Andar Bahar – A “How to” Guide

You may be wondering about Andar Bahar and see it popping up more and more places. Funny name to us Americans, sure, but this Indian game of 50/50 can be a ton of fun as long as you know the rules. Fear not! It’s an extremely simple game which you will have mastered by the time you finish this article!

First, there “where” to play, and then you’ll learn all about the game!


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And away we go!

Andar Bahar – The How To

At a first glance, Andar Bahar looks like a very simple game involving pretty much little to no skill at all. The game itself is a total game of chance, so yes, that’s completely true!

The people seem to enjoy it, however, with it gaining popularity and more casinos putting it up as part of their table game offerings. Let’s make sure you know how to play so that you’re ready to go clean up!

First, we’ll go over the base game. That’ll be super quick. To be honest, there’s just really not a lot to talk about there. After that we’ll talk about the side bets that can be placed. That’s where things start to get zippy!

Andar Bahar, the way you see it when you’re playing it over at Bovada.

Andar Bahar – The Basic, Core Gameplay

As stated above, this is going to be very simple. The game plays out with one deck and your basic bet is very easy to make. At the start of the game there are three slots on the table. You have the “Middle”, you have the “Andar”, (or the ‘left’) and you have the “Bahar”, (or the ‘right’). Note that you will not actually see the middle slot until the game begins!

You, as the player will decide if you would like to bet on the Andar or the Bahar, and place said bet. Once you have your bet placed, the game starts and your job is done, sit back and hope for the best!

The dealer will then take one card and place it in the middle slot. After this card is placed, one card will be placed on the Andar, then one on the Bahar, back to one on the Andar, back to one on the Bahar, and on and on until a card is placed that matches the card in the middle.

Let’s look at an example.

You decide you would like to wager 5 dollars on the Andar. The the game starts and you can kick back and relax.

The game starts and the dealer lays down the first card, which happens to be, let’s say the 7 of hearts and this card is now placed in the middle. The dealer will then start doling out the rest of the cards until there is a match. For our example, we’ll say that it looks like this.

  • The 4 of clubs, gets laid down on the Andar
  • The 9 of diamonds, gets laid down on the Bahar
  • The Jack of clubs, gets laid down on the Andar
  • The 5 of spades, gets laid down on the Bahar
  • And finally the 7 of diamonds comes up, laid down on the Andar

And with that, you won!

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You’ll notice that with some of the cards that came out, some of the values are higher than the card in the middle, (the 7 of hearts), and some of them are lower in value.

This doesn’t matter, not one bit. The cards have no value in themselves. The only thing you are looking for is a match, this case, the 7.

Using our same example above, let’s say you went into this betting on the Bahar. Sorry, better luck next time! We know you’re not stupid, but we’ll look at another example just to make sure we’re all on the same page. This time, you bet on the Bahar.

First card comes out, it’s the King of spades, and the dealer doles out the following cards.

  • The Queen of hearts, gets laid down on the Andar
  • The King of diamonds, gets laid down on the Bahar

Again, since you bet on the Bahar this time, you win!

You may be thinking, “what gives man? I only saw a grand total of 3 cards!”

The reason for this is that no matter what, with the basic game, all we’re looking for is a match. King was in the middle, King came out on the Bahar. That’s it. Unfortunately, if the above were to happen as you bet on the Andar, you would lose.

And that’s all you need to know to get into the core game!

The payout for this general type of bet is 1.9:1 meaning that if your bet was for 5 dollars, you will receive a payout of 9.50. Not shabby at all for a game that carries odds of 50/50!

And this is the way it looks while playing at Cafe Casino, another one of our favorites! We discuss the side bets down below, but here I placed a $50 wager on the Andar and $25 on the below 8 side bet. Scroll down to see how I did!

Andar Bahar – The Side Bets

Now as for the side bets, there are a total of 5 different types you could choose from or you could go nuts and bet on all 5 of them at once if you’d like!

What follows are the types, a quick description, and the payout structure.


Just pick out the suit you like and that’s it!

All of these side bets that are going to be discussed are also super simple. In this case you would be placing a wager on what the suit the middle card will be when it comes out. The card in question can be of any value, all you’re looking for is the suit.

Let’s say you place a bet that the middle card will be a diamond. Card comes out and it’s a spade. The game will go on like normal, but you lost that side bet.

Now let’s say you bet on the middle card being a heart, and it is! You will win the side bet and the game goes on like normal.

You cannot place more than one of these wagers in a single game, meaning you get to choose one and that’s it! No more, may the RNG Gods smile in your favor!

Winning this side bet pays out 3.8:1, meaning once again that if you were to wager 5 dollars you will win 19 dollars!

Suit Color

Here we go again with the 50/50 bet. All you betting on is what color the middle card is going to be and you’ve got your two choices, red and black. Pick one out and go!

Like the suits above, you only get to choose one, no betting on both of them in your single game, but why would you want to, right?

Like the base game, this pays out 1.9:1

Card Value

Here, things do not change that much. You’re still just betting on the middle card to go your way and you’re ready! However, this is obviously more than just 50/50 though, so the payouts get much, much better. Well, for the face cards anyway!

  • Bet on ‘any number’, match and payout of 1.9:1
  • Bet on ‘Jack’, match and payout of 12.45:1
  • Bet on ‘Queen’, match and payout of 12.45:1
  • Bet on ‘King’, match and payout of 12.45:1
  • Bet on ‘Ace’ match and payout of 12.45:1
Andar Bahar

Awesome! Not only did I win my side bet with the “below 8” card, but also the main bet, the Andar, to win a total of $146.25!

Above/Below 8

Sure you already know by now what you would be placing your bet on. Quite simply, is that middle card going to be “Above or Below 8, or, is it actually going to be 8”?

Simple payout for this table here. Pays the same for either above or below, pays out greatly for exactly 8.

  • Above 8 pays 2.05:1
  • Below 8 pays 2.05:1
  • Exactly 8 pays 12.45:1

Card Count

This is the only side bet where you are not betting on the middle card. Instead, you’re placing your wager on how many cards will be coming out before that match is done. If you’re feeling a little wild and want to place one of these bets, that’s where you get paid really nicely if you manage to pull it off.

  • 1 Card pays 16.25:1
  • 2 Cards pay 17:1
  • 3 Cards pay 17.7:1
  • 4 Cards pay 18.25:1
  • 5 Cards pay 19:1
  • 6 Cards pay 20:1
  • 7 Cards pay 21:1
  • 8 Cards pay 22:1
  • 9 Cards pay 23:1
  • 10 Cards pay 24:1
  • 11 Cards pay 25.5:1
  • 12 Cards pay 26.5:1
  • 13 Cards pay 28:1
  • 14 Cards pay 30:1
  • 15 Cards pay 31.5:1
  • 16 Cards pay 33:1
  • 17 Cards pay 35:1
  • 18 Cards pay 37.5:1
  • 19 Cards pay 40:1
  • 20 Cards pay 42.5:1
  • More than 20 pays 4.4:1
Andar Bahar

“C’mon, pick a number, any number…”

The Conclusion of Andar Bahar

And that, dear readers, is everything you need to know about Andar Bahar. Seriously.

Every game you play gets a new hand dealt out.

You’re placing your wagers on cards that haven’t come out yet.

There’s no skill, but that doesn’t make it any less fun! You’re basically playing a straight RNG game liken to playing the slots. Don’t know about you, but I personally love becoming a slot jockey at times.

Deposit a little dough, kick back and just keep hitting that “re-bet” button. You may walk out the big winner with little to no work on your end!

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