincidence.
  1. The Warm Coin Strategy (and Variations)

And now for something completely different. Let’s talk about an old-fashioned slots strategy for physical slot machines called the “warm coin method.”

How to Use the Warm Coin Strategy

As you might guess from its name, the idea is to make sure that you are only inserting warm coins into slot machines.

To make this happen, you can simply rub the coin in your hand before placing it in the machine.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

I do not know why gamblers believe that inserting warm coins only into slot machines is a viable strategy.

It would seem that they are convinced that the game will be more “responsive” if the coin is warm and easier to detect.

But think about how little sense that makes. If the slot does not detect your coin, you are simply not going to be able to take a spin in the first place.

Foundational Assumptions

I am not sure what the foundational assumption underlying this method is. But evidently, it has something to do with believing that a mechanical machine is responsive to temperature differences.


There are a surprising number of variations on the warm coin strategy. One of these is the exact opposite, which is to try putting cold coins in instead of warm ones.

Why would a slot game be more responsive to cold coins than warm ones? Once again, the underlying logic here (or illogical) escapes me.

An even more unusual variation on this method is to choose the coins you put into slot games based on their age.

One strategy is to only use old coins, while another is to only use new coins.

But think for a moment about how absurd it would be if a slot machine was designed to carefully read the dates on the coins you put in and alter its outcome based on those dates. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Does the Warm Coin Strategy Work?

Again, a coin is a coin as far as a slot machine is concerned. If you put in the appropriate coin, you get to take a spin. It is really that simple.

When you take your spin, a random number generator (RNG) determines whether or not you win on that spin.

The random number generator does not care whether your coin was hot or cold or new or old.

In fact, the random number generator does not know any of this data, only that the spin button was pushed and a result is required.

Since online slots and land-based slots both work the same way through the use of a random number generator, there is no difference between playing one or the other.

So, no, you are not missing out on any potential winning strategy involving coin temperature or age if you are playing a virtual slot online.

Thus, you should feel free to play online slots rather than heading to a local casino just so you can use physical coins as a strategy.

Pros of the Warm Coin Strategy:

  • I really cannot think of one? There is nothing about this strategy which seems beneficial to me.

Cons of the Warm Coin Strategy:

  • This method does not work or make any sense. It will do absolutely nothing for you.
  1. The Jackpot Slots Strategy

This strategy is suitable if you are aiming for life-changing wins, and do not care much about getting smaller gains.

How to Use the Jackpot Slots Strategy

The idea with this strategy is simply to make sure that any time you take a spin at a slot game, you are putting yourself in the running for a huge jackpot.

There are two elements to this plan:

  1. Choosing the right games.
  2. Putting in the right stakes.

When following this strategy, you only play slot games which have huge jackpots up for grabs. These are usually high volatility slots.

With high volatility slots, dry spells are more common, but wins can be larger.

The second component of this strategy simply entails making sure you are putting in enough coins to qualify for large jackpots.

Some games allow you to put in fewer coins, but disqualify you from winning large jackpots even if you get the correct symbols on the payline unless you put in the maximum coins.

So, with these games, always make sure that you are putting in the maximum coins.

Why Gamblers Think This Strategy Works

Actually, this strategy does “work” in a way. It in no way guarantees you will ever win a large jackpot. But it at least ensures you are in the running for one.

If this is your goal, it makes no sense to do otherwise. You would simply be wasting time and money playing slot games which do not put you in the running for the type of jackpot that you are after.

Foundational Assumptions

The only foundational assumption to this strategy is your motivation for playing slots. And as that is something which you can analyze for yourself, you can determine whether this strategy is appropriate for you.

Does the Jackpot Slots Strategy Work?

Again, it does not work in the sense that it will cause you to win a massive jackpot. Nothing but luck can do that.

But it does work in the sense that it prevents you from wasting time and money taking spins that will never result in these types of wins.

Pros of the Jackpot Slots Strategy:

  • Stop wasting time and money. Using this method will keep you from playing slots which are not conducive to what you consider a worthwhile payout.

Make sure you don’t accidentally miss a payout because of stake size issues. Keeping this method in mind will remind you to double-check staking requirements to qualify for large jackpots. That way you never have to deal with a frustrating situation where you got the symbols you needed, but failed to put in the appropriate coins to win the payout.

Cons of the Jackpot Slots Strategy:

  • You may have to endure a lot of dry stretches. It is common for slots with large jackpots to feature high volatility. Some people don’t mind this while others do.
  • You can bleed money fast. When you are constantly wagering the maximum stake size, you can run through your bankroll rapidly. So, keep an eye on how fast you are spending. If you are a high roller, this probably won’t be an issue though.

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So what sets Roaring 21 apart from the other 2 that were just mentioned? How about a Welcome Bonus of up to $10,000?

Yes. $10,000. That’s not a typo. Head on over to Roaring and check it out!


Slot game strategies typically revolve around both managing your money and attempting to target your play toward “hot” games while avoiding “cold” ones.

Above, we explored the logical fallacies in believing that any slot machine strategy can help you to make predictions about future spins.

There is no way to know whether a slot will be “hot” or “cold” on your next spin no matter what happened on your previous spins.

But we have also talked about some of the unexpected benefits which actually can go along with using some of the strategies.

While they will not help you to win more or lose less, some of them can encourage you to vary your slot machine experience more by trying more games.

Some of these slot methods also can help you to take regular breaks from gambling every few minutes to reassess where you are at with your mindset and your bankroll.

Plus, just by taking the time to learn about all of these slot strategies and their advantages and drawbacks, you have a better understanding of slot games and how they work.

If you are ready to put that knowledge into play and try out some of these slot methods for yourself, check out our recommended online casinos.

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