The Best Craps Bets to Make

Although chance is the very essence of Craps, experienced players know that there’s always a way to improve your odds and gradually accumulate your profit – usually, with no more than a bit of discipline and restraint. Despite the high payouts, certain Craps bets are a double-edged sword which can drain your budget in a…

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The Worst Bets to Make While Playing Craps

Although Craps does not rely on skill, it can still provide you with hours of lucrative fun, especially if you are familiar with the odds and house edge behind each of the bets. Just like in any other game of chance, Craps comes with its own set of Dos and Don’ts, which help the players…

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Max Quest – The Wrath of Ra

Okay, this is an odd one here, and I mean that in the nicest, greatest way. Maybe you’re tired of the same old casino games and you’re looking for some way to play something different. While looking for something different you’d still like to get paid. If this sounds like you, BigSpin Casino has got…

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How to Play the Red Dog Casino Game

What is Red Dog? Red Dog, or Yablon, is a variation of In-Between (aka Acey-Deucey), an extremely simple card game in which the players bet on the value of the in-between card (hence the name). The game is played with standard 52-card decks and although traces of it can be found in land-based casinos, Red…

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Oasis poker Guide for the New Players

What is Oasis Poker? Oasis Poker is a variation of the Caribbean Stud Poker, which allows the player to exchange the selected cards before deciding to Fold or Call. The advantage of replacing the unwanted cards with (hopefully) more favorable counterparts will, of course, come at the price and you will have to pay the…

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Newbies Guide to Zappit Blackjack

Basic Rules and How to Play Zappit Blackjack is a unique form of traditional Twenty-One game that allows you to exchange your current hand and take your chances with a new pair of cards. The idea was originally introduced by Geoff Hall, avid Blackjack player and card counter, who patented the new Blackjack Switch structure…

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Newbies Guide to Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Blackjack can bring a lot of excitement even in its simplest form, however, an added element of risk that the side bets introduce can reinvent the game, increase payout potential, and enable the players to change the dynamics of each session – all at the same time. Perfect Pairs is one of the most popular…

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Online Slot Glossary: The A-Z of Slot Terminology

Are you a slot machine newbie? If you are going to be enjoying the hundreds of slot games available to you to play at online casinos, you will need to familiarize yourself with basic slot terminology. As you play, you should gradually pick up on these terms, but maybe you want a crash course before…

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Tri Card Poker Info: House Edge, Odds, Payouts

Tri Card is extremely popular among beginners, and veterans often recommend this variant to those who are yet to master the fine art of poker. Thanks to the simplified structure, the game provides comfortable gameplay for the players who are still in the learning curve, while more experienced poker aficionados will enjoy the dynamics of…

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Caribbean Stud Poker Rules and Tips

Caribbean Stud falls under the 5-card poker category, and, unlike some other variants, the variation first appeared on cruise ships and holiday resorts in Aruba in the 80’s (the original form of the game emerged in the early 19th century). The identity of the inventor remains somewhat of a mystery, but the legacy lives –…

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