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There are actually a few types of doctors out and about in the world. There are the ones that took the hippocratic oath and are here to help you and cure what ails you. There are those that took the easy way and became chiropractors and are now using the title of ‘Dr.’ very loosely. And then of course we have the mad scientists and that’s where things start to really get fun!

Dr. Winmore is absolutely one of those last ones mentioned with his mini-army of robots and futuristic creations bent on world destruction helping you out to win some money!

The new Dr. Winmore Slot from RTG may not be the most innovative slot to ever hit the market, but it is a little different from the “spin and line up some fruits” of yesterday. Let’s see what the doctor has in store!


This slot is brand spanking new, having come out February of 2020 and is available at the Intertops Red Casino. It is a 5 by 5 slot with no paylines. That is to say, you’ll want symbols to line up for you, but it ultimately doesn’t matter where these symbols end up, just so long as you have them! Keep on reading!

The Gameplay and Graphics

From the pictures and the paragraph above, you’ll see that Dr. Winmore is a 5×5 slot, always giving you a total of 25 symbols across the board with every spin.

From the get go, your symbols will come down from the gameplay area. You will not be looking to match 3 symbols on any line as with most slots, but rather 4 symbols. Do not let this dissuade you! These 4 winning symbols do not have to be all on the same line so long as they’re just touching each other in any other way, be it horizontally or vertically and in any combination of, just not diagonally.

As you hit wins, the winning symbols will clear themselves off of the board to be replaced with new, cascading symbols, hypothetically giving you the chance to just keep winnings coming along as long as the new symbols to come in on the gameboard keep on giving you winning combinations.

The graphics in the Dr. Winmore slot are a nice change in themselves. These aren’t the most breathtaking images around, but with many slots being released over the course of the last couple of years looking rather, retro, it is nice to see a new release actually have some clean, vibrant graphics.

The Symbols

As the good Doctor takes you on a tour around his laboratory, you’ll find all kinds of stuff that will help you to start scoring big! These symbols take the form of, and pay out as such –

Regular Symbols

  • A Blue Plasma Ball –
    • Match 4 – 20, match 5 – 35, match 6 – 60, match 7 – 125, match 8+ – 500
  • Green Tube Lamp –
    • Match 4 – 18, match 5 – 30, match 6 – 50, match 7 – 100, match 8+ – 300
  • Yellow Light Bulb –
    • Match 4 – 15, match 5 – 25, match 6 – 40, match 7 – 80, match 8+ 200-
  • Purple Vial –
    • Match 4 – 12, match 5 – 20, match 6 – 35, match 7 – 60, match 8+ – 150
  • Yellow Beaker –
    • Match 4 – 10, match 5 – 18, match 6 – 30, match 7 – 50, match 8+ – 125
  • Red Beaker –
    • Match 4 – 8, match 5 – 15, match 6 – 25, match 7 – 40, match 8+ – 100
  • Blue Vial –
    • Match 4 – 7, match 5 – 12 match 6 – 18, match 7 – 30, match 8+ – 75
  • Orange Vial –
    • Match 4 – 6, match 5 – 10, match 6 – 15, match 7 – 20, match 8+ – 50

Be on the lookout for any 4, (or more) symbols to match and claim your prize!

Special Symbols

Also to be on the lookout for are some of the Doctor’s Special Creations, and they’ll be taking the appearance of some robots that are bent on destroying regular symbols. This is a good thing! If you happen to spin a turn with no winners on the board, why not want a robot to come and clean up, hoping that some better symbols come to work out for you?

This is what each of the four robots will destroy for you –

  • Blue Robot – Clears out the row
  • Yellow Robot – Clears out the column
  • Green Robot – Clear the row and the column
  • Red Robot – Clear all adjacent symbols

The Wild Symbol
And then of course, we have to Doc himself starring as everyone’s favorite symbol, the “Wild” symbol. When he pops up, he’ll stand in for any other Regular symbol. That is to say, he will not count as a Robot symbol. You’ve got to earn all of those symbols, and you do want them to pop up.

BONUS OFFER: Weekly Mobile Award
BONUS OFFER: 150 Monthly Spins

Special Features

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton to say over here. Dr. Winmore doesn’t feature any bonus rounds, nor are there any progressive prizes or free spins.

You could technicallyFree Spins being thrown around.

What about re-spins?Nope. They are missing as well.

So, as you can see, there just isn’t a whole lot of information to put into this category just because it doesn’t exist.

However, with those cascading symbols, there is still plenty of action going all around!

Pros & Cons

Cascading symbols for big win possibility
Multipliers add up fast
No free spins
Special features a little on the lacking side


Dr. Winmore looks as though it can be a really fun game with it’s mad-scientist theme and the possibility of the spins to just keep coming and coming with the cascading symbols.

There may be some bells and whistles missing that many other slots do have, but the visuals in the Dr. Winmore slot, combined with the basic gameplay, make up for it in our opinion.

It is on the unfortunate side that we cannot seem to find the payout percentage, but we’re actually not going to let that dissuade us this time!

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