Lucky Wheel 101

If you are looking for a fun and easy table game to play similar to roulette or Big Six, you might enjoy Lucky Wheel.

In this guide, we will introduce you to Lucky Wheel, how it works, and how to play it. We will also tell you which online casinos are offering this game.

But first, let’s go over Lucky Wheel basics.

What is Lucky Wheel?

Lucky Wheel is a table game you can find at Bovada as well as other casinos within the Bovada family.

It is not to be confused with the slot game that also goes by the name “Lucky Wheel”, the two are not related.

Lucky Wheel is a simple game of chance. When you load the game, you are presented with a colorful wheel. On the wheel, you will see numbers 0-9.

You simply wager on what number the wheel will land on after it stops spinning, and if you are right, you win your bet.

This is what Lucky Wheel looks like when you start it up over at

Why Play Lucky Wheel?

Here are a few reasons to think about playing Lucky Wheel:

  • The game is simple and easy to learn.
  • Even if you were not to read through this guide, you could probably figure it out on your own pretty fast. As it is, if you do read our instructions on how to play, you should be able to get started effortlessly when you load the game in your browser.

  • The interface is pleasing to look at.
  • You will love the vibrant colors as the wheel spins.

  • Depending on how you bet, you can make your bankroll last.
  • We will discuss this more later.

  • When you win a payout, it can be significant.
  • This is even true if you are wagering smaller amounts.

  • You do not have to think too hard.
  • This is not a game that requires intensive strategizing and decision-making. If you just want to relax and zone out while playing a fun casino game, Lucky Wheel is a great choice.

Lucky Wheel is something new and different to try. If you are tired of playing the same old table games over and over, you will find Lucky Wheel to be a refreshing diversion.

What are the Rules of Lucky Wheel?

The rules of Lucky Wheel are ridiculously simple:

  • You are presented with a wheel with numbers 0-9.
  • You place your bets, and then spin the wheel. It turns clockwise.
  • The wheel stops turning, and the number at the top of the wheel is the one selected. There will also be a multiplier selected that could range anywhere from 1x to 4x.
  • You find out if you won and how much.

There is not much more to say about it than that!

How to Play Lucky Wheel

So, let’s say you want to play a round of Lucky Wheel. Here is how to it, step by step:

  1. Begin by Placing Your Bets

The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet is $500. You will see a selection of “chips” across the bottom of the screen. They are labelled 1, 5, 25, 100, and 500. You can either drag a chip to the number on the wheel you want to wager that denomination on, or you can simply tap on the chip, and then tap on the number on the wheel where you want it.

You can also do this multiple times for any given number. So, for example, you can drag the chip with the denomination “1” to the number “5” on the wheel to bet $1, and then you can drag “1” to “5” again, and your bet will be $2. You could then drag “25,” and your total bet on that number would be $27, and so on.

You can wager on as many numbers on the wheel at a time as you wish. In fact, you can even bet on all of them!

  1. Push the Spin Button

Once you have all of your bets in order, you can push the button labelled “spin” on the right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Wait for Your Result

The wheel will now spin in a rainbow blur. You will see the multiplier number changing randomly in the center as the wheel turns.

The wheel will slow down, and then it will stop.

If you bet on the number it lands on at the top of the screen, you will win that wager. Any other bets you placed will lose.

The game pays out 9:1, so your winnings will equal the amount of your bet x 9 x the multiplier.

So, for instance:

  • Imagine you bet $1 on “8.”

The wheel turns, and it lands on “8.” The multiplier lands on 1x. That means that you win $1 x 9 x 1 = $9.

  • Imagine you bet $5 on “6.”

The wheel turns, and it lands on “6.” The multiplier lands on 2x. That means that you win $5 x 9 x 2 = $90.

  • Imagine you bet $3 on “2.”

The wheel turns, and it lands on “2.” The multiplier lands on 3x. That means that you win $3 x 9 x 3 = $81.

  • Imagine you bet $4 on “5.”

The wheel turns, and it lands on “5.” The multiplier lands on 4x. That means that you win $4 x 9 x 4 = $144.

As you can see, if you get lucky, you can sometimes get huge payouts with respect to the small wagers you might have placed. Imagine wagering just a few dollars and winning over $100.

Of course, if you wager more money, you can win a lot more as well. For example:

  • Imagine you bet $100 on “5.”

The wheel turns, and it lands on “5.” The multiplier lands on 4x. That means that you win $100 x 9 x 4 = $3,600.

That is one heck of a payout! And now imagine if you were a high roller who wagered $500. Your payout could be $18,000!

Just click on the amount you would like to bet, choose yourself a number, and you’re all ready to go!

Additional Features

Lucky Wheel has several convenient features to facilitate play. There is a handy “Re-Bet” button if you want to place the exact same set of wagers on your next spin without doing it all by hand.

There is also a “Re-Bet x2” but if you want to quickly and easily double your stakes from your previous wager.

If you just want to kick back and watch the wheel spin again and again, losing yourself in a dazzling rainbow of hues, there is an autoplay feature.

Also, you can set the backdrop color to blue or red. Normally I would not take the trouble to mention this, but in a game that is so based in color and visual appeal, it is nice to be able to choose which background color you feel best complements the wheel.

Is Lucky Wheel Random?

One important thing to know about this table game is that its results are purely random.

As with virtual versions of roulette or Big Six, the Lucky Wheel “wheel” is not an actual, physical wheel. It is just a digital depiction of a wheel.

Although the rules for the game go out of their way to point out that the wheel turns clockwise, it really does not matter which way the wheel turns. Again, it is really just the image of a wheel.

The result of each spin is determined by a random number generator (RNG), just as is the case for other random online casino games such as slots.

So, it is important to know that although you can make money management decisions that can impact how long your bankroll lasts, none of the decisions you make while betting are going to have any influence on how the wheel lands when it stops spinning.

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Lucky Wheel House Edge

We were not able to locate the exact house edge for this table game, but we can tell you that Lucky Wheel definitely has a house edge.

It is important to note that the numbers on the wheel do not range from 1 to 9, but from 0 to 9. There are ten of them in all.

  • Imagine you have $100 in your bankroll.

Let’s say you place a $1 bet on every number on the wheel, and then spin it.

When you click “spin,” $10 will be deducted from your bankroll, as that is the total amount you have wagered. That will bring you down to $90.

One of your bets will win, of course, when the wheel stops spinning.

Say the multiplier is 1x. You will win $9.

That brings your account back up to $99.

So, you can see that this is a losing proposition, though it is very gradual. Yes, you can guarantee that you will win something by betting on every number, but the house will slowly take you, since the payout is 9:1 and there are 10 numbers.

Note that while all numbers have an equal chance of winning, that is not true for the multipliers.

You are far more likely to get 1x than you are to get 4x. So, you cannot simply count on these bigger multipliers to make up for your losses.

Lucky Wheel Strategy

Although Lucky Wheel is a game of random chance, that does not mean that you cannot approach it so much strategically.

As with other games of chance, the money management decisions you make determine how many spins you can take at the wheel before you run out of your bankroll.

Indeed, we have already discussed one of the popular strategies for playing this game, which is to place a wager on every single number of the wheel.

Doing so provides a predictable result:

  • You will win a payout each time.
  • You will also lose 9 out of your 10 wagers each time.

Because of the 9 to 1 payout, however, the single guaranteed payout can make up for most of your losses, assuming you are betting the same amount on all of the numbers.

If you want your bankroll to last a long time, you can pick a low bet size and just keep following this strategy.

For instance, if you bet $1 on each of the numbers, you will wager $10, and then likely win $9, then wager $10, then win $9, and so on. You will basically lose a dollar on each of your spins, unless you get a higher multiplier at some point.

The goal of this strategy is not to try and beat the house. In the long run, you can’t. It is just to extend your bankroll and enjoy many spins before it runs out.

What Happens If You Bet On Only One Number?

If you wager on all the numbers, you will win every time you spin the wheel (you will lose, too, but that isn’t the point).

By contrast, if you are only wagering on a single number with each spin, you only have a 1 in 10 chance of winning.

Playing this way results in some really long, tedious, dry stretches.

And here’s the thing:

Say you are betting $1 each time. How much are you going to lose on each spin? $1.

Think about that for a moment. If you bet on all the numbers, you are generally going to lose the same amount on each spin, but at least you will get the added fun of winning a wager simultaneously.

Plus, if a higher multiplier comes up, you don’t want to miss it.

If you wager on all the numbers, you will catch the multiplier.

But if you only wager on one number and that number does not win when a higher multiplier comes up, you are sure going to be kicking yourself.

So, we recommend that you do not bet on just one number per spin.

Ideally, you should just keep betting on all of them.

Strategies That Don’t Work

There are some additional “strategies” that are sometimes recommended for Lucky Spin, but they are not going to do much for you since they do not involve money management, and are based on fallacies. Here are some examples:

  • Bet on numbers that recently won.
  • You will notice in the upper right-hand corner of the game that Lucky Wheel actually lets you know which numbers won in your most recent spins, in case you forgot. This is a convenience for people who think those numbers may be “hot,” and want to try and get in on a streak. Can you try this strategy? Sure, but just know that it is only for fun, and will not help you win. It is based on the Gambler’s Fallacy (an inversion of it, technically).

  • Bet on numbers that did not recently win.
  • While some people like to try and get in on a “streak,” other people expect that numbers that have been “hot” for a while must soon cool down, while those that have been “cold” must soon warm up. This actually is the Gambler’s Fallacy—a belief that events that have happened infrequently in the recent past must happen more frequently in the near future and vice versa.

  • Bet on numbers in patterns that appeal to you.
  • One more “strategy” that some people use to place wagers on Lucky Wheel is to pick numbers in patterns they find fun or appealing, or to choose numbers that hold personal meaning to them. For example, you could choose numbers to bet on in order from your child’s birth date.

Again, Lucky Wheel’s results are purely random, and there is no causal link between one spin and the next. Since they are independent events, there is no way to determine the next number that the wheel will land on.

But if you find it fun to bet as if these strategies work, by all means, have at it. The goal is to enjoy yourself!

The animated splash screen when you hit a win is a pretty nice thing to look at!

Where to Play Lucky Wheel

Now that we have explained how to play Lucky Wheel have shared our thoughts with respect to strategy, let’s take a look at some online casinos that offer this game along with exciting promotions and bonuses.

  1. Bovada

  2. The number one place to go to play Lucky Wheel is Bovada. In fact, Bovada is arguably the number one place to go to play casino games and wager on sports if you are in the USA.

    Believe it or not, Bovada has been around since the 1990s. When it comes to online casinos with established reputations, they are hard to beat!

    You will find Lucky Wheel among the selection of table games available at this website. There are many others to enjoy as well, including roulette, blackjack, Andar Bahar, baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Teen Patti Pro, and more.

    If you will be depositing regular fiat currency like US Dollars when you join Bovada, you can grab the site’s $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus. If you are going to be depositing Bitcoin to gamble, you can claim the $3,750 Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus.

    If you happen to enjoy poker, don’t miss out on the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus at Bovada.

    Last but not least, just by playing casino games at Bovada, you will be able to earn rewards points that you can redeem for cash.

    One thing we love about the rewards program at this casino is that you can climb in ranks by earning more points, but if you take a break or spend your points, you will not lose your ranking!


  4. goodcasinos-slotslv-logo

    Our next recommended online casino for playing Lucky Wheel is With a name like that, you might assume that all you would find on the site are slot games. But there are many table games, one of which is Lucky Wheel!

    There is a $5,000 Welcome Bonus you can claim at Also up for grab is a Bitcoin Welcome Bonus that adds up to $7,500.

    There are a few other great promotional opportunities at as well:

    The Daily Double Up: Every single day, you have the chance to get a 100% Match Bonus on up to $100.

    The Daily Double Up (Bitcoin): This is just like the promo above, only you can get up to 150% on up to $500 on your Bitcoin deposits twice daily.

    Win $1K in Crypto: Sometimes, runs a temporary promotion like this one. Just by making a referral or deposit, you have a shot at winning daily prizes in a drawing. is also the home of the MySlots Rewards program. As you play table games like Lucky Wheel, you can earn rewards points. You can then redeem those rewards points for cash back. As with Bovada’s rewards program, offers a tiered system. As you climb the ranks, you can earn cash-back faster.

  5. Cafe Casino

  6. Our next recommended casino where you can play Lucky Wheel is Cafe Casino. As you might expect, they offer Lucky Wheel alongside other Bovada games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

    Like our other recommended casino sites, Cafe Casino does not skimp in the bonus department. When you sign up, you can get a 350% Match Bonus on up to $2,500 if you deposit with Bitcoin. Alternately, if you use a credit card to make your deposit, you can get a 250% Match Bonus up to $1,500 to welcome you to the site.

    This is another site online casino that sometimes hosts drawings for daily winners. Once again, all you need to do to enter when such a promotion is live is usually to make a qualifying deposit or referral.

    Cafe Casino offers a cool promotion each week called the Mystery Bonus. The site explains, “You’ll never know what bonus amount to expect (that’s why we call them a mystery!), but one thing is certain, a new bonus will land in your Cafe Casino Perks dashboard every Thursday.”

    Finally, there is the loyalty program, Cafe Casino Perks. As you play table games and slots at the site, you can earn perk points that you can exchange for cash back and bonuses. There are also exclusive promotions to enjoy.

  7. Ignition Casino

  8. Ignition Casino - Legit US Friendly Casino and Poker

    Another site where you can play Lucky Wheel is Ignition Casino. This is yet another online casino run by the good folks at Bovada, so, the quality is just as high here as it is at the rest!

    For whatever reason, we do not actually see Lucky Wheel when we click on “Table Games.” It just does not show up with the others. This seems to be some kind of bug.

    The game is available on the site. All you have to do to find it is to use the site’s search tool and enter in the name. Once you type in “Lucky Wheel,” It should show up in the dropdown. You can then click on it and go right to the game.

    Just as we have come to expect from the team that runs these casinos, Ignition offers top-notch promotions and rewards.

    There is a $3,000 Welcome Bonus for new players, as well as a 25% Match Bonus on Bitcoin deposits up to $1,000.

    There are also some other noteworthy bonuses and promotions at Ignition Casino:

    The Weekly Boost: You can get a $100 Casino Weekly Match Bonus on your deposits.

    $2,500 Weekly Poker Freerolls: This is a tournament that takes place on Thursdays.

    Royal Flush Bonus: If you get a royal flush while playing Texas Hold’em at Ignition Casino, you can get a $200 Rollover-Free Bonus.

    Bad Beat Bonus: Ignition says, “To help you shake off a bad beat, we’ll toss a bonus your way. Did a four of a kind or better beat your aces full of kings? Collect a Bad Beat Bonus of 100X the big blind, and you’ll pocket up to $1,000. Brush the dirt off your shoulders and get back in the game.”

    There is also the Ignition Rewards program, where you can earn “Ignition Miles” as you play for cash-back. As you rise in the tiers, you do not have to worry about losing your status.

Try Your Luck With Lucky Wheel Now

Ready to spin the wheel for a chance at riches? Lucky Wheel is a fun, easy game that will delight you with its bright colors, simple gameplay and high payouts. To try your luck now, click on any of the links in this article to play the Lucky Wheel table game!

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