Newbie Questions and Answers for Online Casino Gambling

Being a beginner at online gambling can make one feel uneasy, but there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable if there’s a way to learn about the important things quickly and without much effort. Go through these questions and answers and it will be like a quick course on online gaming. This is all you need…

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Five tips for Playing Three Card Poker Online

Three Card Poker, also known as Trey Poker, Tri (3) Card Poker and Poker Three, was developed by Derek Webb in 1990s as an attempt to simplify and speed up the game while maintaining the same level of excitement. It plays with a 52-card deck and offers two wagering opportunities in one. Players can bet…

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Online Craps: Pass Line and Pass Line Odds Bets Explained

The first look at a Craps table can be quite daunting, with what seems like zillion different wagering options and areas with unusual names such as Come, Pass Line and Don’t Pass bar, Hardways, and so on. We’ve no doubt it has scared away more than a few players fearing complexity they wouldn’t be able…

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Australian Online Casinos – Legit AU Gambling Sites

The Land Down Under holds the highest rate of gambling in the world. Reports confirm that more than 80% of Australian adults engage in gambling of some kind. While they sure beat the stereotype which claims that Asians are those who love to gamble, Aussies have enjoyed liberal gambling laws for decades. As a result,…

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27 Cool Gambling Trivia Tidbits You May Not Know

Taking a break between hands of cards online? As a gambling enthusiast, you doubtless already know a fair amount of trivia about the history of gambling and its current popularity. Nonetheless, there probably are quite a few interesting facts which you do not know. Here is some cool gambling trivia to enhance your knowledge and…

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Crazy Ethereum Gambling Games

There are a growing number of gambling games popping up utilizing ethereum smart contracts to offer provably fair gambling games. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest ways you can gamble with ethereum outside of a traditional online casino that accepts ETH for deposits. EthCrash – ( This is a game where a…

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What Happens if You Win a Jackpot at an Online Casino?

It is a moment you have imagined a thousand times. You select your coin size, you pull the virtual lever, and you watch as the reels spin. Two symbols line up on the payline, then another, then another, then another… For a moment, you think your eyes must be lying to you. But no—you blink…

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11 Bets You Don’t Have to Make While Gambling Online

When you are playing at online casinos, you always want to balance the exhilaration of taking a risk against the cost of a high house edge. For this reason, we often talk about gambles you should avoid, like the tie bet in baccarat or the insurance bet in blackjack. But never mind the bets with…

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How to Choose Slot Machines to Play Online

When you step into a land-based casino, you will notice that the floor is largely dominated by slot machines. Yet the dozens of slots at your favorite brick-and-mortar casino are vastly eclipsed by the massive selection of slots you can play online. So where do you start? You may actually feel overwhelmed by all the…

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Customer Service at Online Casinos: What Should You Look For?

When you are looking for a new online casino to play at, what do you usually pay attention to? Bonus amounts? VIP programs? Games offered? Withdrawal speed? All of these are important, but there is one factor which I think a lot of players overlook until they really need it, and that is customer service.…

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