Storm Lords

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BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
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Storm Lords Slot Review

A Storm Lords Slot Review.

Let’s face it. Slots that carry some sort of an Asian theme are a dime a dozen. Doesn’t take much of a look around to see that almost any site is just littered with them.

For a slot machine to come around that has this tried and true, almost tired theme, something has to really stick out for the average user to say, “I’m going to take some spins on that one!”

Well dare I say, Storm Lords has just that! Stuff to stick out that is.

Hold on to your wontons! There is actually a lot of stuff to go over here!


This slot came out fairly recently as of this writing, April 2019 to be exact, and it shows in a good way. This RTG release has graphics that are nice and clean, and a nice, smooth interface with no overlays getting in the way of the action which seems to he happening on a lot of other newer slots.

We cannot seem to find any information on the Storm Lords RTP, and that is a downside in itself. Normally, we don’t recommend a slot where you cannot find this information, but there also a lot of special features that we’re going to get into. Hopefully these features make up for it!

At a quick first glance, Storm Lords looks like many, many other slots of this nature. That will actually change pretty quickly as you start to do some spinning!

Game Play

Storm Lords starts off with 50 paylines. These paylines are adjustable if you do not want to play all 50 of them. They can be turned all the way down to 1, and you can go with any number in between if you wish.

The amount you would like to wager can also be changed, from anywhere between 0.01 cent per line up to 0.10 cents per line. This makes it so that you can literally choose anywhere between 0.01 cents and $5.00 per spin, your choice.

Upon hitting the great big spin button in the middle of the game board, the 5 reels will go for a spin. Like almost every other slot on the planet, you’ll be looking for at least 3 matching symbols to come out on the reels, with the first one on the left-most reel, (there are a couple of exceptions to this which we will get into in a moment).

Among these symbols, and what they pay, you’ve got –

  • 9 – Match 5=50, 4=10, 3=5
  • 10 – Match 5=50, 4=10, 3=5
  • J – Match 5=80, 4=10, 3=5
  • Q – Match 5=80, 4=10, 3=5
  • K – Match 5=100, 4=20, 3=10
  • A – Match 5=100, 4=20, 3=10
  • A young guy – Match 5=200, 4=50, 3=10
  • A young girl – Match 5=200, 4=50, 3=10
  • An older guy – Match 5=500, 4=80, 3=20, 2=2
  • And 2 buff guys that look like Ken and Ryu from the old Street Fighter video games – Match 5=800, 4=80, 3=20, 2=2

As you can see, the 9,10, J, Q, K and A are all of the “lower paying symbols”, with the “picture symbols” paying slightly more.

The exceptions to the “wanting 3 symobls to match” are the 2 buff guys together, and the older guy. These symbols will win with just 2 matches. See the image below!

Storm Lords Slot Review

See these guys on the left? They may show up together or separate! Look out for them!

Nudge Them Wilds!

As said, there’s actually a lot of stuff that’s going to be going on over here, and you’re going to be looking for a lot of things to happen once you hit that spin button!

Among these things to look for are in the 2nd and 4th reels. Those 2 buff guys discussed above? They’ll show up here as a nudging wild! This means that as long as just a part of them show up in the reel at the end of the spin, they’ll nudge other symbols out of the way, covering the entire reel and turning the whole reel into one great big wild symbol.

Treasure Coins for Free Spins!

Something else you’ll want to see pop up are the Golden Treasure Coins. See the image above for what these look like!

Now these aren’t going to do much of anything by themselves.

However, if 6 or more of these come up at once, you’ll get some Free Spins activated, 3 of them to be exact, and the Treasure Coins will stay on the field while these Free Spins play out.

Let’s say you get 6 of these and the 3 spins start to play out. You’ll see a counter toward the bottom of the play field counting down the number of free spins remaining. During this time, if another Treasure Coin comes out it will also stay on the playing field with the others and the number of free spins will reset back to 3!

At the end of these spins, you will be awarded a prize based on how many Treasure Coins you have collected. Manage to fill up all spaces with these coins and you will be awarded the Grand Jackpot!

Special Amulets

Another special symbol may pop up, although not listed above. These deserve a category all their own.

These are the Special Amulets that will come up if luck is on your side! They pay out as follows –

Get 3=100, 4=10, 3=2

These are also scatter symbols meaning that you do not have to get them in any sequence or order. They just have to show up somewhere.

Now for even more involving those amulets, get 3 or more of them and 6 free spins will kick in! Assuming that it happens, you’ll actually have to make a choice here, but it’s a good one!

You would then choose one of two options,

  1. You can decide to play these 6 free spins with the Storm Lords already locked into place in reels 2 and 4, and they’ll stay there for the duration of the spins, or,
  2. You can play the free spins with Treasure Coins already locked into place on reel 5!

Whichever option you decide to go with, any more treasure coins or amulets will count toward obtaining more free spins keeping the good times rolling!

Pros & Cons

Many special features
More than one way to earn free spins
Very modern
No RTP information

BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins
BONUS OFFER: 275% + 50 Spins (code NEWACHILLES)

Storm Lords Slot Review – Conclusion

The lack of RTP information is a turn-off to be honest.

The rest of the features definitely make up for it in our opinion!

There are some of you out there that will intentionally search for an Asian themed slot machine. There are others that will seek out the most special features to claim the most free spins for their buck. Others still will look for some of the best graphics and visual beauty.

Whichever of these you fall into, Storm Lords has you covered by far!

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