What are the Luckiest Numbers for Gambling?

When you get online to play at your favorite casino, do you choose a slot game that has your lucky numbers in the title or play those numbers when you are selecting your numbers in keno?

Lucky numbers have long been a core tradition in the world of gambling. But there is a lot about them you probably do not know.

A lot of folks out there have a “favorite” number. Are you one of them?

In this post, we will be sharing some popular lucky numbers with you for gambling.

But first, let’s discuss whether lucky numbers really are “lucky” or not.

Do Lucky Numbers Really Work?

You’re probably already familiar with the “777” style slot machines!

To consider whether or not lucky numbers “work,” we first need to answer the question, “What is luck?”

Luck has variable definitions. Here are a few of them:

Winning or losing that comes about via random chance rather than resulting from the actions that we take.

For example, take the game of poker. Your deliberate actions have a major impact on your outcomes, but sometimes you simply are dealt one poor hand after another. That would be an example of poor luck in this context.

A kind of “force” that brings about wins or losses, but which we still consider to be “chance.”

An example here would be a belief that Lady Luck is looking out for you while you are gambling, or that you are blessed or cursed by some other deity or supernatural power.

What we call it when something improbable happens, whether it was for good or ill. The improbable thing could have been brought about by random chance, deliberate actions (though not yours), or a combination of the two.

Being dealt a lengthy series of really good or bad hands in poker would be an example of an improbable event that came about through random chance.

Meeting a successful professional poker player while you are at the tables who takes an interest in you and decides to train you to be a successful pro yourself would be an example of this type of luck that isn’t fully random (the meeting was random; the interest was not).

A quality that clings to an object (such as a number) that renders that object capable of conferring seemingly improbable good or bad results.

The belief in a number being “lucky” or “unlucky” is an example of this type of luck.

So, given what we just went over as the definitions of “luck,” do lucky numbers really produce results?

If there is really a supernatural force of “luck” that can cling to them, then yes, hypothetically, they might work.

That said, there is no evidence that such a force exists.

There might be situations where you have a statistically unlikely event, like a string of wins all generated from playing the same number over and over again.

But there is no “thread” tying together past and present events in such a case, no continuity between them.

This is an example of the definition of luck that says, “Winning or losing that comes about via random chance rather than resulting from the actions that we take.”

Playing those numbers repeatedly was your action. By this definition, luck exists, but randomness is what made you a winner. Obviously, your actions did play a role, but their only significance was that randomness itself smiled fleetingly upon them. Your choices were not “special,” and you cannot rely on them to produce the same results in the future.

To put it another way, you might attach meaning to the numbers, but the universe never will.

What are the Potential Advantages of Having “Lucky” Numbers?

Here’s a picture of a ‘four’.
Why a “4”? Because I like it.

Well, first of all, if you are superstitious, the most obvious advantage in having a lucky number (if you are correct) is that you have a force on your side that is helping you out.

It is your belief that you can use the number to “force the hand of chance”, or at least give it a good nudge in the direction you prefer.

Another potential advantage of believing in lucky numbers is that through a belief in luck, we may sometimes positively impact our lives in indirect ways.

Here is an article you can read from a person who conducted a study into the lives of especially “lucky” and “unlucky” individuals to try and figure out what made their lives go the way they did.

He writes, “Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.”

He also writes, “Personality tests revealed that unlucky people are generally much more tense and anxious than lucky people, and research has shown that anxiety disrupts people’s ability to notice the unexpected.”

So, hypothetically, if your lucky numbers help you assuage your anxiety, you might be alert to more chance opportunities. Having positive expectations overall might also help you lean toward positive options or bounce back effectively from negative outcomes.

What are the Potential Pitfalls of Believing in “Lucky” Numbers?

The potential downside of a belief in lucky numbers is that you might sometimes throw caution to the wind, because you believe that you have an advantage that you really don’t.

For example, you might think that just by playing your “lucky” numbers, you are somehow protected from the likelihood of losing. This could tempt you to wager big stakes you really cannot afford.

Worse, if you lose, you might take it really hard, depending on your specific beliefs about luck.

If you thought you were blessed by a supernatural power, for example, it might feel as if that power has turned against you.

You might then believe you are cursed, which could increase your anxiety. You might then start missing more opportunities, etc.

So, whether you believe in lucky numbers or play with them or not, you should consider addressing any underlying anxiety you might have. You also should never assume that lucky numbers make you invincible.

What are Some Popular Lucky and Unlucky Numbers Around the World?

Some say that Friday the 13th is bad luck, but I don’t believe in that nonsense.
Now excuse me while I toss some salt over my shoulder!

Below, we go over some numbers that have a special cultural connotation of luckiness or unluckiness.

You will notice a repeating theme: what is considered lucky in one country is often considered unlucky in another.

  • 7

In the Western world, 7 is broadly considered to be one of the luckiest numbers. 7 is referenced positively a lot in Biblical contexts, so in the US and throughout Europe, many people believe that 7 can help them win a gamble. It is even better if the number occurs as a repeating string of matching digits, i.e. 777. That is why so many casinos and casino games have “777” somewhere in their names.

  • 8

In the East, the number 8 has a similar reputation to that which 7 enjoys in the West. The word for it in Chinese is close to the word for “prosperity.” So, Asian casinos and casino games may have the number 8 in their names, or repeating 8s, like 888.

  • 6

Another popular lucky number in the Eastern world is 6. The Chinese word for 6 is close to the word for “path.” Conversely, 6 might seem unlucky to people in the West, owing to negative biblical associations (i.e. the Number of the Beast). Indeed, if you are a Westerner, it might amuse you to know that “666” is even luckier in the East!

  • 13

In most Western countries, the number 13 is considered to be one of the unluckiest numbers, i.e. “Friday the 13th.” One exception, however, is in Italy, where it is the number of St. Anthony. There, 13 is seen as a lucky number.

  • 168
  • See? Didn’t just make that up!

This might look like an odd one if you are from the West. But if you are from the East, you know that it phonetically seems to spell out “one path to prosperity.” This is why so many casinos and games in the East feature 168.

  • 4

This number is considered very unlucky if you are gambling in the East. The reason why is because the word is pronounced similarly to the word for “death” in Chinese. In the West, however, 4 is not seen as especially unlucky. In some countries such as Germany, it may also be associated with four-leaf clovers, which are considered to be lucky because they are rare. In Zimbabwe, the number 4 is also considered to be lucky, because it reminds people of the fourth day of the week, which is a traditional weekend.

  • 3

This number is considered to be especially lucky in Slovakia, where it shows up a lot in traditional stories. The number 3 is also considered lucky in some other cultures and contexts as well.

Those are just some of the most common examples of lucky and unlucky numbers.

It is interesting when you think about it that the exact same number can have such vastly different reputations in two different cultures.

But it makes sense when you think of the role that peoples’ beliefs may sometimes play in their “luck” or at least their perception of it.

If you believe that 6 is lucky, then you are more likely to notice its involvement when you happen to win.

But if you believe that 6 is unlucky, you are more likely to notice the occasions when you happen to lose while you are gambling with it.

It is also worth mentioning in this discussion that a lot of people consider strings of repeating digits to be lucky in general, like:

  • 111
  • 222
  • 333
  • 444
  • 555
  • 666
  • 777
  • 888
  • 999

Sometimes, people refer to these as “angel numbers.”

The phrase “angel numbers” also sometimes references numbers that pop up a lot for individuals by synchronous chance.

We will talk more about that later on in this post.

Now, for something like the lottery, you may as well play your lucky numbers. That’s going to be just as good of a system as any other!

What are the Luckiest Numbers in the Lottery?

Have you ever wondered what numbers win most frequently in the lottery? Well, that depends on when you check. The data available today and the data available ten years in the future probably will not look alike.

That said, which numbers in the lottery are the luckiest ones right now?

Here is a Reader’s Digest article that has been updated within the same month I am writing this.

The post lists the following numbers as those that have been drawn most frequently in Mega Millions since the end of October in 2017:

  • 22
  • 11
  • 9
  • 10
  • 4
  • 19

What about the most frequently drawn numbers for Powerball? Those are listed as:

  • 66
  • 23
  • 61
  • 53
  • 21
  • 63
  • 59
  • 69
  • 64
  • 20

So, if you are playing the lottery, or a lottery-style casino game (or any other casino game that involves choosing numbers, for that matter), you could always try playing some of these “lucky numbers.”

Remember, they may or may not end up being lucky for you at the time that you play them.

However often 22 or 66 have been picked in the past, there are no guarantees that either will show up in the future.

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How Do You Know What Numbers are Lucky for You?

Remember this movie? It’s okay if you don’t. It wasn’t good.
Tell them I said that, I don’t care.

Do you suspect that some numbers are lucky for you, but you aren’t sure? Or maybe you do not have any lucky numbers at all that you know of, but you are wondering if you do.

There is no way to be “sure” that a number is truly “lucky” for you, especially since there is an ongoing debate between gamblers about whether or not superstitions about luck are true.

But what we can do is offer you some ideas for how you can choose your “lucky” numbers.

Whether or not they bring you fortune is up to, well, luck.

  1. Lucky Numbers In Your Culture
  2. We have shared some numbers with you that are commonly believed to be lucky in different cultures around the world.

    A lot of gamblers simply adopt those numbers as their own lucky numbers. For example, you might be used to seeing 777 as a lucky number, so you could just decide that 777 will be lucky for you as well.

  3. Lucky Numbers In Your Religion
  4. Closely related to numbers that are considered lucky in your culture are those that are considered lucky in your religion.

    We have already discussed this a bit. For example, if your religion is Christianity, you might decide seven is a good lucky number and 6 is a number to avoid.

    Or maybe you have more of a new age spirituality, and you are a believer in the power of 11:11.

    Perhaps you could adopt 11 as your lucky number, or even simply 1.

  5. Lucky Numbers Based On Hobbies
  6. Gambling may not be your only hobby, and perhaps some of your other hobbies feature lucky and unlucky numbers of their own.

    For instance, some golfers consider the number 3 unlucky.

    If you happen to be a golfer, it follows that you might adopt the same policy of avoiding the number three when you are gambling.

  7. Numerology
  8. If you happen to be a believer in numerology (this is an extension of our idea about lucky numbers from religion and spirituality), that could give you a basis for identifying more numbers of significance in your life.

    For example, you could use numerology to calculate what is known as your “life path number,” as well as your “destiny number.”

    Your “life path number” is calculated using your date of birth, and your “destiny number” is calculated using the letters of your name with numbers assigned.

    The results of either or both of these calculations could be some of your lucky numbers.

    Numerology also has what are known as “master numbers.” These are numbers with repeating digits, so they are basically the same thing as “angel numbers.”

  9. Synchronicity
  10. Another way some people identify lucky numbers in their lives is by paying attention to which numbers crop up time and again, seemingly at random moments.

    The thinking is that these synchronicities represent statistically improbable events.

    Whether or not you directly attach a belief in the supernatural to your perception of synchronicity, it seems intuitive that if such an improbable event has occurred many times in the past, it might continue to in the future.

    By using the numbers that come up synchronously in your life, you reason that you are merely injecting yourself into a current that is already flowing.

    Does this actually work? Well, that depends on whether or not there is order in the universe, but you can always try it!

  11. Numbers You Have Won With In The Past
  12. One idea that is closely related to the one above is to simply play winning numbers from your past as “lucky” numbers, especially if you have won with them multiple times already.

    Once again, you are perceiving what appears to you to be a pattern of events, and trying to jump into the middle of it in the hopes that it continues.

    Hypothetically, this should not work, because when you play a game of chance, each outcome is the result of an independent trial. There is no causal link between each round of keno you play, or each spin of the roulette wheel.

    But if you believe in a higher order in the universe that you are participating in, you might feel you have reason to believe that lucky numbers will stay lucky.

  13. Numbers Others Have Won With In The Past
  14. Some gamblers might take this a step further and attempt to adopt other peoples’ lucky numbers.

    For instance, maybe your parents once won the lottery using a set of numbers. Ever since, you try to play those numbers yourself in the hopes that some of their luck will rub off on you.

  15. Birthdates And Other Significant Numbers In Your Life
  16. We talked about how some people like to turn to numerology for their lucky numbers. But you can go even more basic than that.

    For many people, the numbers in their birthdates or those of their kids, spouses, and so on are among their favourites to play in lotteries, keno, and other games.

    You could also consider numbers from your street addresses, license plates, phone numbers, etc.

How Can You Use Your Lucky Numbers When Gambling?

You can always get one of these guys, get a marker, write your lucky number on it! No rules!

You have some ideas now for how you can come up with your lucky numbers. What are some ways you can put them to use while playing online casino games?

  1. Play Games Or Play At Casinos That Feature Your Lucky Numbers In Some Way
  2. There are many casinos that have common lucky numbers in their names. If you find one that is high in quality, just playing there is a way of calling upon those numbers.

    Similarly, there are games that feature lucky numbers prominently. If your lucky number is “7,” for instance, you could play slots that have “777” in their names.

  3. Claim Promotions That Feature Your Lucky Numbers
  4. Let’s say your lucky number is 5, and you see a match deposit bonus of 50% up to $500. That is a bonus that features your lucky number twice. Claiming it is a simple way you could try to appeal to Lady Luck.

  5. Make Deposits Using Your Lucky Numbers
  6. Speaking of deposits, another simple way to use lucky numbers in online gambling is to structure your deposit sizes around them.

    Imagine again that your lucky number is 7, and you want to deposit around $700-$800. Instead of rounding up or down to the nearest hundred, maybe you could deposit exactly $777.

    If you want to be more strict about things, you could just do this with the cents.

    Maybe you are wanting to deposit $750 exactly, and are not willing to go significantly higher. Consider depositing $750.77 if you do not have to round to the nearest dollar.

  7. Use Your Lucky Numbers In Your Stake Sizes
  8. You can apply a similar idea to your stake sizes, incorporating the use of your lucky numbers.

    I recommend that you keep your stakes at around 2% of your bankroll so that it can go a long way. But you can specify precise amounts that feature your lucky numbers.

    Continuing with the example above and the lucky number 7, let’s say your bankroll is currently $1,000. Betting 2% of that means you are setting a stake size of $20.

    Obviously, you would not want to jump the amount up to $70 or $77, or down to $7. But you could just wager $20.77, or $19.77.

    In a way, this is like making your money itself “lucky.”

    Indeed, this could give you comfort, because you might feel less like you need to rely on finding a lucky slot game, a lucky spot at the table, etc.

  9. Get An Item That Displays Your Lucky Number And Keep It With You As You Play
  10. You can turn a lucky number into a lucky charm simply by purchasing or creating a charm that features that number in some way.

    Say your lucky number is 8. You could buy a keychain or a jewelry item that has “888” printed on it, and keep it in your pocket while you are gambling.

    Since a lucky charm is a special object you will be keeping close through many years of gambling, you might even consider having a custom object engraved for you.

  11. Use Your Lucky Numbers In Games Like Keno
  12. Finally, one of the most obvious ways to use your lucky numbers while gambling is to play them!

    Try different numbers out that are meaningful to you in some way, or arrange them in different sequences.

    Again, this will not do anything to impact the outcomes of random games. But it can be a whole lot of fun. And if you are a believer in luck, you might very well argue with me about whether or not lucky numbers can generate winning results while gambling.

Find the Best Online Casinos to Gamble with Your Lucky Numbers

Gamblers will always have differing beliefs about lucky numbers and luck in general. Whether you are a big believer in the power of luck or not, lucky numbers will always be all around you when you are playing casino games. For a lot of players, they are a big part of the fun.

We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at lucky numbers and how you can make them part of your own gambling rituals. Whatever numbers you decide to play next at the casino, have a great time!

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