Mystic Wilds

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Run around out in the deepest depths of the jungle long enough and you’re bound to come across the Mystical Lady herself along with her spirit guides.

Lucky for you, none of these beings are to be feared as they bring along generosity and fortune!


As you play the machine Mystic Wilds you will come across a beautiful, Mystical Woman that lives cheerfully in the woods along with a bevy of Spirit Animals that protect her and keep her company. In return for their service, the Woman has taught these animals that being helpful and thoughtful is a great thing and now they love to pay just as much as play!

Mystical Gameplay and Features

Mystical Wilds plays out on a 3-row, 5-reel board with 243 pay lines. These pay lines are non-adjustable meaning that you cannot turn them down, they’ll always be in play.

As for the price per spin of the game, the player will choose between 0.25 and $125 per spin making it so that the game is accessible to everyone, not just those with bigger bankrolls.

There are Wild symbols available which will substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter symbol.

As for that Scatter symbol, it can appear on any reel and comes with its own paytable. You can see that down below in the table – Get X amount of the Scatter symbol and you will win a prize, they do not have to be lined up on any pay line. These scatter symbols also act as the “FREE SPIN” symbol and there’s plenty of them to be won! Just keep on reading to learn more about those Free Spins as there’s enough stuff there to warrant their own section!

Now as for the symbols that you’re going to find while you are spinning along at the Mystical Wilds reels will bring up a collection of Grizzly Bears, Birds, Reptiles, and other symbols for you to match up to pull some winnings.

Here are the symbols you would be looking for as well as what they pay: (these amounts will change depending on how much you would like to bet per spin. The prizes listed here are for wagering $10 per spin)

Symbol Match 3 Match 4 Match 5
Red Grizzly Bear $400 $200 $20
Purple Panther $300 $100 $10
Green Snake $200 $60 $8
Blue Eagle $100 $30 $6
Ace $60 $20 $6
King $40 $20 $4
Queen $40 $10 $2
Jack $30 $10 $2
Ten $30 $10 $2
Nine $20 $10 $2

  • Free Spins

We made a promise that we’d tell you all about the Scatter Symbols that you’re going to find while you play Mystic Wilds. Well, here we go!

First things first, getting 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols will first pay you out on their own. Once again, if you were playing for $10 per spin you would win these prizes:

  • 3 Scatters on the Board = $20
  • 4 Scatters on the Board = $100
  • 5 Scatters on the Board = $200

Besides that, they’ll give you some FREE SPINS! As for how many Free Spins you’re going to get, that’s up to you!

You see, you’ll decide if you want 5, 8, 10, 15, or even 20 Free Spins! While these spins are taking place, there will be multipliers going making sure that you really rack up some wins. The size of your multipliers will depend on how many Free Spins you decided you wanted.

  • Choose 5 Spins = Wins with Wild are multiplied by 10,15, or 30
  • Choose 8 Spins = Wins with Wild are multiplied by 8, 10, or 15
  • Choose 10 Spins = Wins with Wild are multiplied by 5, 8, or 10
  • Choose 15 Spins = Wins with Wild are multiplied by 3, 5, or 8
  • Choose 20 Spins = Wins with Wild are multiplied by 2, 3, or 5

So, we meant it! How many Free Spins you want is entirely up to you!

Mystical Gameplay Video

The Mystical Sights and Sounds

As for visuals, this is another great slot put out by Microgaming. Someone really took it upon themselves to do a great job not only with the symbols but the background as well!

Not only are the symbols nice and clean, pleasant to look at even, but the background is as well. The background is not just a basic static image but moves itself giving the player more stuff to look at and enjoy making sure that the player doesn’t get bored just watching the reels spin.

As for the sound, it’s not the world’s worst. The background music that you’ll hear is on the soothing side and the sounds of the reels coming to a stop create their own drum sounds that blend in really nicely. The only real downside is that the “Animal” symbols all have their own sound. This isn’t a bad thing except for the “Eagle”. If you are playing with headphones on, watch out. That screeching bird will hurt if it’s turned up loud enough!

BONUS OFFER: 200% + $25 bitcoin Referral Bonus
BONUS OFFER: Perk Points Program
BONUS OFFER: Bad Beat Bonus
BONUS OFFER: Totally Tuesdays (Double Reward Points)


Mystic Conclusions

It seems as though this slot has come up at quite a few sites, and we really see why!

The sights and the sounds are beautiful. The wins are huge.

The multipliers can get monstrous! For a slot with this theme, it’s not the world’s greatest but it’s far from the worst as well!

The only downside we’re seeing is the rather low RTP, but if you’re ready to take some risks, we can leave it at the fact that this slot is a whole lot of fun!

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