Every Card Game You Can Play at Online Casinos: Beginner’s Guide

You might be new to casinos altogether, or perhaps you are just new to table games. Either way, if you are looking to try your hand at card games for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of games and variants out there.

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the main types of card games you will encounter at online casinos.

We will go over popular variants and their pros and cons, as well as help you figure out whether you might enjoy each game.

But before we dive in, let’s quickly go over the benefits of playing casino card games online.

Why Play Card Games at Online Casinos?

The Biggest Selection
Online, you will find a massive selection of card games that far outpaces whatever is available at your local casino. You have the chance to try countless variants, including some you might never even have heard of.

No Waiting
You never have to wait in line for a spot at a table to free up when you play casino card games online.

Light On Social Interaction
When you play card games in person at a land-based casino, there is a degree of social interact regardless of what you play. Online, you can avoid social interaction entirely if you want, or you can keep it to a minimum when playing in the online casino’s poker room.

Great Bonuses
If you thought the comps at your local casino were exciting, wait until you discover the amazing bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. In fact, bonuses for poker players tend to be especially lucrative.

Top Card Games at Online Casinos

Excited to experience the benefits we just talked about? Let’s dive into the meat of this article and explore popular card games you can play at online casinos.


Let’s start out with the classic casino game of blackjack. This is a game which you can play using a mathematically optimized strategy. For many players, it offers just the right balance between simplicity and complexity, making it an approachable game no matter what draws you to the gambling tables.

  • The Basics

When you play blackjack, you play against the dealer. There may be other players at the table or not.

You will be dealt two cards at the start of the round. Based on those cards, you can:

  • Hit: Request another card.
  • Stand: Keep the cards you have and take no further action.
  • Double down: Double your bet and receive one additional card.
  • Split: If the dealer gave you two cards of equal value, you may “split” your original hand into two hands. Then, you play each hand individually.

You are trying to get the value of your hand as close as possible to 21 without going over. Going over 21 is called “busting.” If your hand value is exactly 21, it is a “blackjack.” The dealer is simultaneously dealing cards for the house, and their goal is likewise to get to 21 without busting. Sometimes the game is also called “21”.

Note that an ace may be either a 1 or an 11. If an ace is present in a hand, it is a “soft hand,” since there are multiple options to calculate the hand’s value.

There are two strategic approaches that players usually take to this game.

The first strategic strategy is Card Counting.

This is what it sounds like. You literally count cards and try to figure out what is still in the deck and thus what is likely to happen next. Alas, it is impossible in most settings because the deck penetration is such that you cannot see enough cards to do it with any accuracy.

The other strategic strategy is just a basic Blackjack Basic Strategy
This is a set of mathematical rules that tells you whether to hit, stand, split or double down depending on your hand value. This is the best approach to playing blackjack if you want to minimize the house edge.

  • Popular Variants
  • Like other card games, blackjack has many variants you can play, especially online. Here are a few popular types of blackjack:

    • Spanish 21:
    • Usually when you play blackjack, a standard 52-card deck is used. But when you play Spanish 21, a Spanish deck is used instead. It has 48 cards. There are no 10s. While this game does have a higher house edge than regular blackjack, players have freedoms in terms of surrendering. There are also more bonuses, and you win any time you get a 21, even if the dealer did likewise. Another name for this variant is “Pontoon“.

    • Blackjack Switch:
    • In this form of blackjack, you are dealt two hands instead of one. The name “Blackjack Switch” refers to the option you have to switch cards between the hands, recombining them in different ways in order to try and give yourself a better shot at winning. To maintain the house’s advantage, casinos pay even money if you get a 21, rather than paying 3-2. Additionally, say the dealer busts, but has a 22. If that happens, you do not win if you are still in the round. Instead, you push. The only exception is if you have a blackjack yourself.

    • Free Bet Blackjack:
    • The same person who invented the Blackjack Switch variant also came up with Free Bet Blackjack. This variant offers free doubles and splits. Similar to the variant above, if the dealer gets a 22 and you are still in the round, you get a push.

    • Stadium Blackjack:
    • This is a blackjack variant that is relatively new, and involves a “community” approach to the game, where the players are all dealt the same hand. But each player makes their own decision about what to do with that hand independent of the others. So, the outcomes for each player may vary based on the approaches they took. You are more likely to encounter this type of blackjack offline.

    • Super Fun 21:
    • If you want to play a variant of blackjack that has really liberal rules, Super Fun 21 is your game. The majority of the time, however, if you get a blackjack, you receive even money. You can receive a 2 to 1 payout if your hand is diamond-suited, however, and you get a blackjack.

    • Live Blackjack:
    • When you are playing blackjack online, most of the time, you will be playing against a program that deals your cards and looking at a fully virtual interface. “Live blackjack” refers to online blackjack where a live dealer is involved. You can see that person in a live video feed as they deal your hands.

    • Tournament Blackjack:
    • While you usually play against the house in blackjack, there are competitive blackjack tournaments as well.

A “regular” version of blackjack being played over at Cafe Casino.

  • Pros:

You can easily optimize play
All you have to do is use the basic blackjack strategy. Make sure that you look up the version of this strategy that is optimized for the rules for the variant you are playing.

Enjoy a super low house edge
When you play blackjack with the Liberal Vegas rules, the house edge can drop all the way down to 0.28%. It is hard to find a slimmer house advantage than that!

Relax and have a good time
Blackjack is not a particularly intense game. If you are following the basic strategy and managing your money in a conservative and consistent way, you should not see a lot of major ups and downs. Play is relatively steady, and most of the time, you will walk out with a small amount of winnings or fairly minor losses. You do not have to think much either, since you are just following a set of rules to make your decisions.

  • Cons:

You will gradually lose money
Even though some days you will win money playing blackjack, over the long term, you will lose money. A small house edge is still a house edge!

There is a lot to remember
Basic blackjack strategy tells you exactly what to do for every situation but there are a lot of possible combinations for your cards and the dealer’s up cards. If you play blackjack offline, you have to try and memorize all of that. What is awesome about online blackjack is that you do not have to memorize anything. Just open a chart for reference in one tab while you play in another.

You May Enjoy Blackjack If…

  • You value a low house edge
  • Again, you will be hard-pressed to find a lower one. This is one of the best games you can play if you want to enjoy a lot of action without worrying about depleting your bankroll.

  • You are not trying to play professionally
  • Do not be fooled by the idea that counting cards is an easy road to profits. On the contrary, it is very rare to find a situation where you can actually succeed with this, especially long term. Blackjack is a game that only the house can win in the long term.

  • Math interests you
  • You will have a fun time learning the basic strategy and analyzing why it works. As you try out the different variants, it will be interesting for you to understand the ways that the rule changes impact your odds of winning, the house edges and the payouts.

  • You want a relaxing game
  • If you have been hard at work all day and you just want to kick back, switch off your brain, and unwind, blackjack should be one of your go-to card games.


If what you are looking for is an easy card game that you can play as mindlessly as you do roulette or a slot machine, then baccarat will be your new favorite casino game.

  • The Basics

At the start of a round of baccarat, you can make any of these three bets:

  1. Bet on the banker
  2. Bet on the player
  3. Bet on a tie

The dealer will deal two cards to the banker and two cards to the player.

The points are added up for each hand. If either the banker or the player has an 8 or 9, then the round has concluded with a “natural win.” If that is not the case, then the dealer may draw a third card according to the game rules. There is never a fourth card dealt.

  • The highest score possible for a hand of baccarat is 9.
  • The hand with the most points wins.
  • Aces are worth 1.
  • Tens are worth 0.
  • Face cards are worth 0.
  • If a hand’s value is in the double digits, then the first digit simply gets removed to determine the final value of the hand. Say, for instance, the value of the hand is 14. Just remove the “1” and look at the second digit. In baccarat, the value of that hand is 4. Likewise, let’s say that the original hand value is 12. Remove the “1”. The value of the hand for the purposes of baccarat points calculation is “2.”

There is a commission when winning on the banker bet.

The most important thing to know about baccarat is the house edge for each type of bet:

  • Banker: 1.06%
  • Player: 1.24%
  • Tie: 14.36%

These house edges do not vary from hand to hand. That means that the strategy to play baccarat is ridiculously simple:

Always bet on the banker

Yes, this is despite the fact that there is a commission for the banker bet but not for the player bet.

One thing to be aware of is that with some variants of baccarat, the commission is reduced or removed on the banker bet. But the drawback is that the rule changes make you less likely to win this bet, which drives up the house edge.

Once again over at the Cafe Casino, here’s some their Baccarat table.

  • Popular Variants
    • Punto Banco:
    • This is the most popular form of baccarat around the world. The name is essentially synonymous with “baccarat.”

    • Chemin de Fer:
    • With this variation of baccarat, the player has the option of taking on the role of the banker, rather than always playing in the role of the player. You may find electronic versions where the program simply takes the player’s side when you assume the banker role, or you might sometimes find multiplayer versions of the game where you play against real players. This version of baccarat is a big deal in Europe.

    • Baccarat Banque:
    • This game is a bit like Chemin de Fer, but if you want to play as the banker, you must first challenge the banker and beat them.

    • EZ Baccarat:
    • This type of baccarat includes the Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets.

    • 3-Card Baccarat:
    • As the name describes, this is a version of baccarat where instead of dealing 2 cards to the player and banker, the dealer deals 3 cards to each.

    • Mini Baccarat:
    • This is a version of baccarat where fewer players sit at the tables, which allows for a fast-paced game.

    • Live Baccarat:
    • Just as you can play blackjack against a live dealer online, you can do the same with baccarat, enjoying something like a “hybrid” of the online and offline experience of gambling.

    • Tournament Baccarat::
    • As with blackjack, there are sometimes baccarat tournaments in which you can participate. Playing in a baccarat tournament introduces a new strategic element to the game.

  • Pros:

The house edge is not high with optimized play
You are not going to lose money too quickly with a house edge of 1.06% assuming your stake sizes are not out of control.

You can learn to play in seconds
It does not take long at all to grasp the concept that it is always best to bet on the banker, and you should never ever make the tie bet. In the time it has taken you to read this paragraph, you have learned all you need to know to play baccarat optimally. As a bonus, that is all you have to memorize!

This game is relaxing
It is easy to let go of the day’s cares and worries as you play baccarat. Whether you bet on the banker repeatedly or you sometimes vary it up and bet on the player just for fun, baccarat is ridiculously easy to play.

  • Cons

Some people might find the repetitive nature of play dull
While you cannot deny the ease of being able to just keep making the banker bet repeatedly, it can be kind of monotonous. Some players might find this frustrating, and long for a game that offers more variety in approach.

You cannot play baccarat professionally
You will always be subject to the house edge when you play baccarat. That means that there is no chance of being able to bet professionally on this card game.

You May Enjoy Baccarat If…

  • You want a game with a low house edge
  • You will not blow your bankroll quickly playing this game if you do not set unwieldy stake sizes. You should be able to walk away with a small win or loss most of the time.

  • You find other card games too complicated
  • Some people just do not want to learn all the ins and outs of a game like poker or even blackjack. If you are frustrated by the learning curve with either of those games, you will adore the simplicity of baccarat.

  • You do not care about profiting in the long run
  • As with blackjack, baccarat is a game that favors the house. You need to be okay with losing money over time to enjoy it.

  • You want to play a stress-free game
  • There is no reason baccarat should ever be anything but relaxing so long as you are not doing anything crazy with your money management.

  • You are a James Bond fan
  • You probably remember 007 playing this game in the movies On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Dr. No, GoldenEye and Thunderball. If you read the Casino Royale novel, you also know that this was the game that Bond originally played, not Texas Hold’em as portrayed in the film version.


We have now discussed both blackjack and baccarat, which are two of the biggest card games played at casinos. Now, let’s complete the trifecta. The third major casino card game is, of course, poker.

Poker is different from the two games above in that you are playing directly against other players. In blackjack, you play against the house, and in baccarat, you usually do as well.

In poker, you can play against the house if you are playing a virtual version where a computer program takes on the role of bots around the table.

There is also “video poker” which is kind of a cross between poker and a slot machine.

But usually when we think about poker, we are picturing what takes place in a card room where you sit around a table with other real humans and you all face off against each other.

  • The Basics

In poker, here is what takes place in a nutshell. For this example, we will use Texas Hold’em, as that is the most popular type of poker nowadays.

For each hand, a player is assigned to deal cards from a standard deck. On every subsequent hand, the dealer is the next person over clockwise. The player on the left of the dealer is the first person to bet, and betting proceeds clockwise as well.

The first stage is called the “pre-flop“. During this stage, two cards are dealt to each player face-down. Only the players can see their individual two-card hands. An initial round of betting takes place.

Next comes the “flop“. During this stage, the dealer turns over the first three cards in the middle of the table. These are community cards. They are used by every player to complete their hand. Betting now proceeds again.

The next stage of poker is the “Turn“. This is when the fourth community card is dealt, and players once again go around the table, placing their bets.

The final stage is called the “River“. This is when the fifth community card is dealt. Players may bet one more time.

After the betting is completed, the players reveal their cards, and the winner receives the pot.

From low to high, here are the card rankings:

  • High card
  • one pair
  • two pair
  • three of a kind
  • straight
  • flush
  • full house
  • four of a kind
  • straight flush
  • royal flush

During betting rounds, players may have the opportunity to call, raise, check or fold, depending on the action.

Keep in mind that what we have written above is just the basics for Texas Hold’em. Other forms of poker are played quite differently (for example, many types of poker do not involve community cards).

You probably already know how to play Poker, but if you have any questions at all you can always go and check out Bovada where they’ll happily answer any questions you can think of!

  • Popular Variants
    • Standard Five-Card Draw:
    • This is probably the most iconic form of poker outside of Texas Hold’em, and remains popular in home settings, though not so much in the casinos nowadays.

    • Video Poker:
    • This is a game that is based on Five-Card draw that in land-based casinos is played at an electronic console that looks a bit like a slot machine. You can actually get a negative house edge when you play it perfectly.

    • Stud Poker:
    • Unlike with draw poker, stud poker variations feature rounds where you receive some cards that are face down and others that are face up. There are numerous types of stud poker. Some examples of stud poker variations include Mississippi Stud, Seven-Card Stud, Six-Card Stud, Mexican Stud, Razz, Option Alley and Caribbean Stud.

    • Omaha Hold’em:
    • This game is played a lot like Texas Hold’em, but rather than dealing two cards to each player, the dealer gives four cards to each player.

    • Manila:
    • This game uses a 32-card deck with the lowest rank being either 6 or 7, depending on the sub-variation of the game being played.

    • Let It Ride/Let Em Ride:
    • This is a variation in which you play a hand where three cards are private and two cards are community cards.

    • Teen Patti:
    • This variation is one in which you receive three cards. There is a payout table, and if the cards you received match up with a payout, then you win it. You can think of it as being somewhere between poker and a slot game in terms of how it works.

    • Pai Gow Poker:
    • This game is based on the traditional Chinese game of Pai Gow. But whereas that game is played using Chinese dominoes, this version is played using cards. Learn in-depth about how to play Pai Gow poker.

    • Vegas Three Card Rummy:
    • This is a popular game found in online casinos that is classified as a poker game (much like Three Card Poker) despite the name being “rummy”. Three cards are dealt face-down to the player and the dealer. You can raise or fold. To win, you need to have fewer points than the dealer.

    • Tournaments:
    • Poker tournaments are a really big deal, and there are huge amounts of money waiting to be won. So, if you are a skilled player, you should go for it. Playing in one poker tournament is sometimes enough to change your life forever.

As with the blackjack and baccarat variations we went over, the poker variations you see above are just a sampling of what is out there. This list is not exhaustive, and you will find other variants to play online and offline.

  • Pros:

You can compete with others
If you consider yourself a competitive person, there is no more thrilling game at the casino than poker. You get to challenge yourself to beat players at all skill levels. Every game is a chance to learn, improve your skills, and move up to the next level. Who knows? You might even become one of the best of the best someday.

You can play this game for a living
House edge is a concept that flies out the window when you are playing poker against other players. One of you will walk away a winner. That means that if you are the best player at the table again and again, it is possible you will win this game again and again. You might even be able to play poker full-time.

Play involves strategizing and adapting
Every opponent you face will bring a different set of techniques, strengths and weaknesses to the table, and every combination of players will interact in different ways. That means that not only do you have to develop tactics, but you need to modify them on the fly game after game to the changing scenarios you encounter. That is what makes poker such a compelling game.

This is a more social game than most
If you want your gambling experience to be a more social one, then play more poker. It involves much more interaction between players than most other casino games since your decisions all directly impact one another. You can even socialize with other poker players online via live chat.

The psychological components are fascinating
A lot of the action of poker takes place inside the minds of the players. You are constantly trying to figure out what your opponents are thinking and feeling and how you can use that to your advantage, while they are doing the same with you.

You can take poker seriously or not
Poker is a game that can be equally appealing to the professional full-time gambler or the casual player. It very much is what you make of it.

  • Cons:

The learning never stops
With a lot of casino games, there is an initial learning process, and then, you are basically done. You figure out the optimal approach to the game, and then you just follow those optimized play rules. But poker is different. Not only do you have a lot to learn when you are a beginner, but you have to keep learning and improving even after playing poker for years. That is a lot of work (though it can be fun and rewarding work, so it is not necessarily a “drawback” really).

Poker against other players can be intimidating
If you are the type of person to get nervous when you are facing competition, you might not get into poker that much. There is no denying this game involves a lot of pressure.

You May Enjoy Poker If

  • You want to make a living gambling
  • There are not a whole lot of casino games you can play and score a long term profit since the vast majority have house edges baked in. But poker is one of the exceptions to that rule. If you dream of becoming a pro gambler, poker is the game to play.

  • You just want to have fun
  • You do not have to be ambitious about becoming a pro gambler to have a blast playing poker. It is an excellent choice for those who just want to enjoy themselves too. So long as you keep your goal in mind (having fun), you will not stress yourself out trying to hard to win.

  • You find strategizing and playing head games fun
  • Although luck plays a part in poker, it is very much a skill-based game. If the skill elements excite you, then you will love it.

  • You have a competitive streak
  • It can be a thrill busting out opponent after opponent.

  • Learning exhilarates you
  • If you find the process of continuously improving your knowledge and skills exciting, then you will really get into poker.

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Casino War

The next game on our list is Casino War. Just as you would guess, this is the gambling version of the “War” card game that you might remember from your childhood.

  • The Basics

Casino War is a simple, straightforward game. You play against the dealer. As you both turn over cards, comparing them, the one with the higher point value wins. Here is how play unfolds:

  • Anywhere from 1-8 decks may be used in a game of Casino War, 6 decks being the most common.
  • The same card rankings that are used for poker are used for Casino War.
  • An ace is worth 11, not 1.
  • You make a bet at the start of play.
  • The dealer deals themselves a card and you a card, both face-up.
  • If your card has the higher value, then you win.
  • If the dealer’s card has a higher value, then you lose.
  • If you and the dealer have cards with the same value, there is a tie and you may either Go To War or Surrender.
  • If you surrender, you give up half of your original bet, and receive the other half back.
  • If you go to war, you and the dealer both double your wager and the dealer burns three cards. Then, a card is dealt-face up to you, and another is dealt face-up to the dealer.
  • If your card has the higher value, then you win.
  • If the dealer’s card has the higher value, then you lose.
  • If there is another tie, what happens next depends on the variation of Casino War you are playing.

Now let’s get a look at the different types!

A couple of winning hands over at the Big Spin Casino!

  • Popular Variants
    • Liberal Rules:
    • If liberal rules are in effect, there may be the opportunity to win a tie bonus.

    • Stingy Rules:
    • Under these rules, there is no chance for a tie bonus.

    • Ultimate Casino War:
    • This is a version of Casino War that allows you to switch out your card for the next one in the deck. Another name for this variation is One for the Money.

  • Pros:

Casino War is easy to learn
It only takes a few minutes to learn the rules, and if you played the childhood version of War, you should find the casino version very intuitive.

The strategy is super simple
You just avoid placing the tie bet, and go to war every time there is a tie. Do not surrender. If you just do that over and over again, you can minimize the house edge.

The game is relaxing
Because this game is so simple and straightforward, you can stop thinking and just get into the flow of play. It is a great way to let go of your stress at the end of a long day.

Play progresses rapidly
Because the cards are dealt face-up and often the outcomes are immediate, you can proceed through hand after hand really quickly.

The house edge is pretty low
It can be just 1.24% with optimal rules and play. So, you can play a whole lot of hands and not run out of your bankroll if you do not bet too much at a time.

For some players, Casino War is nostalgic
Bring back those childhood memories of War with the casino version of your favorite card game.

  • Cons:

The house always wins
Even though the house edge is low, this is not a card game like poker where you can get an advantage.

Play may be repetitive
There is not a lot of variety in the action of Casino War. But for some players, this is okay.

You May Enjoy Casino War If

  • You like simplicity in your card games
  • The straightforward nature of Casino War will delight you.

  • You just want to relax and have a good time
  • Casino War will not demand much of you in terms of effort.

  • You want a fast-paced card game
  • Maybe you do not have a lot of time to gamble, or perhaps you just get impatient with games with slower pacing. You will delight in the speed with which you can play through a bunch of Casino War hands.

If you are interested in learning more about Casino War, our in-depth guide is a great place to start.


Another card game you may sometimes run into when you are playing at online casinos is rummy. Traditionally, this is a multiplayer game. The way it is played is similar to dominoes, but using cards instead of tiles.

It is important to be aware that there are some games called “rummy” at online casinos that are actually variations on poker or blackjack. In fact most of the time when you encounter “rummy” online, that is what you will be looking at, not the traditional card game called “rummy”. Nevertheless, it seemed like a good idea to cover that game here, if only to clear up confusion about the different types of card games that all are called “rummy”.

  • The Basics

Here is how rummy is played:

  • At the start of the game, you will be dealt a certain number of cards, typically, it is either 7 or 10. You need to try and get rid of your cards.
  • When it is your turn to play, you need to draw a card. You can either use the deck or the discard pile.
  • You can get rid of your cards when they form melds.
  • There are two types of melds: sets and runs.
  • A set is three or four cards that share a matching rank.
  • A run is three or more cards that are both sequential and suited.
  • An ace is worth 1, not 11.
  • One cannot continue a sequence from the top by circling around to the bottom. Once the sequence is as high as it can go, it is done.
  • How many melds are permitted on each turn depends on the rummy variation you are playing.
  • If a meld is on the table and it has not maxed out, anyone can add to it if they have the correct card once it is their turn.
  • When you are done with a turn, you place one of your cards in the discard pile. You may discard any card except one that you withdrew from the discard pile on that round.
  • The first player who manages to get rid of all their cards is the winner of the round.
  • It is in your interest to discard cards with high values as quickly as you can in this game. Why? Because if you do not win the round, the points for your cards are added together and given to the winner.
  • When one of the players reaches the winning point threshold, they win the whole game.
  • Stalemates are possible in rummy.

And now let’s take a look at some variations of this one.

And here’s another nice winning hand at Big Spin Casino, this time playing rummy!

  • Popular Variants
    • Deals Rummy:
    • This form of rummy has an alternate scoring scheme. Instead of competing to be the first to reach a particular points threshold, players play a specified number of deals. Once the deals are complete, the chips remaining for each player determine the winner.

    • 21 Cards:
    • This version of rummy is played using three decks. An alternative name for it is Indian Marriage. Jokers and value cards may be used as substitutes. The 7, 8 and 9 of spades sequence is a “Marriage Hand” worth 100 points.

    • Canasta:
    • 2s and jokers in this Spanish variant of rummy act as wild cards.

    • Gin Rummy:
    • This name generally refers to the basic form of rummy that uses a standard 52-card deck and is played by the rules we described.

      If you manage to find “rummy” listed at an online casino, it will usually be a poker or blackjack variation. If it is based on the traditional type of rummy we have described here, it will be a variation of some sort that is luck-based and has a specific house edge.


Rummy is actually a skill-based game, even though there is luck involved in how the cards are dealt
That means if you can find a multiplayer version of rummy that pits you against other players, you may be able to use skill to win. Sometimes you might even be able to participate in rummy tournaments.

  • Cons:

You will be hard-pressed to find this type of rummy at most online casinos
As much fun as Rummy is, online casinos tend to shy away from skill-based games aside from poker.

You May Enjoy Rummy If

  • You want to master a game that involves the heavy use of skill and strategy
  • You enjoy competing against other players

Andar Bahar

This chance-based card game is from India. It is not as popular as poker, blackjack, Casino War or baccarat, but we are starting to see it offered more widely at western casinos than we did in the past.

  • The Basics
  • Here is how to play Andar Bahar:

    • Andar and Bahar are the names of two slots on the table: left and right. When the game starts, you will see a third middle slot appear.
    • Before the first deal, you need to place a bet on Andar or Bahar.
    • A card is dealt into the middle slot, face-up.
    • The dealer now places a card to one side of the middle card.
    • If it matches that card, the round is complete. If it doesn’t, the dealer places a card on the other side of the middle card.
    • If it matches the middle card, the round is complete.
    • If it is not a match, the dealer alternates back to the previous side, placing a card, and so on, until there is a match. If the match is on the side on which you wagered, then you win. If it is on the other side, then you lose.

Take a look at our 101 guide to playing Andar Bahar to learn more about this game and which casinos are offering it.

And then finally heading back to the Cafe Casino for a little Andar Bahar action!

  • Popular Variants

We didn’t find a lot of information about Andar Bahar variants. That is not surprising at this juncture, since the game is still in the early stages of success in the western world.

We do know that in the basic version of the game, the first card is always placed on the Andar/left side, but that there are some variants of this game (usually in home games) that use the color of a joker card to determine whether the first card will be placed on the left or right.

We have also heard that the side bets available for Andar Bahar may vary depending on where you are playing it.

  • Pros:

The game is really easy to learn
It takes seconds to grasp the concept of Andar Bahar. Once you see it in action, you will effortlessly understand what you are doing.

You can play Andar Bahar mindlessly
The outcomes are random, so you do not need to make any hard decisions.

You hardly have to do anything to play
You just place your initial bet, and then kick back and wait to find out if it won or lost. It is every bit as easy as pushing “spin” on a slot game.

This game may have novelty value to some gamblers
Not everyone in the western world is familiar with it yet.

  • Cons:

The action is repetitive.

There is a house edge
This is true even though the odds are 50/50. So, do not assume that you can bring in a net win over time with this game or even break even. The house will gradually take more and more of your money.

You May Enjoy Andar Bahar If

  • You want to play a relaxing, easy game
  • You will find it very relaxing to just place your bets and watch as the cards are dealt to discover if you have won or lost each round.

  • You are looking for something different to play
  • Maybe you are tired of playing the same western card games again and again, and want to freshen up your gambling experience a bit. Andar Bahar is just the game you are looking for to break out of your routine.

Where Can You Play These Card Games Now?

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