Virtual Sports at Ignition Casino

Many times, an Online Casino will do their best to offer their customers a little something different. A little something to set themselves apart from their peers. Given the sheer amount of casinos that are all vying for your attention, that’s kind of hard to do now. It’s hard to come up with a good idea that’s original yet also fun for the customer, ie, you!

Ignition kind of nails it here with their “Virtual Sports” department.

Really! With a couple of exceptions that we’re going to get into in just a moment, these are all virtual sports that you can gamble, (and win!) on, with the action happening non-stop, 24-7! If you happened to call yourself a gamer back in the days of the PS2 and the early days of the PS3, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to love this! The rest of you? We still think you may like it a lot as long as you do in fact, want something different.

Now, don’t get us wrong. These are casino games here, just about total games of chance. Slot junkies will love them, they just happen to be very heavily sports themed for the most part.

Ready Player One?

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You ever find yourself wanting to gamble on some soccer or football but there’s no game going on at the time?

Why not try a virtual version of the game?

Horses? Same thing. What if there were a way to always catch a horse race, literally, 24 hours a day? Any interest in this yet?

What about some auto racing even though NASCAR and all the others are way out of season?

Greyhounds? Camels? Ignition Casino has you covered here!

Let’s talk about the different virtual games that can be played over at Ignition and discuss how to play each one of them and get you all ready to go and win!

The Different Virtual Sports at Ignition Casino

Over at Ignition in the “Virtual” section, there are actually 10 different sports and games you can take part in. Well, kind of. Keep reading and you’ll see what we’re talking about here!


Virtual Sports

As you can see from above, you may have to wait just a little bit, but seems to be no more than a couple of minutes!

We all know and love soccer, (football for those of you outside the US)! There’s a reason that it may not be the biggest game in the US, but it probably is in the rest of the world!

You ever want to bet on a soccer game and have a little fun watching the players do their thing just to realize that there isn’t a game that day? If “yes”, well, you can get rid of that thought right now!

When checking out a soccer game, you may have to wait a few seconds for the game to start. During this time you can place almost any type of bet you would like, ranging from “how many goals will be scored in general”, to an “Asian Handicap” and just about any other type of bet you can think of in a game of Soccer that takes place over the span of about two minutes.

Take a look at this image just below, then we’ll talk about some of the stuff that you see on here.

Virtual Sports

This was Spain versus Turkey which happened to be taking place during this writing.

Looking at that image we can actually see a few things.

    • Results

This is where you would go to see the results of the previous 10 games. You can see exactly what “games” were being played at specific times along with the final scores. You can also see that these games are played roughly every 2 to 3 minutes.

    • Times

This will just look like random numbers until you see that these are actually the start times of upcoming games being shown in the 24 hour format, or military time.

Clicking on the earliest time that you see will do one of two different things.

  1. Let you place some bets as long as there’s enough time left before the start of the game, or
  2. Tell you that all bets are closed and then start the game letting you watch, or just start right in the middle of the game, depending on when you came in exactly.

Clicking on any of the other times will go to the game that is going to be taking place at that time and letting you place bets on that event.

After placing your bets, you’re all set! Simply sit back, watch the game which takes place over the course of roughly 2 and a half minutes and watch the virtual guys do their thing and (hopefully) rake in your winnings!

Soccer League

This is going to be played out a lot like the “Soccer” game above, just some slight differences.

This is going to play out very much like the normal soccer game but with this one there are many games going over the course of a season.

There are days in this season. As I type this you would see the option to bet on “Season 320” and the current games are on “Day 13” of said season.

Here, you are able to bet on any number of 10 games going on “per day”, although, it doesn’t matter what game you decide to bet on, only one game will always be shown to you during that particular day.

Virtual Sports

There are more that wouldn’t fit on the image, but there are actually 10 games going on at a time with the “League” option.

If one were to click on the “Statistics” option, they would get a full list of how each team is doing during the season.

Now, given the nature of a virtual game, we don’t know if these statistics are actually going to have any bearing on any upcoming games, but it’s still a nice thing to be able to look at if you would like to see how any team has been doing over the course of the games, even if it is just for smiles and laughs.

Clicking on the “Results” option, you will see the results of past days of the season, and clicking on any one of those will show you a breakdown of the day and give the results of every game that took place on that day.


Yup! A horse track going on with new races all the time, 24 hours a day!

The ponies at the track, the way Ignition shows them to you, virtually!

There’s a pretty good chance you already know how horse racing works. Just in case you’re new to it, you can check out this article right here to get a pretty good head start!

As for our virtual horses, they’re never going to get tired, so you can just jump right on in at any time and get in on the action!

Once again, looking at our image above you can see the horses in action as they run around all over the place and you’ll have some options you can click on while doing your thing.

    • Results

This is where you can check out the results of the previous 10 races and see how the computer ponies have been doing.

    • Time

The rest of the clickable options at the bottom of the racing screen are showing you the times of upcoming races, again, shown to you in 24 hour format. Clicking on any of those will open up the screen under that to place some bets!

As you can see, scrolling down just a little let’s you check out how each horse has been doing as well as different types of bets you can make.

Once you’re there, you’ll see the names and positions of the horses that are racing, how each one did in the previous 5 races, and the current odds for each horse. You can simply click on any of those odds to place your bet and make sure you click “place bet” on the right hand side of your screen, or you can scroll down either further still. You’ll see the usual horse racing options such as exacta and trifecta, along with an over/under option and even/odds.

Like the soccer games which have already been discussed, you’ll just place your bets and wait until the race starts. Depending on which race you decide you want to participate in this will be almost immediately, you may have to wait roughly 6 minutes.

As you already know from the rest of this article, this is all taking place over at the Ignition Casino. Using the code IGWELCOME while making your first deposit will earn you a one time promotion of 100% up to $1000!
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Greyhounds and Camels

To be totally honest, there’s not going to be a whole lot to say here that’s any different from the horse racing section right above here.

There are a couple of differences though, mainly the obvious – these races will feature Greyhounds and Camels! (Not together, although we would pay good money to watch that!)

You’ll have all of the same “Results” options as well as the different options for your wagers, trifectas, exactas, and so on.

There is also another pretty big difference you should know about with this one here.

Take a look at the menu on your left hand side where you would pick out the type of game you would like to play. You’ll see that “Greyhounds” is in fact listed twice. A closer inspection shows you that one of them has a letter “V” on it, and the other a letter “R”.

The “V” means that your dogs are going to be “Virtual”. No animal rights groups are going to get upset with you. The “”R” apparently stands for “Real” and watching it shows you real dogs racing. It’s all up to you if you want to see some real dogs or some virtual ones. We’re not the morality police here, we’re just here to tell you what you can bet on!

Now as for the Camels, there doesn’t seem to be any real ones, but the virtual ones, like the horses are there at all times for you to get in on!

Same clickable options here that you would expect from reading the rest of this article with your results options as well as the upcoming races, once again coming up anywhere from “you missed it, it’s already started” to coming up on roughly 8 minutes away.


Here’s for the auto racing fans here! All auto racing, all the time!

Now the graphics on this one really aren’t the greatest. They kind of look like the graphics of the old Playstation 2 era, but don’t let this turn you off! I mean, it’s auto racing, any old time you want it!

See? Not the greatest graphics to be found here, but who cares?! It’s auto racing on your time!

Yet again, you’re going to keep seeing the same options down toward the bottom of the “racing screen”, so you already know what to expect there.

With this one, it seems as though there are usually 6 cars on the track participating for you to bet on, although every once in a while Ignition will surprise you and throw in a race that includes 8 cars.

Like the other virtual options we have talked about, you’ll be able to take a look at results from previous races. If you were to click on any of these previous races, you would see that


We talked about the greyhounds up there a couple sections up and we talked about how there was actually an option to watch live, real dogs.

This is almost akin to the Supercars having a partner. With the Speedway option you’ll see some live action going on.

This author has no idea if this ever changes, but every time I have looked at it, it has been dirt bikes on a dirt track. It’s kind of impressive, I wish I could ride like that.

Same options with the previous results and a sneak peek at the next upcoming 3 races.

There does only seem to be 4 racers at any given time, but it’s daredevils entertaining you! Can’t complain too much!


And starting off with this section here, we’re going to move away from the sports-themed games all together and instead, move toward more in the way of some of the more, casino type games.

With “Color-Color”, you’ll find yourself into more of a Keno-ish surrounding. Totally new to the game of Keno? Just check this out!

This game starts with a new round every two minutes.

When the game starts, 6 colored balls are going to be drawn from a pool. These balls are going to be one of 4 colors, being red, yellow, blue, or gray, with you being able to place some basic bets on the number of any specific color being drawn. There is actually only one gray ball making it more rare with the possibility of it being drawn only once, giving you smaller odds with it but with a much, much better payout.

These balls are also all numbered anywhere from 1-49.

You can choose any number of “colors” being drawn from 0 to 6 and any combination you can think of in the middle of those.

Beyond that, you are able to really break this down into whatever you’re feeling as far as betting goes.

You can start to bet on which numbers are going to come out. You can go as far as to bet on a particular number having a particular number on it.

The payout table for the game Color-Color.

As you can see from the table above, the possibilities are not quite endless, but pretty darn close!

Spin and Win

And lastly, you’ve got the option to play “Spin and Win”.

Another name for this? Roulette. Seriously! Check it out!

This should look very familiar to anyone that has stepped foot into a casino, old-school or online!

Here you are able to bet on Red, you are able to bet on Black, and you have the option to bet on the very rare Green. Sound familiar?

Other bets that can be placed are, odd numbers, even numbers, or just bet on one of the ‘dozens”, ie, the first twelve numbers, the second twelve, or the third twelve.

That really is all there is to the “Spin and Win” game.

On the off chance that you really aren’t familiar with the game “Roulette”, just take a look at this article right here!


Need a little something different in your life and you gaming?

Ignition has you covered in those departments as long as you don’t count the obvious Roulette game there.

If you find yourself missing some live sports or some racing action because of the season or even just the time of day, there is really no reason to not go and check out these offerings from Ignition.

My personal favorite? The dog racing. Maybe you’ll find your own bag and discover a whole new experience!

To read about some more “different” types of casino games, take a look at these articles!

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